I am Neil Armstrong (Ordinary People Change the World) By Brad Meltzer

Neil Armstrongs journey to the moon is the focus of the fifteenth picture book in the New York Times bestselling series of biographies about heroes.

This friendly, fun biography series focuses on the traits that made our heroes great the traits that kids can aspire to in order to live heroically themselves. Each book tells the story of one of Americas icons in a lively, conversational way that works well for the youngest nonfiction readers and that always includes the heros childhood influences. At the back are an excellent timeline and photos.This volume tells the story of Neil Armstrongfrom his childhood on a farm to a career as an engineer and pilot and how he became the first person on the moon. All of the small steps he took in lifeeven his failuresled up to his steps on the moon. I am Neil Armstrong (Ordinary People Change the World)

No me di cuenta que viene en ingles. 978-0735228726 I find these fairly thin and short booklet expensive but the quality makes up for it.This book is very attractively illustrated and contains a well told storyline that children can relate to and that grown up will enjoy.The colourful hard covered booklet is simply presented in an excellent mannerOur daughter is a little older than the target audience I guess, and at 9 years of age already into serious literature. Nevertheless she adores this books that we gave her as a birthday present. She has also been reading it to her younger brother who has been similarly fascinated.She has some affinity with the topic of the Apollo moon missions as the learned about the first moonlanding at school.Moreover we recently watched Apollo 13, in which Neil makes an appearance! a movie that got her on the edge of her seat.I’m quite intrigued by the range of topics in this series, and so our children will be treated on of these books.The only thing is that the amount of books in the series is not that extensive yet. 978-0735228726 The book was extremely costly and it is not worth for the cost.Nothing is there for the kids to follow or accept as a role model. 978-0735228726 Love these books. 978-0735228726 Very informative. Buy it or rent it from the library. 978-0735228726


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