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Essa livro é pra todos que amam a trigologia do povo do ar. As ilustrações são perfeitas, assim como os contos e todos os detalhes. Saiba, não é uma continuação por assim dizer, mas vale muito a pena! 978-1471410017 I loved the previous books. And really looked forward to this one. How ever. I feel let down by it. It was really short. And I feel the author could have added content. I feel she left loads out just to get it finished quickly. 978-1471410017 ‘Villains were wonderful;. They got to be cruel and selfish, to preen in front of mirrors and poison apples, and trap girls on mountains of glass. They indulged all their worst impulses, revenged themselves for the least offence, and took every last thing they wanted.’Initially I wasn’t entirely sure whether I was going to get myself a copy of this book in print. As a major fan of the series I knew that I wanted to read it but at less than 200 pages, with illustrations, I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not this was going to be worth paying out hardback prices for. As soon as I saw a copy in person I realized how foolish these doubts were though and I can honestly say that this book is well worth treating yourself to a physical copy of. It’s definitely worth paying a little extra to own a hardback edition of the book as it’s absolutely stunning. The illustrations by Rovina Cai are exquisite and woven throughout the series of short stories wonderfully. The end pages – which are golden, no less – are truly divine. And – much to my delight – I discovered that it even has a hidden cover beneath the dust jacket. Even the paper that this book is made from is extra thick and the overall aesthetics of it are absolutely breathtaking. I’ve truly gone from wondering whether such a short book was worth the price of a hardback to wondering how on earth it didn’t cost . It’s exquisite.As for the writing I adored it. An entire collection of short stories about Cardan; what can a fan of the series possibly ask for? There are stories that show scenes from before and after the completed series. You get to, finally, see the world through the eyes of the infamous ‘cruel prince’ and get a glimpse into how his mind works. Naturally it was marvellously written and portrayed the fae in a wonderful manner which merged their beauty and wickedness superbly. And I can truthfully say that there wasn’t a weak story in the bunch. I’m not even sure if I can pick a favourite as I enjoyed them all so greatly. Although, despite its short length, I will say that I absolutely adored the tale of Cardan’s ‘inconvenience’. Some of the scenes from his youth were harrowing yet some of the later scenes, with Jude’s family, left me grinning like mad. How Holly Black does this I do not know.I also adored the tale that was woven throughout this collection and watching how it changed and grew. It was a wonderfully smart way to draw the collection together and I honestly do feel as if I could have read a dozen different takes on that particular tale.So yes, yes, yes I absolutely recommend this book to fans of the series; especially to those that adore Cardan as much as I do. Additionally I also highly recommend purchasing a hardback edition of this book as it’s truly exquisite and the illustrations deserve to be seen in print. Fingers crossed that someday soon I’ll get to visit the wonderful world of Elfhame again. 978-1471410017 This is a beautifully presented book: the art and the layout of each page is stunning. It is an interesting short story looking back over episodes from Cardan's past framed within an ongoing story from Jude and Cardan's present. There is a lyrical, storytelling theme running through the book which made this a very charming read. I also enjoyed seeing a little of Jude and Cardan together and interacting with the human world. If you enjoyed the Folk of the Air series, you'll probably love this too but it's not vital to the plot of that series so it's an indulgence and not a necessary read. 978-1471410017 This book is all about one character and that is Cardan, The High King of Elfhame. Although he wasn’t my favourite character in The Folk of the Air series, he is a main character. So, learning about him was always something I was going to want to do. Especially when the series is that good! I actually really enjoyed getting a look into how Cardan came to be himself. Especially seeing him after the events following The Queen of Nothing. This character development almost builds of the world for you, its almost like Cardan is the world. He forms such an imperative part in what makes Elfhame and so by being inside his mind you are also inside Elfhame and I love that.The accompanying illustrations are beautiful and it was really nice to see the words depicted on the pages. Illustrator Rovina Ca did such an amazing job of capturing his likeness and personality in her work. Rovina’s art style was a perfect choice for this book, it really encapsulates the dark side of Cardan and his group bringing the stories to life.Getting to see parts of the stories already written throughout The Folk of the Air from Cardan’s perspective adds so much depth to the overarching plot lines. The main series is predominantly about Jude so I think a book from Cardan’s perspective was definitely necessary.Although not pivotal to the main plot and story it gives it an edge that it didn’t have before reading this. Seeing all the background details to events that took place gives the reader such a better understanding almost like you’re in the mind of the character and nothing beats that! Getting to the end of this book feels like completing a journey with Cardan and I think it is a journey all fans of The Cruel Prince should embark on. 978-1471410017