Huntsman (Fox Hollow Zodiac, #1) By Morgan Brice


Huntsman: Fox Hollow Zodiac Book One
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I’ve never met a Morgan Brice book I didn’t like and this one is no different. What is different, however, is while reading I kept thinking to myself, how fun it will be to get to know all these fascinating shifters in this little community better. In the other two Brice Series, I’ve read there is this sort of floating cast that weaves its way through all the Brice/ Martin worlds. In this one, however, it seemed to have a different vibe of tribe or family, found families, and roots.

I adore a good series and Brice has a way of writing characters that I love. The MCs in Huntsman, Liam, a fox shifter, and Russ, a wolf shifter, both need the other and Fate seems to know this. The two know who and what they are to each other but decide to just roll with things. There’s no rush and no pressure and the two become friends, each enjoying the other’s company. That is until a string of suspected arson events and a couple of missing shifters makes Liam, who’s new to the Fox Hollow community, begin to suspect he didn’t outrun what or I guess I should say, “Who,” was hunting him.

This has all the makings of one great series. So, if you love shifters (no mpreg), and other paranormal beings, found families, blood families, enjoy humor, spicy and sweet roMMance, and an ending that makes you smile with happiness, snag this! You will love it.

4.00 🌟🌟🌟🌟

I received a copy of this book from GBP in exchange for my review. 🌈📚🌈 Huntsman (Fox Hollow Zodiac, #1) The idea behind this book was good and the overall plot arc was interesting. And I love fated mates. But......there was no world building, no character development, no depth at all. It's too bad cuz it had the potential to be a really good book with some more detailed writing. Huntsman (Fox Hollow Zodiac, #1) So we have Liam who was such a sweetheart fox shifter who is on the run for his life. His friend contacted him letting him know that the Huntsman is on his way to kill him. It appears that his POS ex wants him dead. The Huntsman is not only a killer but kidnaps shifters selling them to disgusting wealthy people so they can hunt & kill them. Anyway, his prior professor had offered him a job in Fox Hollow and he calls him & accepts. The town is full of shifters, physics and all manner of magical beings and I loved them. There are also humans, some who know about shifters and some that do not. On his way to the town, his vehicle breaks down and Russ comes to his rescue. When he gets settled in, he is afraid to tell his friend and former professor about the Huntsman. Russ is still grieving over the loss of his husband who he loved deeply and lost to a horrific auto accident. Russ and Liam are true mates but Russ isn't ready to give in to his desires. I liked that they are given free will on giving into the pull and not immediately, mate, mine. Liam is afraid of putting Russ into the line of fire by either getting involved with him or telling him about the Huntsman. When Russ is injured responding to a fire, which turns out to be arson, they both realize they need each other. We have a story about these two trying to come to terms with the pull of the fated mates bond. I liked the fact that they can speak to their animals and their animals have a mind of their own and talk back. I love that Liam's fox is such a diva and he just cracks me up. I also love that we were given the indication that were are going to be seeing some of our favorite characters from Ms. Brice's other series. I love cross overs so very much. I can't wait for the next book in this series!!

ARC provided by Gay Romance Reviews in exchange for an honest review. Huntsman (Fox Hollow Zodiac, #1) 3.5 Huntsman (Fox Hollow Zodiac, #1) 2nd time reading

I just got book two of this series so I had to reread the first! I love that it starts out right into the thick of things, with Liam running away from a killer. Then he goes to the Adirondacks, a place that sounds heavenly with short summers and plenty of snow. Can I move there please? Liam immediately connects with fellow shifter Russ and their animals let them know they're actually fated mates. The guys fall into a relationship quickly, but I liked their chemistry and they make a cute couple.

There's also plenty of action, with arson and kidnappings and near death experiences. I flew through this and now I'm psyched to read the sequel!


I really enjoyed this! I love shifter books with mates and Liam and Russ were adorable together. They fit together so well and they both needed someone to love them after what they've been through.

Liam is on the run after a hunter almost catches him at his apartment. His car breaks down on the way to his new town, but luckily the tow truck driver is sexy wolf shifter Russ. They have an immediate connection as both realize they're fated mates, made for each other. They try to take things slow, but have a difficult time resisting the pull. I thought they had great chemistry, lots of sweet moments and I was excited for them to get together.

The fires and hunter after Liam was interesting and added some nice drama to the story. I liked the different kinds of shifters in the town and thought it was cute when Liam as a fox spoke to the natural foxes.

I'm so excited for book two, hopefully it's Drew's book.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review Huntsman (Fox Hollow Zodiac, #1)

Another new paranormal series from Morgan Brice, and one that hits all those good notes you expect from Brice. A little fluffier than her other books, but that definitely worked here since it was a small town fated mates story. I’m a sucker for towns with many different types of shifters and magical beings, so I hope this series allows us to see some of the other people from the town find they’re HEA. There was some tension and definitely some high stakes scenes that kept this from venturing into the too fluffy arena. I do wish there was a little more lead up to the I love yous, and I think that’s why I have to give my first 3 star rating to a Brice story. Still wonderful writing and love able characters, I just need a little build up or other tension to overcome in relationships (even if they are fated mates.) Huntsman (Fox Hollow Zodiac, #1) [ I received a digital copy for an honest review]

is the start of a new paranormal MM shifter series by Morgan Brice. A fated mates story between a fox shifter on the run from and hunter and a wolf shifter .

