I'm Losing You (The Stafford Brothers #4) By Chicki Brown


This series is just so wonderful. I love all of the characters, the settings, the ambiance the everything. I am ready for book 5. I have read the first four books in 7 days. I simply cannot put them down!!!!!!!! I'm Losing You (The Stafford Brothers #4) Loved it. I'm Losing You (The Stafford Brothers #4) Great series

First the book. This book sent me through lots of changes. I was mad at Vic, the insensitive, judgmental husband. He needed to clean his own house before he went after his wife. Then Mona, stand up for yourself and to that man. All is well that ends well.
The series has been great. Each story flowed from one to the other, but each could stand alone. I'm Losing You (The Stafford Brothers #4)


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Dr. Vic Stafford has an enviable career, a gorgeous wife, and two handsome, well-behaved sons. He travels extensively without his family, but after twelve years of marriage, former beauty queen wife, Ramona has become cold and distant. He suspects all isn’t as it seems and sets out to discover what is behind her attitude change.

Ramona Stafford has lived a privileged life since her marriage to Vic. She spends her time doing charity work and making her husband, who is now the chief of surgery at the largest hospital in the south, look good. Mona has everything most women would kill for, but it’s not enough. She wants more, and Vic seems unable to give it to her.

Is money and status enough to keep their marriage alive? I'm Losing You (The Stafford Brothers #4)

This book was awesome! Ramona and Vic's story was so real!!! Great job Ms. Brown !!! I'm Losing You (The Stafford Brothers #4) Nice Read!

I think everyone who reads this book will enjoy it! This is a book that I will recommend to others! I'm Losing You (The Stafford Brothers #4) Awesome book and series

This was a fantastic book. Don't sleep on this series. I'm on to book four. Thank you, Chicki for another great read! I'm Losing You (The Stafford Brothers #4) All too often, a family series seems like just an excuse to have a bunch of hot men all in one place, with essentially the same background, thereby relieving the author of the responsibility of thinking up varied backstories. Chicki Brown's Stafford Brothers Series is most definitely NOT that. She created quite a task for herself when she decided to have SIX (!) of them, and I won't lie, I was a skeptic of yet another family series, but with 'I'm Losing You' she more than amply proves that she can pull a family series off. Each brother, though handsome (this is romance, after all) is distinct in appearance, demeanor, and character. I have no problem distinguishing the sweetness of Charles ( Till You Come Back To Me) from the granola-loving-tree-hugginess of Marc ( A Woman's Worth) from the impulsiveness of Greg ( Don't Stop Till You Get Enough) and now the steady soberness of Vic.

Hell, since there's only a couple brothers remaining, I think she ought to think up some cousins!

In 'I'm Losing You' eldest Stafford Brother Vic is at the height of his career, as Chief of Surgery at Atlanta's largest hospital and the only African American to hold the post. But Vic is also in a nadir in his marriage. His wife Ramona (or Mona) is becoming increasingly disenchanted as Vic's hours at the hospital grow longer, and his time with her and their two boys grows shorter. If you read the other books in the series, you will recall Mona as the model-beautiful socialite who runs her family's life, and various charities with precision and grace. She is, if one does not know her well, a little catty, and apparently a little shallow.

But Chicki Brown wastes no time in piercing that facade by quickly allowing the reader to empathize with Mona by showing us that at heart she is just a woman deeply in love with her husband, and now, deeply lonely. All of the trappings of success that surround her are only satisfying when she and Vic are in a good place in their relationship, otherwise, she finds them to be of little interest, and not at all a consolation.

At a charity event, which Mona must attend alone because Vic is, again, otherwise occupied with his career, she attracts the attention of a twentysomething NFL player. And there is where the fun begins.To say more would be to ruin it for you, but suffice it to say, Vic does not respond well to this threat to his family. Mona, on the other hand, sees it as a chance to regain her husband's attention. But when the attraction this young man has to her goes beyond the physical, and he takes an interest in her opinion, Mona realizes something else that may be lacking in her marriage and goes about rectifying it in a surprising way.

This writer writes family dynamics very well. And I think what I enjoy most about her work is just that. Her characters remain consistent, the situations are true-to-life and not overly dramatic, the dialogue is realistic, and the the writing itself so smooth you don't even notice you're reading. I highly recommend this book, and the entire series. I'm Losing You (The Stafford Brothers #4) A bump in the road!

Ramona and Vic lost their way for a moment but through realizing what was important they found their way back to one another! Excellent read! I love the Stafford family, they know how to pull together in time of need to help one another. Can't wait to dive into Cherilyn and Nick's story. Editing is needed some missed words but a great read anyway! I'm Losing You (The Stafford Brothers #4)