Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6) By J.K. Rowling

i dont want to talk to anyone
dont even look at me
i was expecting it and i still cried for like 30 minutes Paperback (A) 86% | Extraordinary
Notes: It dwells on the delightfully mundane aspects of the magical world, and adds new dimensions to familiar characters. Paperback Holy shit, I'm in all sorts right now.

Video Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTfaG... Paperback 2023: Jak co reread, to mój ulubieniec.

2021: Wiedziałam czego się spodziewać, a zakończenie i tak złamało mi serce. Paperback (A) 86% | Extraordinary
Notes: A relationshippy respite, it’s Sturm und Drang defogging: all lovesick woe, observing foes, and problematic snogging. Paperback

It is the middle of the summer, but there is an unseasonal mist pressing against the windowpanes. Harry Potter is waiting nervously in his bedroom at the Dursleys' house in Privet Drive for a visit from Professor Dumbledore himself. One of the last times he saw the Headmaster was in a fierce one-to-one duel with Lord Voldemort, and Harry can't quite believe that Professor Dumbledore will actually appear at the Dursleys' of all places. Why is the Professor coming to visit him now? What is it that cannot wait until Harry returns to Hogwarts in a few weeks' time? Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts has already got off to an unusual start, as the worlds of Muggle and magic start to intertwine... Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6)

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“I am a wizard, not a baboon or a transphobe.”
- Not JKR

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Black Visions Collective because Black trans lives matter. Paperback 5. Should you feel that a family member, colleague, friend, or neighbor is acting in a strange manner, contact the Magical Law Enforcement Squad at once. They may have been put under the Imperius Curse.

Time for interesting little subplots is over. We've arrived finally, where everything is closely tied to the core of the story and progressing fast. It's always delightful to see, everything that was great about the series still remains the same, if not better. However, disappointments, sorrow and hardships are what the reader is going to encounter for the most part. As I finished reading Half-Blood Prince, more than ever before, I feel being trapped in a hopeless situation filled with nothing but forebodings.


One would imagine, we're beyond being accommodated with new characters, but the author will quickly convince you otherwise, and introduction of new and interesting characters continues. It's great to see how Rowling keeps outperforming herself with each new book . Harry's ill-tempered nature and suspicions does not end with the last book as I hoped it would, but the results are quite the opposite this time around. Honestly, I did not anticipate the way how things turned out right till the last three chapters.

To friendship! To generosity! To ten Galleons a hair!

We've been somewhat used to happy ending in the first four books (relatively) with 5th being a bit disappointing but this one, it was the most depressing ending for me yet. It probably comes down to reinforcing the suspense toward the final book but, it's a difficult place to be in - especially if you had to wait for a year..

Eet 'as been too long! Paperback Welcome to my re-read of the phenomenal series “Harry Potter”. 🤓⚡️I'm reading the books, listening to a fun (adult) podcast and watching the movies. ❤️📚🎧🎬

⚠️This review contains spoilers⚠️
If you don’t yet know:
*why the elf made wine is the one to try tonight
*why the dragons blood is a bit dusty
*why Hermione’s confiscating fanged frisbees from 4th years
*why the mouth organ was always just a mouth organ
*why we hide sherry bottles
*why it is our mercy that matters now
*why we’re reaching into the lake for water
——-Then proceed with extreme caution!——-
Spoiler Credit: Podcast: Binge Mode (listen on Spotify)

Personal Opinion Note: I’m terribly sad for you, if you’ve never read the books (or at least watched the movies). 😉📚🎧🎬 You really should jump on the Hogwarts Express with me!

I’ll be making notes of my favorite part of each chapter/podcast as I finish.

📚Chapter 1: The Other Minister
Fudges resignation.

📚Chapter 2: Spinner’s End
Draco’s mother begging Snape to protect him.

🎧Podcast: Binge Mode: Chapters 1-2
***Warning: Binge Mode contains adult content***
Snape insights and how he embeds himself in Voldemort's camp.

📚Chapter 3: Will and Won't
Dumbledore calling out the Dursley's on their treatment of Harry throughout his life.

📚Chapter 4: Horace Slughorn
Dumbledore admitting that it was cruel for Harry and Sirius to have such little time together.

📚Chapter 5: An Excess of Phlegm
Ginny's expressed dislike of Fleur.

📚Chapter 6: Draco's Detour
Fred and George’s shop lighting up the street in Diagon Alley and their joke about ‘you know who, versus you know poo’ and Mrs. Weasley being worried they’ll be murdered in their beds.

📚Chapter 7: The Slug Club
Groups of girls asking Harry to join him in their compartment on the train and Harry declining saying he'll sit with his friends (Luna and Neville).

🎧Podcast: Binge Mode: Chapters 3-7
***Warning: Binge Mode contains adult content***
The history of the Hogwarts Express.

📚Chapter 8: Snape Victorious
Hagrid’s waving at Harry from the head table, with McGonagall shaking her head at his unprofessionalism.

📚Chapter 9: The Half-Blood Prince
Harry’s perfect potion and Hermione’s reaction.

