The Harry Potter Collection (Harry Potter, #1-6) By J.K. Rowling


Six years of magic, adventure, and mystery make this paperback collection the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans of all ages.

Follow Harry from his first days at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, through his many adventures with Hermione and Ron, to his confrontations with rival Draco Malfoy and the dreaded Professor Snape. From a dangerous descent into the Chamber of Secrets to the Triwizard Tournament to the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, each adventure is more riveting and exhilarating than its predecessor, and now all six books are available together for the first time in a The Harry Potter Collection (Harry Potter, #1-6)

Great books-(and number 7!) I would only say that the plot is very similar to The Lord of the Rings( the ring has to be destroyed, so do the horcruxes ), as are some of the characters:
Gimli ----> hagrid
Dumbledore ----> gandalf
Anyway, they are excellent books, very inspirational. A new world has been created! 9780439887458 Re-reading Harry Potter for the first time this christmas, and I´m so excited!

9780439887458 I do not own this spiffy box set of Harry Potter books, but no way was I going to sit down and input all 6 of them!! When we were in the UK on our honeymoon in the spring of 2000, Harry Potter fever was just hitting its stride there. Not long after that the books found their way to Canada and I fell in love with this series right from the first book. Again (I'm a broken record) great characters and time-old literary themes, as well as just being a very enjoyable read. I haven't gone to see the movies, because I don't want the characters in my mind replaced with British teen actors and Gary Oldman. (can't stand Gary Oldman.)

Fantastic read for any age. Some of my all-time favourite literary characters are from this series, like Dumbledore and Sirius Black. The books get heavier (literally and metaphorically) as the series progresses. The first book is the most child-like, shorter and lighter fare. The last book is downright philosophical and practically qualifies as a doorstop it's so weighty. The HP series is kind of like literary comfort food around here, if there's nothing else to read we'll just grab one and dive in. A definite must-read! 9780439887458 Check out my reviews on the main page of each individual book! 9780439887458 Absolutely loved this story and these characters. My favorite was Goblet of Fire. 9780439887458

read & download The Harry Potter Collection (Harry Potter, #1-6)

I think I'm finally at the age where I feel a bit weird about Harry Potter, but aren't we all? It's hard to write a 7-book series of gigantic epics about a teenage wizard and keep your fanbase at the same age.

But whatever. I doubt anyone who's read the first six books is going to ignore the last one and let some dickwad on the 6 o'clock news tell them how it ends. Will Harry die? I dunno. Is Snape really evil? I doubt it. Is Dumbledore really, truly dead? Shit no. But maybe now that all the characters are 17 or whatever, we can get some spicier (read: softcore porn) romance scenes. Can all those descriptions of Hermione as bushy haired really not have some deeper, more lustful meaning? Let's not kid ourselves.

sorry, that was really nasty. 9780439887458 I listened to all them as audiobooks! I was sorry I had waited so long to read them at all. 9780439887458 One of the stories from my childhood, it still thrills me when I re-read the book. Truly magical. 9780439887458 The world of Harry Potter is filled with things that just don't add up, at some point this floating pile just starts degrading the creative merits and prevents any further enhancement of the reader's world perception.

I'm not talking about credibility, obviously, but the painfully failing synergy between the fantastic elements. The force that keeps together the discworld or the forgotten realms... is simply absent here. It's apparent that the base premises struggle to support the scale to which this story has grown. And THEN come the legion of fans who step up and try to fix this profoundly feable work. Pathetic.

I enjoyed the book for its worth but this phenomenon drives me up the wall. I only hope these people's new-found enthusiasm for the genre spills quickly from this shallow cup into goblets of truer fire. 9780439887458 I have read all the books. What always fun about this was that after I read each book I went into the movie so I can spot the differences. 9780439887458