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4.5 stars! I'm a huge fan of C.D. Reiss and needless to say I was totally lost in Iron Crowne and once I began Byron and Olivia's story I had a hard time setting it down. Review to come... Iron Crowne I hate everyone who reads this book before me. Iron Crowne Straight up love it! Awesome story and characters! So hot too!!
This book! This book gave me so many feels.

I love when I find a book and it’s just exactly the type of story I love to read. This story introduces us to a extremely hot guy, with a bit of arrogance and dominance, and yet once you breakthrough to the internal guy, the vulnerability is there too. He was addicted to Olivia from the minute they met.

Olivia hated him and everything he stood for but yet she felt that pull and simply could not stay away. She fought it at every turn. Even at the risk of losing everything she knew they had that deep connection.

Reiss just nailed it with this book. I love the beautiful balance - the pushing and the pull; high emotions and the soft and sensual; the dominance and the submission. Perfectly balanced for an amazing read! CD Reiss is a master storyteller with her devotion to the sensual, dominant man and all that embraces.

Iron Crowne = So Damn Hot!

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full review - Iron Crowne 4 Worthy Opponent Stars ⭐

Byron Crowne and Olivia Monroe are on opposing sides. Brought together by a legal dispute, their battle will burn hotter then either could imagine; and their passion may incinerate them both professionally and personally.

Olivia may despise Byron for all he represents, rich, entitled, corrupt; but her body and hormones don't give a damn about the moral high ground.

The way he’d touched me as if he could—and would—tear me apart like a savage. The way I kept fantasizing about exactly that kind of scary, furious sex with him.

But their situation is going to get a lot more complicated. Olivia has been trying to get pregnant on her own accord. With a few failed attempts, getting pregnant naturally was never on the agenda. But when a night of pleasure throws them a curveball, there is a real possibility that Byron and Olivia could be parenting together. But can these two let go of all their distrust and self loathing to give themselves a chance?

I wanted to own her, and that was going to take subtle work. I had to give her what she didn’t know she wanted…and exactly what she’d asked for.

Iron Crowne was simply enjoyable. The characters that CD Reiss created were complex with raging chemistry and broken ideals. What really impressed me was that despite Byron and Olivia's genuine loathing, they remained dignified adults which was a huge plus. They were able to be honest when it mattered which essentially made them perfect for each other. Iron Crowne 5 Authentically C.D. Reiss Stars
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This vanilla girl crossed paths with C.D. Reiss in 2013 by picking up a little book titled Beg. It was the first entry to the series Songs of Submission. It introduced me to Jonathan Drazen, the Drazen Family, and his obsession, Monica Faulkner. It was mindblowing in how it took me by the hand, led me to another level of interest, and allowed me to experience more than I ever thought I would in this lifetime.

I bring this up not to sound like a broken record of my devotion to Ms. Reiss...but to give perspective to this new book, Iron Crowne. Reiss has done it again. She has taken the idea of enemies to lovers to another level and with it created a love story which will take your breath away.

Both characters are complex and have inner concepts of why they are functioning the way they are.
Both are equals in every way. Both vulnerable and scared of Love.

And Both Cannot Keep Their Hands Off Each Other...Forget it could be a complication in business or career...Forget they have a dislike for the person...Forget it all...

Because being with each other is EVERYTHING...

Oh and then because the chemistry and way they interact aren't enough to keep you on the edge of your seat...uncomfortably...Reiss gives you depth and purpose. Yes, the story has real questions about what is important in life. How to achieve one's goals and when is enough, enough.

There also are families to become interested in. Other siblings to be curious about causing us to wish maybe a book or two to follow up.

Iron Crowne is a success in my mind in so many ways. It presents Reiss in all her glory...writing scene after scene with the detailed insight she is known for. It gives unbridled passion in all the ways humans can experience it. Mentally and physically. It is Pure Reiss in her element.

Iron Crowne
Crowne Of Lies
Crowne Rules

~~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
Getting Ready to be taken on a ride with Passion, Surprising Need, and Unrelenting Love
❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️
Take a story by C.D. Reiss...
If you have Read Anything Before...
You Know there will be Complex Characters...

There will be Off the Charts Sensual Times...
Boundaries Pushed...
Unheard Off Sexual Releases...

And with this Tale...
The Tables are Turned...

Byron Crowne is used to Total Control...
But now Olivia Monroe has the Upper Hand...

She is who Byron wants...
Yet his Past may make it Impossible...

He will have to Dig Deep...
In order to Prove He is Worthy...
He will become...

