How to Lure a Hunter (VRC: Vampire Related Crimes, #3) By Alice Winters

✅ Funny moments
✅ Sexy M/M smut
✅ Cute romance
✅ Characters / Sexy vampires 😏
✅ 2 POVs
✅🆗 Intrigue
✅🆗 Pace

I smile at him as I start walking to help the others. “Thank you, moj zanuda. You not only gave me a chance, you gave me the first real friend I’d had in years.”

Alexei Karsyn, my sweet baby. He melts my heart.

I was so happy to get more info about Alexei’s backstory, and seeing him and Marcus together felt so wholesome. Their dynamic did remind me of Marcus and Finn: the broody, gruff and no-nonsense vampire that doesn’t want anything to do with relationships and romance, and the overhappy romantic that doesn’t know how to quit and doesn’t take no for an answer... But it was also different because the characters are different, which is good.

The door flings open. I really shouldn’t have had faith in him. He has the suit jacket on, but he’s tied it around his neck like some kind of cape. He has about fifteen neckties tied around his head, creating some kind of weird headdress/veil thing. Then there’s the green shirt that he’s rolled up into a belly shirt, shorts that he’s pulled up past his navel so it looks like he has some weird version of booty shorts on, and a pair of zebra print neon socks.
“Ah, I’m so sexy,” he purrs. Literally purrs as he struts across the room.
I’m in so much shock that I just stare at him, unable to comprehend what is happening. “You are a demon!” I cry before I start laughing. He turns his ass to me which allows me to see that the booty shorts are right up his ass crack and I see a peek of cheeks.
“This is how you look all the time. But I see now why you dress this way. I feel magnificent,” he says as I try not to fall off the bed.
“I do not! My god, how have you managed to ruin everything?”
“What are you talking about?” he asks as he does some type of tightrope walk thing with his knee-high socked feet. “This is what you looked like the first time I met you. God, I feel beautiful. I see now why you love mirrors so much,” he says as he struts in front of the mirror and just turns this way and that. How he’s keeping a straight face during all of this, I’ll never know.

Of course, the romantic aspect was very predictable, but that’s why I read this book so I don’t care that I knew it would happen. I just wanted Alexei to have some love and sexy times. I have to say though that the intrigue was also a little predictable… Some revelations about Alexei’s past took me by surprise, but once we had his background, the rest of the plot didn’t surprise me much. Still, I enjoyed this book and it is a good detective/action/funny/romantic story.

“Don’t mistakenly think this means I like you,” he mumbles. “Do you ever get tired of having to pretend you hate everything?” “Sometimes,” he says which makes me laugh.

I usually don’t enjoy flashbacks in a book, but in this case, I really loved reading about Alexei’s past as a human, and the author mastered the art of putting the flashbacks in strategic positions in the book as to not lose the reader’s interest. Seeing how rough and ruthless his young adult life was helped us understand his grumpy character. He changed a lot in the book, as he realizes that having friends and people to care about is not a weakness and will not inevitably end up with heartbreak. It was also heartbreaking to see how he thought he didn’t deserve love or happiness, and how Claude managed to get through to him and to show him that he was worthy of so much love.

“Don’t look so freaking happy,” Alexei says.
“My heart.” I grab it in case he’s not aware of where the heart is.
His eyes narrow. “No! Knock it off or I’ll hunt him down and change.”
“It’s exploding!”
“Ew. No.”
I drop my hand to full-on beam at him. “I thought you loved blood.”
“Yeah, but your heart’s probably full of glitter and sparkles or some shit.”

Claude was introduced in the second book, and he is a VERY colorful character. His weird and colorful wardrobe choices were quite funny to read about, and he clashed so much with Alexei’s dark and monochrome lifestyle! Seriously, I can’t even fully imagine what Claude’s outfits must look like… he would probably make any hippie, disco fan, or flashy punk from the 2000s proud. He also has a way to always involve glitters, sequins, rainbows, cupcakes, or unicorns in his everyday life.

Claude’s interactions with Alexei, while reminding me much of the ones in the first book between Finn and Marcus, were still very entertaining and they made me laugh out loud more than once. He is so persistent and is very confident that he will wear Alexei down and manage to breach his emotional defenses.

