In search of the cross By Robert J. Wieland

The book describes the meaning of the cross of the Christ and tricks of Satan for bypassing the truth for the cross and Christ-like life.
It's about the old man, his crusifiction and newborn, the value of the true love as the example of Mary Magdalene. 9780912145112 Besides 1888 Re-Examined, this is probably Wieland's most famous work. And it's so beautiful. I had never actually read through the entire book before, but found the 1967 edition of it at my dad's house. So I picked it up and read all 120 pages of it. Powerful. A must-read. So heart-warming and yet confronting. For those who want to have their faith challenged, encouraged, and grown, and for those who want a deeper encounter with the cross, this is the book. The last page alone is worth it! So inspiring.

Oh, how I miss Elder Wieland! 9780912145112


CHARACTERS In search of the cross

In search of the cross