Indian Tribes of the New England Frontier (Men-at-Arms) By

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Very interesting information about the indians tribes from this part of America since their first contact with the whiteman till nowadays. The illustrations are really great. Paperback Excellent product, well parcelled and quickly sent. Great buy for a Native American enthusiast, who has had his nose in it ever since Christmas! Paperback Michael Johnson has through Osprey produced a series on the amerindian tribes.

For these interested in brief sketch histories of the tribes of the regions they are quite good.

This one on the tribes of New England pretty much serves that purpose.

For those interested in period information there isn't that much.

The illustrations by Jonathan Smith are quite good though figure A6's hands are too big and too mature for a child's. Paperback Very Much enjoyed this book. Paperback Good overview of the First nations tribes. Paperback

This is a great visual guide to the costume and material culture of the Indian tribes of New England and the surrounding regions, spanning the whole range of their history from BC times to the modern day (though the text naturally focuses on their wars with the Americans and Europeans in the 18th and 19th Centuries). I think that Jonathan Smith is pretty much for Osprey's Native American titles what Angus McBride is for the ancient and medieval ones; the man's talent revealed in the eight color plates is breathtaking. Overall this is probably the best book on the `Indians' Osprey has published so far, and gets a little in depth than some of the others. Paperback great referance Paperback Excellent reference. Entertaining and informative. Paperback thank you Paperback Excellent Paperback