“Here we go!” Claude backs down the driveway and out onto the road before making an immediate left turn into the next driveway that isn’t but a stone’s throw from the one we just left. “And we’re here!”
“No! NO!” Marcus cries, and I’ve never heard such devastation coming out of him. I can’t help but laugh as I see the pure despair on Marcus’s face as Claude beams at us.
“Wait… you’re our neighbor?” Finn asks hesitantly.
Claude’s joy shows on his face as he turns to him. “I’ll be the best neighbor you’ve ever had! The moment I saw the house next door was for sale, I snatched it right up!”
Marcus isn’t listening. He’s too frantic. “We’ll need to build a fence… no… it won’t be enough! We have to move. Finn, start packing,” Marcus says as he throws open the door and tries getting out before realizing he has the seat belt on. All three of us proceed to watch as he has a tantrum trying to get it off.

One of my top highlights in this book though was seeing the dynamic between the 4 main characters of this series. It is epically perfect. I LOVE their little group and I would read a whole book just about their everyday life because they’re just so entertaining. Their group texts are also hilarious, it's just too funny and cute how they meddle into each other's life and participate in each other's humiliation.

Hmm… anyway. What I’m going to do is shove you into the next building. Then I’m going to let them capture me and have them take me to where Alexei is where I will heroically pop out to save the day. He’ll be so turned on that his clothes will fall from his body and he will admit that he is in love with me.”
Finn’s expression falls. “This sounds like a horribly stupid idea. Marcus will talk you out of it,” he says as he vigorously texts Marcus.
I glance over his shoulder in time to see a return text.
Marcus: I love that idea. Tell him good luck. Try to keep a GPS on him. Stick your phone up his ass or something.
Finn: And how exactly will this work?
Marcus: Tell him to bend over.
Finn: That is NOT what I was asking. You’re not concerned about your brother getting abducted?

“Look how pretty!” he says as he plucks a flower on the way to the car. He turns to me.
I give him a wary look. It’s like I can read his simple mind. “No.”
“I’m still going to,” he says as he rushes to me and tucks it behind my ear, absolutely delighted.
This… this right here is why he’s lived a long and lonely life. He snaps a picture before I bat it off. “You are so strange,” I decide as I get into the car just in time to hear my phone beep. I’m wary as I pull the phone out and look down at it to see the group text burst to new life after the picture of me looking absolutely disgusted with a flower tucked behind my ear.
Finn: What have you done to him?
Marcus: Did he cut your head off? Are you bleeding to death? Is he dancing in your blood?
Claude: It was a magical moment. A little dash of color.
Finn: He’s a changed man. Are you that good in bed, Claude?
Me: I will murder you all.
Finn: Even me? You love me!
Me: Slightly.
Finn: Slightly murder me or slightly love me?
Me: Both.

The front door slams shut as Marcus steps out on the porch to get a good look at Finn and Claude hugging each other. He rushes forward and squirts the spray butter in Claude’s face. “Get back!”
Claude snatches the butter right out of his hand and throws it at Marcus, hitting him in the cheek with it.
“How dare you,” Marcus growls, although it’s clear he’s enjoying harassing his brother.
“Alexei, save me,” Claude says as he slowly backs away.
Finn turns to me. “Do you ever feel like as they aged, they regressed in mentality?”
“Oh, most definitely,” I say as I pick up the butter from where it landed in the grass. Finn takes it from me and turns back to his grilling as Marcus and Claude talk.

How to Vex a Vampire ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
How to Elude a Vampire ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Follow me on Instagram 🙂 How to Lure a Hunter (VRC: Vampire Related Crimes, #3) I wasn't sure how this was going to go with all of Claude's over the top antics leading up to this (not that most of the author's humor and characters aren't over the top) but I really enjoyed Claude and Alexei Karsyn both as a couple and as their own characters.

Alexei's backstory was interesting and painful. Claude is so much more than flashy clothes and ridiculous attempts to woo the grumpy Alexei. When Alexei began opening up to Claude it was really touching. There was a bit of steam and plenty of romance, despite Alexei's denial. The two were really sweet together.

While I had a grip on who the big bad would be pretty early on, I still enjoyed watching the story unfold. Looking forward to the next one.

How to Lure a Hunter (VRC: Vampire Related Crimes, #3) 4.75

This book is hilarious. Especially early on. But it’s so much more than just a funny book. It has a great story running through it as well.

I absolutely love Claude. I mean seriously who doesn’t. And Alexei how he’s suffered over the years. Claude slowly but surely breaks down his barriers. And shows him he deserves to be loved and cared for. While Alexei battles his past and his present.

