Inner Dynamics of Coaching By Marilyn W. Atkinson

First book out of three from the same author.
May comments are the same as for the3rd book:

This is some kind of alternative to NLP as the authors are part of Erickson Coaching.
I am already a lecturer at the bachelor degree and project management.
I read a lot of self-help books and wen to NLP trainings.
I did not learn anything new.
It is rather complex to apply.
Quite long and complex to read. 9780978370442 my first ever 1 star on goodreads.
I have only finished this book because it is required at my university.
Learned nothing new.
Basic ideas presented as intricate and mystical, and by means of an unnecessarily complicated language.
Plenty of repetitions and numerous big pictures, makes you wonder whether the sole guideline for the authors was to boost the number of pages.
9780978370442 Great guide to orienting your inner self for coaching conversations where you help guide clients to the answers rather than give out advice. Even if you’re not into coaching, I think the formula for happiness is well worth the read on its own. 9780978370442 Отлично! Отличная книга для желающих раскрыть себя, осознать в чем личные промахи и как их избежать в дальнейшем. Книга поможет понять как работает коуч. Для всех желающих сделать коучинг своей профессией тут найдется масса полезной информации. 9780978370442 Outstanding book in the field of Solution Focused Coaching! A must read for Life Coaches! 9780978370442

Outside of religious and political movements there is one major human development movement in the world today - solution focused coaching!
The three books in the Art & Science of Coaching series go to the heart of this phenomenon. They show you why coaching is on the rise and provides processes for you to learn the power and methodologies of coaching conversations.
Book 1, The Inner Dynamics of Coaching, is about the power of perspective in transformational conversations. By using these finely tuned processes, you learn to connect with your beyond-conscious mind as a deep friend. You can help yourself and others clearly distinguish the nature of deeper knowing. Inner Dynamics of Coaching

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