I Love Guinea Pigs: Read and Wonder By Dick King-Smith

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I bought this book for my friend's 8 year old daughter as I knew she was receiving two guinea pigs for her birthday. I had a peek myself before wrapping it and thought it had a captivating charm. It's a clever little book as it tells a story but also teaches the young reader all about guinea pigs and how to care for them. It is obvious that the author loves guinea pigs. The pictures are lovely too. I would recommend this for any young guinea pig owners (and their parents). and 1 more , Hardcover, Paperback I am so pleased to have I Love Guinea Pigs by Dick King Smith as the newest addition to my classroom library. I really enjoy the way each page is formatted to include several detailed illustrations as well as accessible informative text, interesting facts and sweet and 1 more , Hardcover, Paperback Cute book, arrived on time. and 1 more , Hardcover, Paperback 表紙の絵だけで注文しましたが、大変可愛い絵本でとても気に入りました。ながめながらこんな本が欲しかったととても良い気持ちになりました。内容はイラスト付きの簡単なモルモットの紹介です。英語は苦手ですが何となく解りますよ。 and 1 more , Hardcover, Paperback I recently fulfilled my life long dream of owning Guinea pigs. I have a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old and they love the piggies, so much they’re asking to hold them twice or a day. In the beginning I could not get them to hold them correctly and had to take them away within a few minutes of them getting to hold their pets. I got this guinea pig book hoping that would help them with their urge to grab and it worked! We rarely have any issues holding the piggies and they ask to have this book read to them multiple times a day. It has very good vocabulary words and beautifully illustrated pictures. and 1 more , Hardcover, Paperback

I Love Guinea Pigs: Read and Wonder: King-Smith, Dick, Jeram, Anita: 9780763614355: Books I Love Guinea Pigs: Read and Wonder


Bought this for our nieces who have guinea pigs at home and they ADORE it. The illustrations are wonderful and so funny and something the children get enjoyment from looking at time and time again. Highly recommend for all children who love animals but for those who own guinea pigs it makes an extra special present. and 1 more , Hardcover, Paperback I bought this book for my five year old son for Christmas (we have a guinea pig). I was surprised by how much information was presented but never in a dry or dull way. My son was engaged with the book and happily read it cover to cover, with a bit of help on words like Abyssinian.Not only is there information in the book that would be helpful to first time (or first time in a long time) guinea pig owners, but it is filled with neat facts and history on the animal. I learned a few things myself!I also appreciated that the author did not shy away from mentioning that guinea pigs don't usually live as long as other pets might. He presented the information gently, and with the same conversational tone the rest of the book hadby the end, it felt like we were friends, bound by our common interest in this wonderful pet. An excellent read for kids and their parents too! and 1 more , Hardcover, Paperback