This book is a brilliant mix of serious and laugh out loud. How to Lure a Hunter (VRC: Vampire Related Crimes, #3) 4 Loved-this-vampire-on-vampire-romantic-thiller Stars!!! 😍 💘 Having read the last two books in this series, I knew going in that there would be humor, sassy banter and vampiry-action🧛‍♂️. What I generally don't like in this author's style is the slow pace of her stories and the constant jokes and silliness. I was prepared this time; but to my pleasant surprise, the silliness was less and the Hunter plot kept me so engrossed that I didn't mind the slowness or the medium steam😉.
Readers who have read the previous books will know and remember Alexis as the grouchy 150 year old vampire who is also a Russian import. He has certainly mellowed a little ever since he begrudgingly became friends with Finn ( VRC 1&2). However, he is unprepared for the sunshiny positivity with a dash of exaggerated absurdity that Claude (Marcus's twin brother) brings to his life when Claude develops an inexplicable infatuation with him. While Marcus, Finn and everyone in the VRC department is amused by this cat and mouse game, there is a hunter or a group of hunters that is targeting and killing innocent vampires. Claude is brought in as a consultant for his knowledge and researching capabilities to help solve the case. As expected, he relishes the idea of working with the VRC team and being able to spend time with Alexis. As they work closely on the case, Alexis is plagued with flashbacks of his past life as a human and despite his new found appreciation for Claude, he is scared to reciprocate. If his secret past was to ever come out, not only would he lose his job, he would also lose his few friends including Claude. But will Claude give up on pursuing Alexis? What is the connection between Alexis's past life and the current vampire murders? Will Alexis be able to solve the case and catch the perpetrators before they take everything from him?
This thrilling ride takes us readers through the past and present and how they connect. It was not particularly suspenseful, because I knew who the villain was pretty much immediately, but it still had a lot of nail-biting moments😱. The humorous banter and absurdities were a constant, but they did not affect the plot. There was slow-burn between the MCs which gave in to some sizzling passion, but again it did not detract from the story. All in all this is another winner from the VRC series and despite my general avoidance of the paranormal genre, these books are proving to be an exception to my rule. 😁. Highly recommended to all fans of vampire M/M romances. 👍👍 How to Lure a Hunter (VRC: Vampire Related Crimes, #3) I really enjoyed books 1 and 2 and was looking forward to see how ever grumpy Alexei and ever cheerful Claude could possibly fit.

The plot with the idea of a heartrending backstory for Alexei, one that links directly to the present, is appealing, but I’m afraid that the exaggerated humour just killed this for me.
Alice Winters is hammering certain jokes to death from beginning to end, Claude’s wardrobe and ‘fashion sense’ for example, or Alexei’s ‘love of a bit of violence’. I have no idea how often we are told that Claude’s outfits are hurting someone’s eyes. Too many times for me.

In essence, Alexei and Claude are pretty similar to Finn and Marcus (the grumpy and the happy one), but for some reason they don’t have the same charm. I think I enjoyed Finn and Marcus here as secondary characters more than Alexei and Claude.

It’s not that I hated them either. Alexei is suitably gruff and grouchy, and clearly closed off for a reason, but I really couldn’t buy that he hadn’t put past events behind him after 150 years! And I would have loved to see more of his vulnerability.
Claude is cheeky and cheerful, but so over the top, in virtually everything, from his dress (non)sense to his (almost) irritating persistence in his pursuit of Alexei, I found it hard to take to him completely. He seems to prove that even kindness can get too much if you overdo it.

The random sincere and serious moments between Claude and Alexei were very welcome and well done, but while I love sarcy humour, the repeated jokes, the never-ending banter and relentless teasing are too overwhelming.

As before I have to conclude that, with the exception of the first two books in this series, this author and me simply don’t gel.
How to Lure a Hunter (VRC: Vampire Related Crimes, #3)


Alice Winters Ä 4 Free read

When Marcus Church brings his brother Claude in to help solve an unusual murder, I’m positive he did it just to disrupt my monotonous life. None of my coworkers in the Vampire Related Crimes unit seem to understand that I want to keep a wall between me and everyone else—especially Claude, who does everything he can to break through it with an annoying smile. After more vampires begin to die, Claude pinpoints the actions of the killers to a group of vampire hunters, leaving us in a race to stop them. When I discover that I have a target on my back, I’m surprised that Claude insists on staying by my side, even when things go from bad to worse. I’m determined to keep him out—I’ve lost enough people in my life—but I can’t stop feeling something every time he breaks through.

When I reunited with my brother, I never imagined it’d throw me right into Alexei Karsynov’s path. He’s short-tempered, stubborn, and dangerously adorable whenever he smiles—he just doesn’t realize it yet. When Marcus asks me to help with a case, it gives me the excuse I need to get closer to Alexei, but what I discover threatens to change everything. Suddenly, I find myself wanting to do anything to protect Alexei and to see him smile, despite his efforts to keep his distance from others. I’m determined to show him that he can’t live in the past when his future is so much brighter.

