INSIDE OLE 2Microsoft By Kraig Brockschmidt


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OLE is a unified and extensible environment of object based services with the overall purpose of enabling rich integration between components. As Microsoft's object technology, it represents major innovations in object based programming, making it possible to create applications and software components with unprecedented capabilities. But with this power comes additional complexity and new programming paradigms.Inside OLE provides both a clear tutorial and a strong set of example programs, giving you the tools to incorporate OLE into your own development projects. Written by a member of the Microsoft OLE team, this book truly gives you the insider's perspective on the power of OLE for creating the next generation of innovative software.Inside OLE provides detailed coverage and reference material on OLE and object fundamentals: Objects and interfaces, connectable objects, custom components and the Component Object Model, and Local/Remote Transparency; storage and naming technologies: Structured storage and compound files, persistent objects, and naming and binding; data transfer, viewing, and caching: Uniform Data Transfer, viewable objects, data caching, OLE Clipboard, and OLE Drag and Drop; OLE Automation and OLE Property: Automation controllers; property pages, changes, and persistence; OLE Documents: OLE Documents and embedding containers; OLE Documents and local embedding servers; in process object handlers and servers; linking containers; and in place activation (visual editing) for containers and objects; and OLE Controls and the future of OLE: OLE Controls, future enhancements, and component software.If you're interested in fully exploring and understanding OLE and component software, there's no better source than Inside OLE. INSIDE OLE 2Microsoft

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