Jackson Pollock: A Biography By Deborah Solomon

A very good biography of Pollock which shows his good and bad sides without exaggerating his psychological issues or overplaying his alcoholism. She does make a really good case that his art was at its best when he was sober. Solomon also does a good job portraying Krasner without either showing her art too much (it's not her biography) or too little attention. English I read through this book very fast perhaps skimmed parts.It had good
information on Pollock that was hopefully accurate.The writing is terse
and journalistic for a biography of a abstract-exspressionist painter.
I found the writing relaxing and easy to read.As Faulkner commented
on Hemmingway it did not send me to the dictionary.Sometimes that
style is a good relaxing read. English This biography offers a good, general introduction to Pollock, his work, and his psychological torment. It appears to present a clear and balanced portrait of the artist, but it does feel slim in content. For anyone interested in Pollock, this book is a good start. English One of my favorite artist of all time!! Had to give him 5 stars!
English Lots of details and an enormous sense of desperation. Sad but probably really accurate...? It wasn't super interesting to me, mainly factual. English

Deborah Solomon's biography sets Jackson Pollock in his time and portrays him as a shy, often withdrawn person, full of insecurities and self-doubts, and frequently unable to express himself about his art or its meaning. Solomon interviewed two hundred people who knew Pollock and his work and she has drawn extensively on Pollock's own writings and other personal papers. She examines the artist's relationships with his family; his wife and fellow artist Lee Krasner; art patron Peggy Guggenheim; the painters Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, and many more. Jackson Pollock: A Biography

if you like (or hate) Jackson Pollock read this, then watch the movie with Ed Harris English Bleh English


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