His Obsession (Blackstone Tech, #1) By Ann-Marie Davis

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I’ve watched her, looked after her, and now I need to protect her.


Alek operates, unapologetically, in a dark and violent underworld, where the ruthless determination he exerts there brings him and his long time friends to the top of their game. 

Loyalty is key, and what binds their friendship together.

When Alek comes into Liz’s world following a chance meeting she isn't even aware of, his obsession is born, and with it the determination to protect her at all costs from a violent past that will come to threaten them both.  

More alike than they can know, loyalty and determination have driven Liz through a life that should have made her weak and vulnerable, but instead only made her stronger.  Though steamy encounters with Alek cloud her judgement, Liz fights him every step of the way, pushing the skills of his team and his patience to the limit as they approach an inevitable showdown.

Obsession, desire, and revenge drive a tale of dark secrets, and a race against time.

Told in first person POV and contains HEA

Warning: This is a dark romance novel with triggers. If you are sensitive in any way, please use discretion.

His Obsession (Blackstone Tech, #1)

This story is the perfect blend of dark, alpha male (Alek) and sassy, but strong female (Liz). Alek has been watching Liz for some time, wishing that she could be his, but knowing that will never happen, given who he is and what he does. Liz is completely oblivious for a while, but once she begins working for him, things start changing, and quickly. Before long, she’s completely tied up in his world and he’s doing all he can to keep her safe.

Liz has to make the choice of whether she will allow Alek to keep her, and keep her safe. Otherwise, she has to fend for herself in a world where she has no experience. But when long-buried secrets come to light, what will happen?

I loved watching Liz’s character develop throughout the story, becoming more independent, while also growing with Alek as well. Alek also has some fantastic character development, allowing the reader into his mind, his motivation, and his “kryptonite”, if you will. Loved the HEA too! Highly recommend this story!
Kindle Edition So happy I found this author on Instagram, another great
Dark romance author.

The book is hot as hell, and I sure the hell didn’t expect that. Such a pleasant surprise. It’s fast-paced and suspenseful. I love how the plot turned out and the character's growth and development. As always, with dark romance, read the trigger warnings. On my dark scale, it’s dark gray.

As much as Alex is swoon-worthy, so many times I wanted to smack him and yell at him to wake up. Ugh, but who doesn’t love a broody bastard ? His total obsession is Liz, and Alex has been stalker her for some time; You would think his focus is unhealthy, right? I embraced that crazy. I thought at first Liz was going to be meek. I was so wrong. The girl had me laughing a time or two—such a great heroine.

I like how the author didn’t shy away from some of the dark parts. Her focus was more on the development of characters, which I can appreciate. If you’re looking for a good stalker romance, I recommend this book. I look forward to the author's future books. Kindle Edition This was a captivating dark romance right from the very beginning! There were a few grammatical errors and typos that could have been fixed, but they didn’t make it too confusing.
I do have to say I am a little confused by the subtitle for this book on Amazon--”A Dark Billionaire Romance”. Is he a billionaire? It’s not mentioned, but he is a career criminal, so touting it as a mafia romance would have made more sense (even though he’s not technically mafia either).
Other than that, this was a gripping book with lots of suspense and romance. Recommended for lovers of the dark romance genre. 4 stars.
Kindle Edition I really enjoyed this book, it has a great storyline that keep you intrigued throughout.
The are some quite dark moments, with torture and gore but lots of other intense steamy scenes balancing it all out nicely.
I like how this book kept you in complete suspense the whole time, not knowing what was going to happen next.
Great book,with a perfect ending. Kindle Edition Hard to read

There were a few grammatical errors and several formatting errors, but it was the misused words that I struggled with the most. Well, that and the inexplicable actions of most of the main characters. I have to assume the author was very young and will hopefully mature with age. Kindle Edition


Liz lives with her best friend who is a bartender and loves to go hang out where she works. Alek owns the club and is obsessed with Liz, even has cameras in her home. When they meet, sparks fly but can Alek keep his secrets hidden? Fast paced read with loads of drama, suspense and sizzling steam. I really liked it. Kindle Edition This one was a a nice mix of grit and rough edges with plenty of realistically romantic moments. Liz is a woman who doesn't rely on others and Alek is a mysterious man with a dark past that he won't speak of asking for her trust. Together they weave their way through hot sex and a plot to destroy them both. The other characters that are closest to Liz and Alek, Lucy the bartender with no filter, Randall a man of few words, and Jake the tech geek with fighting skills round out this story. Enjoy the ride of sex, lies, and bits of well placed humor. Kindle Edition I really enjoyed this book. It has just the right amount of detail to keep you turning the page and not get bogged down. I like that Liz isn't a wimpy woman. She's got grit when the goin gets tough.
Alek is a man's man laced with danger. Ya just gotta like him.
If you're looking for a good read, to get lost in and tune out the world, this is a good one. Kindle Edition I made it halfway through this book, and I struggled to get that far. The inner dialogue is horrible, the female mc is annoying, and Alek gave me a whiplash with his mood swings. Kindle Edition I loved Alec & Liv's book. Good characters. It was a fast-paced & entertaining read. I received a free copy of the book. And am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion. Kindle Edition