Hopes Delta (Special Forces: Operation Alpha; Delta Team Three #5) By Riley Edwards


Hope’s Delta. It’s the newest book by Riley Edwards. It’s also the final book in the Delta Team 3 books. This is a series of 5 stand-alone/interconnecting books that are based in Susan Stoker’s Special Forces world. I’m sure you’ve heard me mention this world before...where authors write books including characters from Susan Stoker’s books in their stories?? No? Well, we’ll get back to that later. Right now it’s time for you to pack a bag…

Who’s ever gone to an amusement park? Disney? Six Flags? Cedar Point? Dollywood? I don’t know about you, but I both love and hate these types of places. You get a cornucopia of ride choices that you know are going to wring different reactions and emotions out of you. Now I haven’t been to an amusement park in a while but I still remember those reactions and feelings. And Riley Edwards has a way of duplicating these feelings with her books. Hope’s Delta is another shining example.

From the beginning of the book, Ms. Edwards doesn’t start off soft. Watching Beau come to the realization that somehow his relationship with Hope has morphed into something more is like riding a tilt-o-whirl. You don’t know which way you're going to be thrown and the anticipation and excitement are paramount. From there, learning about Hope’s past and the anguish she deals with on a daily basis? That’s the Tower of Terror. That build-up you have, knowing that there’s going to be an epic drop leaving you with a queasy stomach and lightheadedness. You’re scared because you know it’s coming but you still power through. After that ride, we all usually want easy. The Ferris Wheel, the Merry-Go-Round...something like that. Where we can just enjoy the sights and smells of the park. This is Hope coming out of her shell and asking Beau to show her beauty because she’s never had that. She wants to feel what it’s like to walk in the light.

So we’ve gone through a couple of the rides and think maybe we’re done for the day. But Riley Edwards never stops with her push for more for the reader. She’s that friend that’s encouraging you to go on one last ride. The mother of all rides at an amusement park...the roller coaster. This is the action, the suspense; the edge of your seat time in the book where we bite our nails and cover our eyes. We know it’s going to be epic. And we are not disappointed. But the ups and downs of this ride? They’re a doozy.

Through this all Riley Edwards gives us...well, Riley Edwards. The all-encompassing story of love and loss. The camaraderie of friendship and brotherhood. The authenticity of real characters. Riley Edwards gives us all of this and more. So, so much more.

If you’ve never taken a spin in Susan Stoker’s Special Forces World or read a Riley Edwards book this is a fantastic place to start. Take time. Read the book. Fall into this world. You’ll find a place you’ll never want to leave.
Riley Edwards 5 stars

This was the best of the bunch. I hurt for Hope. All that guilt she'd been carrying for so many years. I loved Beau. I got a chuckle out of their names because I was an avid Days of our Lives fan. I liked that this book took the time to see life AFTER a traumatic event. I even found myself liking the previous characters more when this author was writing them into this story.

The epilogue was PERFECT. It tied up the series in a beautiful way. Riley Edwards This series is part of the Operation Alpha World, Delta Team Two series by Susan Stoker.

Hope is the bartender in the bar where the team hangs out. Her and Beau have been f*ck buddies for a while. He wants more but she doesn't. She really annoyed me with all her excuses. True love of course wins in the end.

Now that epilogue....the absolute best. It starts with Hope and Beau, and then skips a few years to another couple, then skips to the next couple, then skips forward to the next couple until we wind up 20 something years in the future with the last couple. So GOOD! Riley Edwards Jangle’s Hope😍

Jangle’s is the final Delta to find himself a woman😁 I loved this story as included each and every single couple we’ve already been introduced to in this series and especially loved the ending❣️

I only have one question and that is whether their commanding officer Roe will get a book of his own, as he was certainly a mysterious supporting character😳

Another wonderful story and thoroughly enjoyed it❤️ Riley Edwards Hope and Jangles was a will they, won’t they romance from the beginning and not in the usual sense of Will they won’t they actually get together it was more a will they won’t they make a really relationship of this fun thing they have going?? Riley Edwards

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Hope Mitchell lived her life on the outskirts, no attachments, no friends, no family. All of this by design. All of it because she knew the pain that came when you lost someone who meant something to you. She’d sworn off men long ago, the last time she fell in love she’d invited the devil into her heart and she’d lost, huge. That was to say, she knew better than to let the larger-than-life Delta Force operator into her life. Hope recognized the risk but Beau had promised her he would fight for her and he did—until he left her more broken than he found her.

Beau “Jangles” Talbot had promised himself he wouldn’t fall for a woman while he was still in the Army. He’d seen it too many times before—a good woman getting worn down by the demands of being a military wife. But when he meets the gorgeous bartender Hope Mitchell, he does the unthinkable and falls in love. Then his worst nightmare comes to fruition and Hope is thrown into a dangerous situation because of him and his teammates.

One mission—five women—everything is on the line. Jangles and his teammates have one shot at getting it right, one chance at extraction, or every man on his team loses the women they love.

** Hope's Delta is the 5th and final book in the Delta Team Three Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings. Hopes Delta (Special Forces: Operation Alpha; Delta Team Three #5)

At the start of this one Hope and Beau both seemed to be deluding themselves on having a relationship. I was glad that Beau at least realized it was more and he did something about it. He was slowly getting Hope over to that side when things went to hell and the girls were kidnapped. Even then they were ok, it was only after everyone was safe that Beau did the stupid thing that almost ruined everything. I liked how the guys on his team and their women all ripped him a new one over his actions. He wounded Hope to the core and he was going to have a hard time winning her back. He managed to do it, but not before both of them lived through rough times. I did like how this one ended for these 2, they deserved all the happiness they could find. Riley Edwards The one thing that Hope has learnt from her painful past is that she isn’t going to let anyone get close enough to her to be hurt in that way again. She may be attracted to Beau, but she was determined to keep their interactions strictly physical and she was sticking to her plan until she finds herself in danger because of their relationship.

Beau was attracted to Hope from their first meeting, and he has enjoyed the time they have spent together. He doesn’t believe that his career is conducive to a relationship however there is something about him that has him yearning for more. When his career places her in danger there isn’t anything he won’t do to rescue her.

This is an emotional story about two people who believe they are destined to be alone until a life changing experiences forces them to realize what is truly important in life.
Riley Edwards ARC for honest review with no compensation

Hope’s Delta is the 5th and final book in the Delta Team Three series by Riley Edwards (new to author) and various authors and is part of the Operation Alpha World, Delta Team Two series by Susan Stoker.

The final book in this series is about Beau ‘Jangles’ Talbot and Hope Mitchell and OMG what a way to end this series! So much is happening...kidnapping all the ladies, rescue mission back in Turkey with the help of Delta Team Two and a few others, dealing with the past, hope for the future, heartbreak, forgiveness, healing, love and HEA!

Thank you, Lori Ryan, Becca Jameson, Lynne St. James, Elle James and Riley Edwards for such amazing alpha men and strong beautiful ladies and the entwining stories...they all deserve more stars! Riley Edwards Get it here:
Amazon US * Amazon UK Riley Edwards I wouldn't expect any less then a five star read when I know Riley Edwards is the author, and this book didn't disappoint.

Hope and Beau started has friends with benefits, but grew into more. Neither totally opened up about their lives or their pasts, but Beau near there was something about Hope's past that was holding her back from a real relationship. She learned that he was serious about her, so she decided to let him. He promised to never let her go, until. She now was in danger because of him.

Awesome read. Full of twists, turns, loyalty, friendship, love , and lust. Also with cameos from the Operation Alpha family. Riley Edwards