📚Chapter 10: The House of Gaunt
Dumbledore’s slowly opening the curtain, for Harry to better understand, Voldemort’s past, present and future.

📚Chapter 11: Hermione’s Helping Hand
Harry’s calling out Hermione on spelling McLaggen to miss a goal at keeper tryouts, pointing out that it was dishonest of a prefect to do.

🎧Podcast: Binge Mode: Chapters 8-11
***Warning: Binge Mode contains adult content***
The Ginny/Harry foreshadowing. Also, the added insights into the Gaunt family (Slytherin descendants).

📚Chapter 12: Silver and Opals
Harry’s relentless insistence that Malfoy is a death eater.

📚Chapter 13: The Secret Riddle
Harry’s not shy about asking Dumbledore the hard questions.

📚Chapter 14: Felix Felicis
This is the point where Harry really starts to recognize his real feelings for Ginny. But it’s also the angst of Hermione’s true feelings about Ron. Ahhhh… teenage hearts and jealousy.

📚Chapter 15: The Unbreakable Vow
I love that Harry chose Luna to go to the party with him.

🎧Podcast: Binge Mode: Chapters 12-15
***Warning: Binge Mode contains adult content***
History and process of potion making and the hilarious jokes about Ron being a virgin.

📚Chapter 16: A Very Frosty Christmas
Mrs. Weasley continually turning up the volume on the radio over Fleur.

📚Chapter 17: A Sluggish Memory
Whawn whawn… and the pensive Voldemort bits.

📚Chapter 18: Birthday Surprises
Harry honestly asking Slughorn about horcruxes and admitting that Dumbledore shared his memory.

📚Chapter 19: Elf Tails
Ron recovering in hospital saying Hermione’s name.

🎧Podcast: Binge Mode: Chapters 16-19
***Warning: Binge Mode contains adult content***
Jason’s impression of Fleur commenting on Mrs. Weasley’s music had me rolling.

📚Chapter 20: Lord Voldemort’s Request
Back into the pensive... Dumbledore refusing to hire Voldemort for the Defense Against the Dark Arts post.

📚Chapter 21: The Unknowable Room
Harry scaring Goyle as he was guarding the room of requirement disguised as a girl.

📚Chapter 22: After the Burial
Harry getting Slughorn and Hagrid trashed at the funeral.

📚Chapter 23: Horcruxes
Diving into the pensive to finally see Slughorn communicate with Tom.

🎧Podcast: Binge Mode: Chapters 20-23
***Warning: Binge Mode contains adult content***
All of the insights into horcruxes.

📚Chapter 24: Sectumsempra
Finally! Harry and Ginny!! Harry and Ginny!!

📚Chapter 25: The Seer Overheard
Trelawney trying to hide her booze.

📚Chapter 26: The Cave
Man, this chapter was rough- but that last sentence uttered my Dumbledore- “I am not worried Harry, I am with you.”

🎧Podcast: Binge Mode: Chapters 24-26
***Warning: Binge Mode contains adult content***
Dumbledore’s history and his passing of torch to Harry.

📚Chapter 27: The Lightning-Struck Tower
Dumbledore’s belief that Malfoy would choose the right side, all the way to his end.

📚Chapter 28: Flight of the Prince
Shapes refusal to kill or fight Harry.

🎧Podcast: Binge Mode: Chapters 27-28
***Warning: Binge Mode contains adult content***
Cry fest episode… all heart wrenching.

📚Chapter 29: The Phoenix Lament
Fleur and Mrs Weasley’s bonding over Bill.

📚Chapter 30: The White Tomb
Harry loving Ginny enough to let her go. Plus, Ron and Hermione’s unwavering friendship.

🎧Podcast: Binge Mode: Chapters 29-30
***Warning: Binge Mode contains adult content***
All about Dumbledore… my heart aches.

🎬Movie #6
I have a hard time with all the liberties taken in the film adaption- but the casting of Lavender and Luna is really great.

🎧Podcast: Binge Mode: Movie
***Warning: Binge Mode contains adult content***
They put into words all the things I felt about the movie adaptation. So, spot, on.

This concludes my re-reading/listening/watching of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I’m sad that I’m so close to the end now. It’s been such an amazing adventure. Paperback I’m yet to mention one of the most important characters in this series in a review. I’m, of course, talking about Severus Snape.

Severus, the unsung hero.

Severus, who sacrificed his own soul.

Severus, who loved another more than life itself.

Severus, the half-blood prince- the truth about his character was, and will likely always be, one of the most surprising twists I’ve ever read in fiction. The set up is all in this book.

Paperback I'm not sure why, but this one took me completely by surprise. I was expecting this installment to be mainly filler to get us to the Deathly Hallows, but so much happened here that I must have forgotten from the movie. The Half-Blood prince was considerably darker than the previous 5 books, and I just adore how this series has progressed and grown just like most of its readers have. Obviously I knew what the big reveal was prior to finishing the book due to my viewing the films before, but it didn't take away from the experience the novel had to offer. I have this nervous lump in my throat knowing that the next book is the final one, but am simultaneously excited to finally read what the films surely have left out surrounding the conclusion of the series. Paperback