His Baby Surprise By Lisa Childs

I thought the heroine was awful! Romance, Suspense, Fantasy Flounced Romance, Suspense, Fantasy Great story about Brooks the hockey player going back home after an injury and applies for the high school coach. Asst principal Priscilla doesn't trust him, but a baby gets dropped on his door..now they have to figure out who the mother is and if Brooks is up to staying or leaving. Romance, Suspense, Fantasy


I am really bad about reading these books, I seem to read them even though I know I do not need too. So I started this book yesterday and finished it early this morning. To me they are all the same story line just about but I do love the family moments between Brooks (the oldest of three boys) and his two younger brothers. They seem to know every bad thing he did growing up and use it against him as he is their new coach and all about the Do as I say, Not as I do aspect of teaching kids.

Romance, Suspense, Fantasy I liked this story a bunch. The hero is an injured hockey player whose come home to rehab. His dad railroads him into taking the job of hockey coach. The heroine is his boss, a school administrator, who isn't impressed by dumb jocks. I liked Childs's character building, the coaching aspects--it was all nicely done. Good REad. Romance, Suspense, Fantasy Flounced Romance, Suspense, Fantasy This was pretty good. I found it somewhat but not entirely predictable, and I liked the character development for the hero & heroine. Their attraction to each other was believable, but not particularly intense. I would've liked it more with more about the ice hockey, I think. Oh, and (always!) more I hate you! No I love you! No I hate you! Mmmmphkisskisskiss! Cheesy? Yes. Overdone? Impossible. :) Romance, Suspense, Fantasy Fine. Good story. Surface-level narrative. Not Lisa Child's best worst. Will not reread. Romance, Suspense, Fantasy

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An injury takes professional hockey player Brooks Hoover off the ice and back to his Michigan hometown to recuperate and map out his future... which wasn't supposed to include fatherhood! It isn't every day a man finds a baby on his doorstep. A baby who just might be his.And that's not his only surprise....

In high school, Priscilla Andrews was a prim and proper sort of girl, but now she's all grown up--definitely his type of woman. She's also Brooks's new boss! Between coaching the high school hockey team, caring for an abandoned infant and sharing domestic duties with the alluring assistant principal, Brooks is starting to think he's more of a family-man type than a big-time sports star.

But is a man who's used to the limelight ready to settle down? His Baby Surprise