History Smashers: The Mayflower By Kate Messner


Explanation of what really happened to and because of the pilgrims. Written in a clear way for children, or anyone, to understand the content. Highly recommend. Taught me so much. Kindle This book was a HUGE learning experience for me! I went in thinking it would be a rehashing of old facts (in a brilliant Kate Messner kind of way). Boy was I surprised!! This account of history was filled with interesting facts that I have never come across is 17 years of teaching and 45 years of learning. My fifth grader read it as well and when we talked about what we had learned (while reading separately), we both shared different things! There is so much to learn from this book. I love this new series and look forward to what new things I can learn!! Thanks for the ARC for me to read and review. Kindle Kate Messner debunks the myths and history lies about the Pilgrims, the Mayflower, and the story surrounding the first Thanksgiving. Great lesson on how a primary source isn’t “necessarily the truth of what happened; it’s an account of what the writer noticed and believed at that time.” And that history writers had “their own motivations and biases, just as people do today.” Decolonizing the curriculum and providing kids a different perspective is so important and this book will be a perfect alternative to textbooks that center only colonialism. Please buy this book for your classrooms and home libraries!!!! Kindle

Complicated and tough to read. It was on a reading list for 3rd grade Kindle The concept of this series is to correct stories from history that have evolved to be only a semblance of the truth. I especially appreciated how Messner explains when and how the misconception occur. Thoroughly researched using many primary sources. A great text to have students read and compare to others to teach them to be thoughtful, careful readers. A good dose of humor is infused along with intriguing events from our history. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Kindle I loved the premise but the illustrations are caricatures which I think is problematic when introducing different races and cultures to young children. I won’t be able to share this with my class. Kindle So good! This excellent look at history has a conversational tone that will be a hit with middle grade readers (especially those in upper elementary who learn about these moments in time in school).

With lots of illustrations and sidebars to provide context, they provide a rich experience.

I’m buying a set for my kid’s 5th grade teacher’s classroom library. Kindle The kids loved reading it! Kindle

Myths! Lies! Secrets! Smash the stories behind famous moments in history and expose the hidden truth. Perfect for fans of I Survived and Nathan Hales Hazardous Tales.

In 1620, the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock and made friends with Wampanoag people who gave them corn. RIGHT?

WRONG! It was months before the Pilgrims met any Wampanoag people, and nobody gave anybody corn that day.

Did you know that the pilgrims didnt go straight from England to Plymouth? No, they made a stop along the way and almost stayed forever! Did you know there was a second ship, called the Speedwell, that was too leaky to make the trip? No joke. And just wait until you learn the truth about Plymouth Rock.

Through illustrations, graphic panels, photographs, sidebars, and , acclaimed author Kate Messner smashes history by exploring the little known details behind the legends of the Mayflower and the first Thanksgiving.

Kate Messner serves up fun, fast history for kids who want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Absolutely smashing! Candace Fleming, award winning author

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