How to Lure a Hunter is a 106k word book that contains: Clothes so bright they could cause retina damage, a ridiculous amount of gifts showered on a reluctant recipient, a cranky Russian with a soft spot he tries to hide, a library full of books that need to be treated with the proper respect, some possibly unhealthy sibling teasing, and a sunshiny 300-year-old vampire with an unexpected protective streak. How to Lure a Hunter (VRC: Vampire Related Crimes, #3)

The guys in this book are totally opposites. Alexei is a broody, Russian accented (yummy), vampire detective with a dark past who dresses in all black and speaks like he's only allotted a few words a day. Claude is a historian with a book-fetish (I get that), who dresses in a way that a pimp in a 70's cop show would be proud of, speaks constantly, and is a happy-puppies-kittens-and-rainbows guy.



Oh my gosh, they are perfect for each other!!

So, Claude has had a crush on Alexei since he showed up in the series, but Alexei is all broody and dark and doesn't deserve to be loved. But Claude is persistent. He will not stop trying to get Alexei's attention. He can heal all that darkness. Well, especially with his glow-in-the-dark suits. There is no darkness where Claude is standing. Ever. So, there is a constant battle that is pretty damn funny.

When Alexei is finally willing to give Claude a little time, he lets them pick an activity to do together:

Alexei: I thought I'd let you pick something we could do together and I will not complain or say no, no matter how torturous it is.

Claude: I stare at him in pure shock...
Deal! I shout, unsure if I've ever been this excited in my life. Fashion show!

Alexei: Oh, good god, that didn't even take you a second to think about it! Ah, shit... I already failed. I mean... Yay!

That exchange pretty much exemplifies their exact relationship throughout the book, and it was a lot of fun.

Oh, also there were vampire hunters killing vampires that they needed to find.

How to Lure a Hunter (VRC: Vampire Related Crimes, #3) 4 Stars

Book three in this urban fantasy romance series—following vampire special agents who solve vampire related crimes—sees a switch in narrative focus from the usual MC’s Finn and Marcus (first seen in How to Vex a Vampire). This time around, broody AF team member, Alexei Karsyn, is at the forefront of the story, finding himself shocked to his core when a recent string of vampire murders begins to lead back to dark secrets from Alexei’s past that he’d rather NOT come back to bite him in the arse.

While dealing with this new threat to vampire kind, Alexei also finds himself ineffectively fighting off romantic advances from Marcus’s eccentric brother Claude. As annoying as Alexei finds Claude, he also can’t help but be secretly moved by all the attention he’s getting by the kooky but intelligent and kind older vampire. He can claim he’s not looking for love and he’d rather be alone, but Alexei can only play disinterested for so long before Claude’s help on the case leads to big reveals and dangerous circumstances which bring the two closer than Alexei could ever have expected.

The story arc was fresh and exciting, leading to some interesting unveilings, mostly where Alexei’s fascinating past was concerned. I relished getting to read through some new perspectives and I certainly enjoyed getting to read more about Alexei and his history. All that was revealed, in that respect, made getting Alexei’s HFN in the present even more special because the man deserved some happy after a lifetime of hurt and loneliness.

Claude and Alexei together was a lot of fun to read. They seemed such polar opposites when they first met in book two (How to Elude a Vampire), but both were such compelling secondary characters that I just knew I’d have a blast reading how they eventually would fall in love. It’s actually a toss up for me which of the two characters I liked more, if I’m being honest.

Alexei has always outwardly been the strong, snarky type; always dependable on the job and always there to support human teammate and maybe even unexpected best-friend Finn—you know, whenever he’s not busy threatening harm upon Finn’s person whenever the silly human speaks. Hell, even Finn can see beyond Alexei’s hard-surface bravado to the much friendlier—perhaps much lonelier— mushy centre that Alexei will never willingly admit to, not beyond pain of death! He just has that dark and lonesome sadness to him that made me want to wrap him up in a hug—I love that in a badass, immortal crime-fighter!

Claude, on the other hand, is one of those over-the-top characters that you just can’t help but adore. Larger than life and outrageous at times, particularly where his fashion sense is concerned, this centuries old true vampire was one of a kind, made all the more grounded by his fierce loyalty and kind nature, and his hella attractive obsession with books and learning. Oh yes, who doesn’t love a man who loves his books?!?!

