How to Make Money from Your Stock Investment Even in a Falling Market By Ho Kok Mun

Clear, easy to read and straight to the point. A good read for beginners and experienced investors alike. Author is a strong believer in holding good stocks for a long period of time. Not as technical as other investing books but overall an easy and quick read. 9789833789030 Suitable for a Malaysian scenario, but unfortunately fails to adopt an open-minded approach. Jason Kelly's book would be a recommended pre-requisite to this. 9789833789030

How to Make Money from Your Stock Investment Even in a Falling Market

The book is rather rich on stock-picking wisdom than analysis. The gist of long-term stock investing is explained in layman terms. Good for investment mindset. 9789833789030 The main contender for the best book i’ve read in 2020. The market crashed on March 2020, and that triggered me to learn more about stock market. I watched plenty of youtube videos, read online articles but none of them beat this book. I bought the revised edition and read it during MCO.

Fundamental analysis were explained based on local market. It gave you insights from multiple crises and gave lessons that he learned over the years. Additionally, it taught you different kind of businesses and how they operate. 9789833789030 This book lays bare all the essentials for a toddler in financial literacy to learn the bread and butter on investing, specifically as a fundamentalist; as how to screen and pick undervalued stocks, explained in the simplest manner possible. It’s a dry topic to digest and I’ve taken the longest time to come to the end. Having said that however, its has its own virtues and values for certain people that find meanings in it. All in all a well rounded book. 9789833789030 Given that there's plenty of Stock Market book, There's rarely something that is closer to home. This is a fairly easy read and easy to grasp. Given, I know nuts about stock market but yet able to relate and pick up some information and not to jargony.

Recommended for people who want to invest in stock but have no clue where to start =D 9789833789030 practical book on stock selection

incorporated concept of margin of safety by computing and comparing a stock's intrinsic value and its fair value

however, i personally prefer William O Neil's method

i realized that any good automated stock selection system would have a flush out mechanism; in this case the proposed margin of safety calculation ( only buy when the price is below the lower of its intrinsic or fair value) while o neil's flush out method is 7-8% of the stock purchase price



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