Iron Crowne- November 15th, 2019

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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Iron Crowne


A new enemies-to-lovers standalone.
Byron Crowne is a gentleman on the outside, and a pure savage on the inside.
I detest him.
I can't resist him.
He’s awakened desires I didn’t know I had.
When he touches me, I need to fight him . . . and I need him to win.
Our one night stand bruises my skin and leaves dents in the walls, but the sheets aren't the only thing we shred that night.
And suddenly, the stakes are higher than ever.

Olivia Monroe lights a fire in me that died a long time ago.
I’m a different man when I’m with her. I need to own her, take her, mark her as mine.
Everything changes when she might be pregnant and for the first time in my life…I’m powerless against this stubborn, untamable woman.
She’s the one in control and I have an impossible job:
Prove I’m worthy to be a father. Iron Crowne


He was a mixed message. A loophole in a rock-solid contract. The coexistence of lies and truths.

*looks around the room desperately*
Oh, excuse me. I can't write my review right now. I'm too busy looking for my ovaries. Those suckers exploded about 40% into this book and I haven't seen them since. I don't know whether to send CD Reiss a thank you or my medical bill. I'm leaning towards the former, though, since the woman did give me Lord Byron. And oh hubbah hubbah! *insert drooling emoji here*

Oh how I've missed CD Reiss books. It's been way too long since I indulged and this book really served as an incredible reminder about what made me fall in love with her writing in the first place. The woman can take pure filth and write it with poetic prose. She can also create some of the most enigmatic alpha men I've read to date. And let me tell you, it just doesn't get more enigmatic than Byron Crowne.
Flattery is such a blunt tool, Mr. Crowne.”
“Call me Byron. Please.”
“You can call me Ms. Monroe.”

It's no secret that I love me a good enemies to lovers romance and this one seriously delivered. You have two sharp witted adversaries pitted against each other in the line of their work. Olivia and Byron had an instant chemistry the second they appear on the pages together. Byron is everything I love in a good alpha; arrogant, demanding but with a shadowed painful past. Olivia is a woman after my own heart. She's rabid when it comes to winning and pitted against the likes of Byron, the sparks fly immediately.

Friends, this story was hot. And I mean it was SERIOUSLY hot. Granted some of the descriptions were a tad out there for my persona tastes. But I couldn't care less considering the story was riveting. Everything about this story sizzled; the characters like live wires drawn to each other while they both stand to lose everything.

But if you're thinking there's only one Crowne, you're mistaken. There's siblings. And I'm already rabid to get my hands on Logan's book. But I digress. This book? Everything I could hope for from one of my favorite authors. A sizzling page turner that I absolutely devoured from beginning to end. I'm so here for this series, it's not even funny. I can't wait for more!

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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Iron Crowne 3.75 Stars

I liked it a lot...but I didn't love it all the way. Iron Crowne 3.5 Stars

The writing is great, the characters were well developed but God that push and pull and indecision it gave me major anxiety. It was tiring and I was oscillating back and forth from “ok, finally we are getting somewhere” to “not this again!”

I don’t think I’ve read about people who are more confused than these ones. Although, it feels a bit wrong to call them confused because rationally they knew what they needed to do it’s just that they gave in to their desires/wants/passion, whatever you wanna call it, way too often.

Even smart, strong minded people can have their resolve weakened by simple things such as love, lust or obsession. I think this was a case of that. And if I’m not wrong, perhaps that was the intention of the author, to show that we are all weak when faced with a brand of temptation we can’t walk away from.

Everything they said made sense, was logical and their thoughts followed a clear rational line BUT their actions?! That’s another story.

I’m exhausted from reading this, but the good, solid writing helped me finish this without throwing my kindle at the wall so yeah, at least there’s that. Iron Crowne LIVE!| AMZ US | AMZ UK |

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Iron Crowne (stand-alone). While on opposite sides in a lawsuit Olivia goes head-to-head, body-to-body with playboy and ruthless businessman Byron Crowne!

Better review when I have more time!

Hero: ★★★★★
Heroine: ★★★★
Plot: ★★★★1/2
Storytelling: ★★★★★
Sexual tension: ★★★★★
Sex scenes: ★★★★★
Story ending: ★★★★1/2
OVERALL RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Angst: | LOW FOCUS |
Darkness: | LOW FOCUS |
Kink: | HIGH FOCUS |
Romance: | HIGH FOCUS |
Sex frequency: | MEDIUM FOCUS |
Suspense: | MEDIUM FOCUS |

ARC provided to me by author C.D. Reiss in exchange for an honest review.

LIVE!| AMZ US | AMZ UK | Iron Crowne I am five star happy with how this book turned out.
And I wrote it, so I should know. :)
Iron Crowne