If you've been following my reviews for a while now you know I love love love Fox shifters. They are cunning, sneaky, feisty, small and just all around perfection in my opinion. Anyways I digress. This is a quick and easy read with insta love , if you read shifters on the regular than you know with fated mates this is a given. It takes place in a tight-knit community filled with people, shifters and other varieties of those in tune with the supernatural. If you're looking for more than a fluffy shifter romance this has a heavy dose of steamy intimate scenes and a touch of action.

Morgan Brice is a new author to me and overall I enjoyed the Huntsman, so I'll be keeping an eye out for future books in the Fox Hollow Zodiac series. I'm a sucker for a small town shifter romance with a HEA. Huntsman (Fox Hollow Zodiac, #1) I'm not crazy about shifter books but I am diffidently crazy about Morgan Brice! I even liked these characters in their animal and human shapes enough to read more of this series. Liam and Russ are really great together. It was good to see them really trying to get to know each other rather than only relying on the fated mate part to make everything easy. The supporting characters are all very well done, with a lot of easy choices for next couples. if you don't mind, or even like same sex couples... fated mates...mixed species...shifter towns...fighting to survive against the hunters...dealing with previous love lost...a feisty fox and a sweet alpha might give this one a try, or for that matter any of the series by Morgan Brice. She writes the Badlands series and The Witchbane series as well as a few others under the name of Gail Z. Martin. She is one excellent storyteller. Huntsman (Fox Hollow Zodiac, #1) I enjoyed Huntsman by Morgan Brice, even if I had some issues with the writing style.

I'm a huge sucker for a paranormal romance, so I was really excited to pick up Huntsman and give it a go. I've read this author a few times before, and I think she does a good job, but I think there is often not enough world building for my taste. Huntsman was no different.

We are sort of thrust into the action with the story, which can be exciting, but I felt like it relied too much on internal dialogue and telling vs showing to clue the reader into what was happening. I like a more well-developed world so the MC doesn't constantly have to reiterate things in his head. However, even with that I was intrigued by the storyline and into all the characters, even the side ones.

I thought there was some details that needed to be fleshed out, like the relationship between the shifters and non-shifter world and the way magic plays into everything. It was too vague and too glossed over. Still, I think I would read on in this series just to find out more about how the world is structured because I think this is the type of series that would get better over time.

Of course, as a shifter romance, I come to expect instalove, but I was hoping it would be a little more developed. It was very abrupt, and I'm hoping these two grow as a couple in subsequent books.

Overall, I think a *tentitive* good start to a series, even if it didn't wow me.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

goodreads|instagram|twitter|blog Huntsman (Fox Hollow Zodiac, #1) After reading and raving about Romp, I’m sad to say this one fell flat for me. The foundation was good with very likable main characters, equally likable side characters, great setting and solid plot concept but ultimately it failed in execution for me.

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of insta love but if it’s done well, I can usually overlook my reservations. I knew going into this one, as a fated mates story, that insta love was possible and probable and honestly, fated mates stories are generally where I feel most comfortable and accepting the insta aspect. The problem I had with it in Huntsman was that there is basically no relationship building at all. The entire story up to the epilogue takes place over less than a full week and during that week, Liam and Russ spend very little time together, either on page or off. They recognize and accept their instant connection is likely a fated mate match right away and basically move straight to “I love you.” I wanted to see and spend time with them together. I wanted to know that they’re not just fated mates but that they’re a good match, that they get along, that they’re meant to be, apart from being fated. I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to see and feel it for myself.

Unfortunately the insta aspect and lack of relationship building wasn’t the only thing that stumbled for me. While I liked the plot concept and elements, to me it felt like there were plot holes and inconsistencies and plot points that were only vague in explanation. These elements had me squinting with skepticism. To me, it felt like the story needed tighter editing/fresh eyes/more critical input.

All that said, I did enjoy Huntsman and am looking forward to more of this series. I just hope that the story and relationship have greater depth or are more developed, more finely tuned. I want to feel it and believe in it, even if it is paranormal and suspension of disbelief is necessary.

Rating... um... 3 seems a little harsh but also a little generous... I’m going to leave this without a star rating for now.

If you have KU and are into shifters, fated mates, intrigue and low key suspense, it’s worth checking out. Huntsman (Fox Hollow Zodiac, #1)

A grieving wolf. A hunted fox. Fated mates, thrown together by chance, and the looming threat of a fabled Huntsman who might tear them apart forever.

Fox shifter Liam Reynard is running from a killer. He uproots his life to find sanctuary in Fox Hollow, deep in the Adirondack Forest in New York.

When his car breaks down, sexy wolf shifter Russ Lowe comes to the rescue, and one touch makes it clear they’re fated mates. Neither man was looking for love, and both are still mending from past heartbreak. When mysterious fires and disappearances threaten Fox Hollow, Liam fears the killer is hot on his trail. Can he protect the town and his fated mate from the evil hunting him, or will an ex-lover’s betrayal cost Liam everything he loves?

Huntsman is full of sexy shifters, hurt/comfort, second chance love, sincere psychics, hot first responders, found family, and fated mates. Intended for readers 18 years of age or older. Huntsman (Fox Hollow Zodiac, #1)

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