I Know Your Name (Wolf Lake #5) By Dan Padavona

A fantastic series

This was an intense, complex, and gripping thriller that will keep you guessing until the end. With the local PD and Sheriff departments not getting along, no one knows who the killer is (even though everyone has their own opinions-some louder than others), it's a chaotic mess that you certainly won't want to miss!
I would definitely recommend this book, series, and outstanding author. I Know Your Name (Wolf Lake #5) I keep reading the books in this series but I’m enjoying them less and less as the series goes on. The main character wasn’t featured a whole lot in this one and I find the supporting cast sort of bland. I’m actually kind of tired of the whole bunch.

Anyway, it was a quick read. People kept losing their phones and guns when those would’ve really come in handy.

I think I like the David Wolf series better than this one. This series needs a character like Rachette. I Know Your Name (Wolf Lake #5) Chilling tale of murder and hunt for a missing teen

Thomas Shepard is settling into his job as Sheriff but a murder investigation derails things. Darren and Raven are called to find his cousins missing son who witnessed a murder. Now the murderer is stalking Shawn. Lots of help from Wolf Lake Investigation and Scout keep the story moving. Too many clues and not enough hours in the day! The rain nearly proved disastrous for several of our vast of characters. Gunshots, car chased and hypothermia...oh my. Can't wait to dive into the next book. I Know Your Name (Wolf Lake #5) From the first chapter the pace is set for a thriller that kept me turning the pages. I love the characters in the Wolf Lake Thrillers, and to see them developing further as individuals and couples plus developing their long suits in their chosen careers pleases me.
The murder of Shawn’s mom and then the subsequent murder of the number one suspect kept me guessing until the end. I Know Your Name (Wolf Lake #5) Great Read

I enjoy the way the characters are developing in the series. The story is well paced and reminds you how dangerous making assumptions can be. Can’t wait to read the next book in this series. I Know Your Name (Wolf Lake #5)

More action and the cast of characters continues to grow.

This storyline was very exciting as the police were tracking a teenaged boy (Shawn) who was fleeing a killer after witnessing his mother being stabbed in her home. From there all hell breaks loose, an adjoining county police department with bad attitudes comes on the scene and causes ruckus and bad feelings, which goes back in time between the two counties and staff.

Shawn, the teenaged boy, is running away in a horrible storm with river flooding, heavy rain, lightning and thunder, trees falling; as he’s supposedly being pursued by the killer.

Good writing of the pursuit, the attempts at hiding, the struggle to survive, the police and PI staff and rangers all putting their lives on the line to find Shawn before someone nefarious does. I felt like I was right in the storm and woods with them!

Books in this series range from my giving a four to five star rating. This one is definitely a 5. Each successive book in the series gets more interesting and involves more characters.

You could read these as standalones as each story revisits the characters backstory from the beginning. In my case, it was a little annoying to re-read this over and over in each book, but for someone new, it’s detrimental to get the lay of the land of the town, the people, and the beginning history. I think my issue is that I’m reading them one after another so I already know this history as it’s repeated. This is, I guess, MY problem. 😁 I Know Your Name (Wolf Lake #5) I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! Dan Padavona grabbed my attention from the start and kept it to the end. All the characters are growing as people, as couples and in their careers. I love how they are a family with flaws but have each others backs no matter what. Dan Padavona fills I Know Your Name with mystery, suspense and surprises. I had the killer pegged from the start but there were times I had my doubts at times. In my opinion Dan Padavona has a way of keeping you guessing. I was on the edge of my seat turning the pages. You don't necessarily have to read the whole series to follow things, but I highly recommend it. I found I Know Your Name a great addition to the series. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader's copy. I Know Your Name (Wolf Lake #5) Such a good read. Suspenseful and captivating. The chase is on - who is chasing the young lad! If you are looking for a fast read, well written book(s) - look no further than this series!

2 thumbs up and 5 stars! I Know Your Name (Wolf Lake #5) i loved i know your name! darrins teenage cousin, shawn, witnessed his mother’s murder and is now on the run from her killer. i was so impressed with shawn as a character, from his determination to his resourcefulness. shawn narrowly escapes the killer multiple times, but as thomas and the gang participate in the search party, the killer gets closer and closer to catching shawn. s/ huh i wonder why /s hahahaha. after the gang finds out who the killer is, things get crazy. the killer murders his partner, and thomas tracks them based on the partner’s cell phone location. they save they day by catching the killer and finding sean near death in the woods.

i love this series and can’t wait to continue! I Know Your Name (Wolf Lake #5) So far, I really enjoy the Wolf Lake series. I just finished Book 5. I have been giving 4 to 5 stars on the books but Book 5 wasn’t ready that thrilling. I gave book 5 three stars . It got a little boring but I refuse to stop reading it. Hopefully Book 6 will be better. My favorite character is Thomas who is the Sheriff and Levar who used to be a Gang member but turned his life around and is a private investigator now. Nonetheless, hopefully book 6 will jump in and be really good. I think Wolf Lake series is 10 books and I will read every book in this series. I Know Your Name (Wolf Lake #5)

Cold, terrified, and hunted. Can a teenager escape a cold-blooded killer?

When a criminal defense attorney is stabbed in her home, the police name her disturbed son, Shawn, their top suspect. But no one can find Shawn.

In a last-ditch effort to locate his son, Shawn’s father convinces PI Raven Hopkins to take the case and prove his son’s innocence. When Sheriff Thomas Shepherd takes over the investigation, the evidence against Shawn mounts.

As hope of saving Shawn dwindles, another dead body surfaces. The victim’s shocking link to the criminal defense attorney wreaks havoc on the case. Thomas and Raven fear the worst...that they’ve walked in the killer’s shadow since the investigation began.

Unable to trust anyone, can the investigators find Shawn before the killer does? I Know Your Name (Wolf Lake #5)

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