Imperial Police (Empire #7) By Stephanie Osborn

Rating: minus 2

I did not finish the book and the series is bad writing without any world building. If you like the series, I think that it is possibly the best in the series. Before going further, please read my review of Dark Horse, a good story by Diener or Powers of the Earth (a ridiculous story) and the comments by Claes Rees, Jr/cgr710 (a self-identified NeoNazi). If that is too much effort, I understand and suggest trying the other reviewers. Thank you.


I read a number of books in the series and there are serious issues in this universe. The world building is deficient, the personalities are flat, the interactions are all simplistic responses appropriate to a teenager and there are instant solutions created by the plot gods at every challenge.

There is not much framework in the series to support a solid character set. I did not finish the the book but the writing seemed better than the rest of the series. This book would make a far better introduction to the series than any of the others. It is a Hollywood plot of the new enthusiastic police officer meeting the real world. It was not bad but by itself it promised nothing extraordinary or interesting.

The writer is not at fault but keeping her characters within the series timeline limited her options. The book is better than the rest of the series but no matter how splendid the story might be, you find yourself back in the lifeless universe of the series. For someone who likes the series, this book is a definite must read. It has more life in the opening chapters than any of the other books in their entirety.

Again, I did not finish the book because I had read part of the series and was bored by the thinness of the background universe and character set. I would suggest that you start the series with this book and afterwards decide whether you were entertained or not.

This series is an example of the storytelling that has caused my decreasing interest in print science fiction. I am now getting my science fiction from streaming services because the writing quality is better. Netflix also has a large cosmopolitan collection which is a treat. For a considered opinion of various books, YouTube is my source rather than Goodreads. YouTube hosts many booktubers and other channels that interest me. I discovered Curiosity Stream/Nebula and other educational video sites from YouTube. I chose Curiosity Stream/Nebula with its $15 USD yearly subscription fee and is a great value. Some of my favorite YouTube channels are.

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I wish you a relaxed morning, a productive afternoon, a fantastic evening and a pleasant night.

When lacking Empathy, Humanity is also lacking.
Lore of the Dark Children Imperial Police (Empire #7) Never mind the official series number, this is a great book #1

If you enjoy a good police adventure story in an exotic location with a capable hero, this is a great new series. The far future distant-planet space empire is good fun and very well developed. It's also a very old school mystery adventure where good men and women make brave choices and succeed. Maybe that's the biggest fantasy of all, but it's one that encourages the reader to do his or her own small acts of virtue... while enjoying a fun story.

There's one thing you'll want to do to make this a seamless read: Just remember that the SKI is sweet and the REKI is wrecked and you'll be golden. You're welcome, and I am off to get book 2. Imperial Police (Empire #7)


Imperial Police (Empire #7)

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