Home is Where the Heat is (Bob and Nikki #18) By Jerry Boyd

Bob and friends come back to Earth for a little well-deserved R and R. Take a few nice walks in the woods, play a little paintball. Too bad it can’t be that easy. Too many people want Commonwealth tech, for them to ever have any peace. Home is Where the Heat is (Bob and Nikki #18)

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The title pretty much sums it up. Bob and Nikki are back on Earth kicking back in Saucer Hollow looking forward to a relaxing time. Deep State has other things planned.
Jerry as always keeps me extremely entertained and continues to fill out the characters and story. As usual I am looking forward to the next installment in the series. Thank you Jerry for the smiles! Home is Where the Heat is (Bob and Nikki #18) Is it really home..

When your government busy lobbing so many explody stuff your way that you need a lot of air coverage just to play Frisbee and paintball? Will it worth Bob's sanity? Home is Where the Heat is (Bob and Nikki #18) Great 👍 Book

I hope you enjoyed writing it as much as I enjoyed reading 📚 it. I like 👍 that you do. It is a Great 👍 book but if you haven't read the 17 you will be confused by some of the characters in it but don't let that stop ✋. Just buy the others and read them. I have had to re-read them myself a time or two. Home is Where the Heat is (Bob and Nikki #18) Long Strides

Our heroes finally get the opportunity to return home to Saucer Hollow and it does not go quite as expected - for anyone. Many multithreaded plot lines develop, leading Bob into the dark world of US politics. This book resolves some of those but not all so we know there will be yet another installment to come.
Good action scenes, some delightful dialogue and the introduction of a few new players. An enjoyable addition to this already complex series. Home is Where the Heat is (Bob and Nikki #18) Yes!!!! If you are a fan of.the B obverse this another home run

I love Jerry Boyd...I love his bob-verse. The characters are loveable, fun...the writing fresh, its a Netflix's series just waiting to happen. Jerry keep up the series! Home is Where the Heat is (Bob and Nikki #18)

An enjoyable fun read, but I wish the author wouldn’t repeat so many stories and anecdotes, the book would be at least a hundred pages shorter without them.
If possible I would have given 3.5 stars. Home is Where the Heat is (Bob and Nikki #18) Another top notch fun read

This series is characterized by its excellent creation of characters that the reader comes to care about and so we come back each release to see what they have been up to as well as the overarching plot and the smaller plot threads that get tied up. I am waiting for the next book as the ending of this book was one of the weaker endings in the series…. It almost feels like the book was meant to be longer but was shortened to provide the next one with a strong opening.. Home is Where the Heat is (Bob and Nikki #18) Want more!

In case you read these at all, Mr. Boyd, I LOVE MY BOB AND NIKKI!!!

I started the Bob and Nikita series as something light and fun in between reading my usual sci-fi, and I read maybe 2 before I began developing an absolute addiction to them. As soon as I get notification that one is available, I run to Amazon and get it!

This is a wonderful series of stories about an incredibly likable group of characters and the hijinks they get up to, the adventures they have, and the people and friends they meet along the way, and I completely enjoy every new book!

Thank you for these, Jerry Boyd! Home is Where the Heat is (Bob and Nikki #18) Another book in this series consumed in a couple of sittings over a day or so. If you know the series, it's more the same enjoyable fun sci-fi and homespun down south wiles and wisdom.

If you are a new reader don't start here but go to the beginning of the series to fully appreciate it.

Plot-wise our heroes have returned to Earth for a vacation but the US government can't seem to take no for an answer when trying to obtain bob and companies advanced technology. One has to say the author seems to have great distrust in his countries political establishment or it's just a good device to add conflict. Plots fail totally time after time and a total disregard for innocent human lives is shown as nukes and nerve gas are among the tactics tried. Eventually, our heroes choose to leave Earth again rather than cause innocent deaths. They do however manage one last paintball day.

In space, new adventures and mysteries await, such as the planet with supposed Amelia Earhart descendants on it.

Again I can't wait for the next volume.

Home is Where the Heat is (Bob and Nikki #18) Great job Jerry!!!

I have been very critical of Jerry's dialogue since book one, and up to the last book, things didn't seem to be improving.
Suddenly, he wrote this masterpiece! It isn't perfect, but it is 1000% better! Absolutely a great read, as usual, but the interaction between the characters is SO much better!
I hope this doesn't sound arrogant, Jerry, but...I'm damned proud of you. You worked hard, obviously, and it really paid off.
I can't wait for the next one!

Thank you, Jerry! Home is Where the Heat is (Bob and Nikki #18)