Hold Back This Day By Ward Kendall


Laughably bad. The right wing fiction really needs a more competent writer. English I'm rating this five stars for the content rather than the actual quality of the writing. It's a very readable book, but the writing isn't going to win any awards. However, the content is something everyone really ought to get to grips with, because it's a very believable dystopian glimpse into the future. It's one of those books that if you'd read it thirty or forty years ago (if you're that old), you'd have dismissed as utterly unlikely. However, now, it seems entirely plausible. Just as Camp of the Saints seems tame to what has actually happened in Europe, so this novel only grows the seeds of what has already been planted.
The main character (white) lives in a world of nineteen billion, racially blended people. On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 being Caucasian, and 10 being Sub-Sahara African Black), Skintone 5 is the optimum and breeding to achieve this blend is mandated by law by the One World Government. More, given the shortages of food, the population has to be controlled, so infants are assigned either heterosexual or homosexual futures and are then mentally and physically molded to fit their assigned roles--pedophilia is also entirely accepted and encouraged.
All history has been rewritten by the One World Government to fit the narrative that the white race was a savage, evil race only tamed when the Africans and Asians arrived from their superior civilisations and created the modern world. (The first human on the moon was Neela Armstrong, an African woman). No one knows the truth anymore, except the main character, who by a quirk of fate found a long-forgotten history of the world. Once he knows the truth, he finds it increasingly difficult to live in this new world.
But where can he go?
This is a great read (again, a bit clunky and in-your-face at times) which should be mandated on all school reading lists (with the stomach-churning pedophilia scenes removed, obviously).
Highly recommended.

English Very disturbing but well-written book. It claims to be science fiction but I can already see large chunks of the book coming to fruition in actions and words of the leftists and (((globalists))) around the world. I hope it doesn't come to that but if it does I am ready. English 3.4/5 - fiction English Kendall paints a grim picture of what could happen if the 'elites' of today's world are left unchecked in their self-anointed determination to eliminate national borders and create their vision of utopia - of everyone being 'citizens of the world'. For all of history, Western civilization has been the driving force for the advancement of mankind, and yet a small group of leftists - think Merkel, Trudeau, the EU parasites and many others - have already wreaked havoc by changing forever the makeup of the societies they've been voted in to 'govern'. By what right do they do this? And at what cost?
Anyway, Ward Kendall reveals what those costs could really be, and the stark results this kind of 'virtuous' social engineering can lead to. It ain't pretty. English

Hold Back This Day

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