Human Cruelty By Wade H. Garrett

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A Story of Avenging our Four-Legged Friends.

This is book four in the A Glimpse into Hell series. Brad Johnson, a thief and lowlife, tortured and killed Kenneth Evans’ beloved pet, Roxie, during a burglary. Kenneth wanted to exact revenge against Brad in the most horrific way possible, so he sought out Seth Coker, a notorious vigilante. Kenneth didn’t realize the door he was opening would unleash a wrath of vengeance like no other. He was instantly drawn into Seth’s world. A world of torment and terror equal to the horrors found in the deepest and darkest parts of Hell. A world filled with violence and agony. A world of pure chaos.

In this story, Seth Coker and Kenneth Evans, torture lowlifes that have been cruel to animals. Filled with gruesome and sadistic acts of punishment. This book is not for the meek. Only the seasoned extreme-horror reader should embark on this journey. Human Cruelty

The sadistic vigilante captures these lowlives who abuse and kills animals and tortures them in the same manner. If you can handle 236 pages of gory brutality then give this one a shot. It's an easy read so it helps my numbers for the reading challenge. 270 What did I think? Hmmm...Awesome book but only for those readers who know the meaning of extreme horror will be the ones who will enjoy this gem. Wade has an extraordinary imagination to complete such a masterpiece!! Not for the easily intimidated !! Great book Wade!! Looking forward to many more... 270 Another blood soaked classic from Mr Garrett! I was lucky enough to proofread this title. I find myself constantly thinking: What could he possibly come up with next? He continues to serve fast-paced brutality and originality at an inhuman rate! Never have I came across a series of books that makes such a plentiful mention of the words 'spermatic cords' haha. This book, as the title suggests focuses on serving up a healthy dose of revenge to the particular brand of lowlife that think it's ok to torture and kill animals. As an animal lover myself I feel they all get what was coming to them but like Seths new protégé Kenneth I do have moments of doubt but am quickly reminded it's all they deserve via Seths healthy doses of dark humour and sarcastic quips. Nice to see this title dedicated to the memory of Cecil the lion as well. My only complaint would be that now I have to wait a while for my next fix of Texas justice, Seth style! Well done to a great author and all around nice guy for sharing another extreme horror adventure with us! An easy 5 stars! 270 I usually read a lot of shock factor books but I must say this one definitely took the cake! Lol. I have to admit I did not finish it because even for me I read 1/2 the book with my mouth hanging wide open with disgust across my face! This is not a negative review in any way. I knew exactly what I was getting into but this is the first book I have ever stopped reading due to the disturbing material. The book was well written and the characters were fun, it just grossed me the hell out. I have read some twisted stuff in the past but this was just messed up! If you are in to extreme shock factor I say go for it! If you aren't....stay far far away because you are not going to like what you 270 My favorite book so far. Seth holds nothing back, torturing scumbags that have been cruel to animals. Some of the scenes were so graphic that I had to put the book down a few times, and that's impressive when I get disturbed. Can't wait for the next one. 270

Must Read for All Animal Lovers

The fourth book in the AGIH series focus on Seth Coker and new character, Kenneth- a man whose dog was brutally killed during a robbery, dissing out brutal justice to the culprit who cut of Kenneth's dog's head, and other animal abusers in the most sadistic and barbaric ways possible.

I got an extra kick out of Human Cruelty from all the torture and mutilation handed out to all the animal abusers, since I have a special place for animals in my heart, and HATE lowlifes who mistreat animals.

I also think this is Mr Garrett's most brutal book so far in the series. The continuous hardcore torture scenes in this book was like an unrelenting onslaught from a seasoned MMA fighter.

Highly recommend for lovers of hardcore sadistic horror and the AGIH series. 270 Different

As a person who thinks that a human abusing an animal is one of the lowest things you can do, this was kind of satisfying to read. It's a bit gruesome so reader beware. 270 Liked the idea of the story but ultimately gave up and dnf at 54%. It was just too silly and beyond even my belief. 270 Rating
4 out of 5 Hearts
(Unabridged Audiobook Edition)

This is Definitely Not for the Faint of Heart!

Wade H. Garrett is a new to me author. This definitely will not be my last story by this indie author.i went in not knowing anything about Mr. Garrett's writing style, his character development, or world building. I enjoyed the experience. Great job!

Matthew Conley was a good narrator, I felt presentation lacked in differentiating the characters voices. Other than that I enjoyed it.

Extreme Horror is a fascinating genre, in my opinion. It's so gruesome and horrific that it keeps my mind open to just how deep an author will go inside themselves to bring forth fresh, unique, terrifying, dark, and twisted worlds. Action packed from beginning to end, I found myself in the midst of it all, as each scene played out, sometimes I had to reverse just to make sure I heard what I thought I heard.

The banter between the characters is often harsh and blunt, there a few times I chuckled because some dialogue stuck a funny bone. All in all I was fascinated by the presentation, crisp and dark writing style.

Seth is something else! He doesn't play around when he exacts revenge on those who have harmed animals. It blew my mind!!!

If you like Extreme Horror, then I recommend this to you! 270 I really enjoyed the premise of this book, and of course the tortures were brutal and gruesome and creative and awesomely sickening, but...

It’s just *really* fucking weird to read a book entirely about torturing people who were cruel to animals, written by someone and featuring “good guys” who are themselves cruel to animals.

Its extremely ironic that the people torturing others for “animal cruelty” - Seth and Ken - wear leather and eat meat and are cool with hunting, and all sorts of other animal cruelty... but I guess they think it’s cool as long as it’s done to innocent farm animals instead of innocent dogs or turtles.

It’s not like slaughterhouses, commercial dairy farms, chicken operations, etc. are super kind and loving places to the millions of innocent animals that are fucked up and abused and killed every day on them. 270