How to Live Happily Ever After (Happy Ever Regency, #6.5) By Bree Wolf


Miss Agnes Bottombrook accepted long ago that she would never marry. Not even when she was still young did gentlemen see anything in her that would appeal to them. Now, at nine-and-twenty years of age, all hope is lost and Agnes is on the shelf for good. Then out of nowhere, the rakishly handsome and young Lord Wentford asks Agnes who he calls Nessa for a dance, shocking not only Agnes but all of London society, most of all, his own mother. Certain that his intentions are far from honourable, Agnes tries her utmost to rebuff Grant and reveal him as a scoundrel.
A delightful short story, it can easily be read on its own but if you’re new to the series I'd recommend reading before How to Wake a Sleeping Lady. Grant fell in love with Agnes/Nessa at first sight & was determined to marry her & proposed everyday. A fun entertaining read, which had me smiling, I love interfering women & we have two in this book
My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read Romance, Fiction, Historical Fiction 3.5 Romance, Fiction, Historical Fiction I love fairy tale retellings, and this introductory novella was enjoyable. However, I do not want to continue the series as the hero remarries and becomes a bigomist. Romance, Fiction, Historical Fiction Happy to see the whole back story of how Nessa and Grant came together. Romance, Fiction, Historical Fiction Rating: 4.5/5.0

Love at first sight is always a hard sell. However, as Agnes becomes convinced, the reader too will start to hope it exists and root for these two to take that leap and find true happiness.

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Romance, Fiction, Historical Fiction

When cupid's arrow hits it's target, there is nothing that can stand in the way. Or can it? A reluctant spinster?

He saw her across the dance floor and instantly knew that she was the one he would marry. He didn't know who she was but he immediately went over to ask her to dance.

She knew she would never marry. Why would any man marry her? She was old.... But then he danced with her and made some rather insane declarations!

A delightful, lighthearted romance that warms the heart. Romance, Fiction, Historical Fiction I found this gentle Regency romance sweet and heartwarming, as Grant, Lord Wentford pursues the proclaimed spinster Miss Agnes Bottombrook. One look at Agnes and he knows with absolute conviction that he has found the woman he wants to marry. Unfortunately, he not only has to get past Agnes's reservations but his mother's machinations as well. As his mother plows forth with her own plans, not caring one bit about the hearts she is shredding in the process, Grant quietly goes about winning his reluctant lady's heart. This gentle romance is well written and tender and comes to a happy conclusion. I received a copy of this novel as a gift through Dragonblade Publishing and NetGalley and this is my honest and voluntary review. Romance, Fiction, Historical Fiction Bree Wolf writes heartwarming, full of feelz, historical romance and I have yet to come across a book of hers I didn’t enjoy, How to Live Happily Ever After, is no exception. In this story we have a fun pairing between a handsome earl, and an old spinster (twenty-nine years old, gasp!) who together make for an enticingly happily-ever-after. It’s love at first sight for Grant Barrett, Earl of Wentford — when he lays eyes on Miss Agnes Bottombrook he knows she is the one for him, he will stop at nothing to win her over! 😉

I enjoyed watching these two navigate through their courtship. Grant sets out to woo Agnes, she is shocked by his attentions and sure she is the focus of a wager, She decides Grant must be a scoundrel and is determined to avoid his suit. Thankfully Grant is determined and will not abide the thoughts of not having Agnes 😍 Do these two get their HEA?

4 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

📚I received a review copy from the publisher and have decided to review. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book. 🦄 Romance, Fiction, Historical Fiction The heroine totally made me crazy

I know the premise of this short short novella was him trying to convince her Of his love. By the way I loved, loved, loved (I know three times but it's true) the hero Grant! He was funny, swoony and so totally in love with the h, Nessa, it was wonderful. For those of you who hate Insta-love this book is not for you. But I loved it. He was so determined to show her that he really loved her, and he wouldn't give up. I loved that but she had to be so argumentative, and so doubting that it was hard at first to read. I finally understood it at the end because of his evil Mother. She was horrid! I really loved this novella and I am looking forward to reading the next one in the series. I hope it as good.

Omg I just read the trailer for the next book and I am so upset. The hero married another woman and she is pregnant with his child. Just gross. His wife was presumed dead I know but what a terrible awful premise and my heart is broken. I may skim the book eventually but I am so devastated by the description there is no way I can do that after reading this book it just sucks. Just gross Romance, Fiction, Historical Fiction Across a crowded room!

A persistent suitor and the unbelieving recipient of such pursuit. A twisted romance if you will. Miss Agnes Bottombrook at the ripe old age of twenty-nine firmly believes she’s on the shelf. When Grant Barrett, Earl of Wentford, spies Agnes across the ballroom his heart is irrevocably pierced by Cupid’s arrow. Unfortunately the woman he’s fixed upon is so sceptical about anyone wanting to court her, she believes he’s either pursuing her for a joke or a wager.
I did like Agnes’ father who is most delightfully encouraging. On the other hand, Wentford’s mother is the schemer we all love to dislike.
A charming fluff and bubble story where we’re treated to Agnes’ meanderings and doubts, as we wait in the wings willing Agnes to see the treasure, the HEA she could have, that Wentford would be.
Of course there are reasons why Nessa (as Wentford has charmingly dubbed her) not only is suspicious of Wentford’s attentions, but her belief that to love only leads to suffering. It’s here I really appreciated Mr. Bottombrook. Wentford just has to conquer Agnes’ fears and misgivings—and his mother! Mind you I do appreciate that Wentfords a bit over the top, rushing his fences as it were. But us readers can be in no doubt that we are being robustly pointed down the HEA tunnel. Just look at the title and the series names!

A Dragonblade ARC via NetGalley Romance, Fiction, Historical Fiction

A handsome earl and an old spinster make for an enticingly happily-ever-after.

Miss Agnes Bottombrook accepted long ago that she would never marry. Not even when she was still young did gentlemen see anything in her that would appeal to them. Now, at nine-and-twenty years of age, all hope is lost and Agnes is on the shelf for good.

Or isn’t she?

Out of nowhere, the rakishly handsome—and young, mind you!—Lord Wentford asks Agnes for a dance, shocking not only Agnes but all of London society, most of all, his own mother. Certain that his intentions are far from honorable, Agnes tries her utmost to rebuff the young lord and reveal him as a scoundrel, only seeking her attention to win a bet or wager of some kind.

Unfortunately, Lord Wentford cannot be rebuffed, no matter how hard Agnes tries, forcing her to contemplate the possibility—remote as it might be—that he might truly…care for her.

Or doesn’t he?

Without her consent, Agnes finds herself swept off her feet by her most unexpected suitor, doubting her own sanity when desires she thought she had long since abandoned resurface. But will she dare believe him?

Would she be a fool to do so…or rather not to do so?

How to Live Happily Ever After (Happy Ever Regency, #6.5)

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