At the end of the day, my love for Alexei probably wins out. He has steadfastly been a favourite character of mine since the beginning of the series—maybe the favourite character, now that I’m hashing it out like this—so getting his story and witnessing his romance with Claude was greatly appreciated, particularly when it came to all that we got to learn about his past as the greater story unfolded.

Overall, this was a really fun and engaging read. The plot was interesting, the humour was on-point, the characters were wonderfully charming, and the romance was so very heartwarming, especially once Alexei got past his hang-ups and allowed himself to be truly happy with happy-go-lucky Claude. Their story was a joy to read and I look forward to continuing the series with DeGray’s book (How to Save a Human). <3 How to Lure a Hunter (VRC: Vampire Related Crimes, #3) 3.5 Stars Rounded Up

I honestly wondered how my 3rd foray into Winters would play out because admittedly, I really enjoyed the first two books of this series as they focused on Finn and Marcus. It’s reasonable to say I was apprehensive as the spotlight would now be on Marcus’s brother Claude, who has steadfastly set his eyes on the elusive Karsyn.

Though not as laugh out loud funny, I had to remind myself that this was about a different couple who would have a different dynamic and thus, the silly shenanigans would not be the same. Nor should they be.

Karsyn is the curmudgeon of all vampires. He has very good reasons for being so, mainly stemming from his family being murdered and his lover betraying him, all of which have shaped his kind soul into someone who thinks he’s undeserving of happiness. When Claude pursues Karsyn relentlessly, Karsyn doesn’t stand a chance at avoiding the sunniest vamp around. Claude is a big glob of indestructible rubber as rejection easily bounces off him. Luckily, Claude’s resiliently stubborn, and there’s a steely toughness underneath the superficial shiny exterior.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed this. Props to the supporting cast members who love to meddle and gleefully partake in each other’s humiliation and embarrassment. I know Winter’s writing isn’t for everyone, but I continue to appreciate her mix of humor and dramatic suspense, and I know exactly where to look when silly suspenseful romance is needed! How to Lure a Hunter (VRC: Vampire Related Crimes, #3)
This latest book in the Vampire Related Crimes series has all of the same earmarks of snark and banter as the first two books, so I found it to be funny, compelling, and definitely worth a read. : )

At the end of the last book, Marcus' colorful, slightly-campy brother, Claude, had set his very persistent eyes on Alexei Karsyn, a gruff, no-nonsense detective at the VRC, much to the horror of Alexei.

But luckily for Claude, his best friend, Finn, had already begun breaking down the walls that Alexei had spent a century and a half building up to protect his heart from experiencing any further loss and betrayal.

The reported 377 page book's pacing felt a bit slow at times toward the middle; however, that never really translated into disinterest or boredom on my part. Things simply took a bit longer to happen than I'd hoped.

I did really enjoy the flashback scenes, where details slowly trickled out about how Alexei went from being a human in Russia, was turned into a vampire, then moved to America for a fresh start with the VRC.

From the first mention of the person who turned out to be the protagonist in this book, I just *knew* deep in my bones that he would turn out to be The Big Bad here, so I wasn't overly surprised when that was the case, but I still enjoyed that (predictable) storyline, nonetheless.

My favorite parts of the book, though, were those where Claude's always-sunny, trusting personality was on-page in full force. Those scenes were both comedic and ridiculous in equal measure, but I was a huge fan and was never bored.

The angst was pretty manageable, and the steam was more than decent, without becoming annoyingly-frequent, so two thumbs up there.

My overall impression upon finishing the book was that books 1 and 2 were still my favorites, but Claude and Alexei's story fit nicely in with the series, so I'd rate this one at around 3.75 stars and for sure recommend it to fans of the series. : )


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How to Lure a Hunter (VRC: Vampire Related Crimes, #3) “I feel like you’re being dramatic-aggressive. It’s like passive-aggressive but with a lot of drama thrown in.”

I think after reading three books by this author, I don't mind the author's humour writing that much. It's not that funny but it's not irritating anymore too.

This book surprised me a little. I didn't expect to like it this much. According to me, this had the best mystery out of all three books and I was actually invested and curious to find out more about Karsyn's past. I loved discovering his history.
I feel like adding flashbacks in your story can be tricky. The author has to find the perfect timing so as to not lose the reader's interest. I think Alice Winters did a fantastic job in doing that. I was never bored. In fact, I was getting more and more intrigued by his past as the story continued.

I loved the romance aspect too but I kind of already loved the couple before even starting this book so, that wasn't really a surprise.

And after reading DeGray's short story I can't wait to read his book and discover his love story. I hope it releases soon !! How to Lure a Hunter (VRC: Vampire Related Crimes, #3)