Hired Killer (Cryptid Assassin #1) By Michael Anderle

Surprisingly Good

I wasn't too sure how this book would go as i love the Heavy Metal Zoo books but i liked this as bringing the urban environment into the mix works quite well and the main characters look like they could develop nicely. Hired Killer (Cryptid Assassin #1) Nice fresh view on things...

Nice sequel set in the zoo verse. Tbh, the whole story stands up just fine with the whole mech repair business and vegas action. The hunting cryptid almost feels bolted on. But I'm sure the author is going somewhere with this... Hired Killer (Cryptid Assassin #1) Great first book in a new series

Great characters and interesting premise. Taylor managed to escape from the Zoo and now he just wants to set a business. The feds have other plans and he's back into the killing business. Looking forward to the next book. Hired Killer (Cryptid Assassin #1) Fantastic

This is a fantastic new story in a new series and thank goodness the next one comes out in a few days. I can’t wait to see what else our hero gets up to. ENJOY Hired Killer (Cryptid Assassin #1) Great

Fantastic and funny read. I love every zoo book I've read. While technically not a zoo book it's a close enough. Please keep them coming Hired Killer (Cryptid Assassin #1)

Alien DNA is mixing with earth animals creating beasts that must be contained and put down. The marines call the containment zone the Zoo. Wonderful concept that gets glossed over. It lasts for a chapter or two and then the book goes on snooze mode as we follow Taylor McFadden through leaving the marines to start his own business only to be recruited by the FBI in the States because cryptids may have escaped containment.

If you've ever read a book written by a military guy where his character gets to act the way he would like to have acted but couldn't because rules, you've got the gist of this book. HK is the setup for the series. Most of the book could have been condensed into a couple of paragraphs but then we would have missed all the boob jokes and the I'm a sexy, tough guy moments.

At one point we wander into Taylor going after a serial killer covering his tracks by making his victims look like cryptid kills, which is where we get a sloppy shift into the killer's POV. He's a business guy from nowhere but can mimic a cryptid kill close enough to get McFadden brought in. Not believable, not well developed. We get one or two chapters on this? Lots of surface, which in itself isn't terrible for a military scifi story, but we move from the cool concept to a B movie script pretty quickly. Maybe book two is more on point. Doubt I'll find out. Hired Killer (Cryptid Assassin #1) The ebook reader stated that it should take me a little over four hours to complete. I felt it was perfect for my travels in two planes from 8 am to 1:30. It was. I read the final 25% after I arrived. Good quick read. Although, I feel that more knives should be used in the monster killing. I enjoyed the banter of the women characters with the main protagonist. It is weird that all women seem to be attracted to him on some level, but Taylor is certainly someone who I would like to see sketched in watercolors. Ginger Aquaman. Heck yeah. Hired Killer (Cryptid Assassin #1) I couldn't put this book down. Light romance, lots of action, focused and likable protagonist. If you like action, are kind of tired of the harem books and like to read stories where the good guys and bad guys are well delineated this is a good series for you. The action starts immediately but the meat of the story takes a few chapters to develop. These types of books are good for trips because they make the trip seem shorter. Anyway, I recommend this one, already on the second and am having a hard time putting that down as well. Hired Killer (Cryptid Assassin #1) I had the same problem with this that I do with a lot of military novels. There is exceptionally too much attention to details that don't matter. I get that the character is in control of his emotions, I don't need him to manage to sleep with every woman he meets to prove that he is heterosexual, attractive and confident. I don't need to know that he took out a 0% APR, with half down on a business loan to show that he is intelligent. I don't need to know that he is a computer/mechanical guru to understand he is skilled, or that he was intelligent enough to beat up a bunch of hoods trying to blackmail him to show that he's tough. The entire premise is that he is a soldier who fights creatures that escape The Zoo and he does that for the last 1/5 of the book. Hired Killer (Cryptid Assassin #1) Taylor McFadden was rude, very crude and obnoxious but he was a great character. He was also a monster killer, whether it was an alien monster or a human one. I can wait for the next book.

Sex was talked about but that's all. BUT for those of you who don't like the word FUCK, I don't think you'll be interested in this. The word was used 252 times, and that's a lot. I don't happen to mind that silly word but I know a lot of you think the world will end if that word is in a story. LOL

As for the narration: I'd never listened to Derek Shoales before but her did a wonderful job on this book. I would definitely listen to him again. Hired Killer (Cryptid Assassin #1)

Quite, Banks told Taylor. In your case, though, I will be your FBI handler, taking care of you and getting you anything that you need to get the job done.

Special Agent Niki Banks paused, narrowing her eyes at Taylor. What? Banks asked. No lewd remarks about that? Something about handling, or how I'm going to take care of you?

Nah, I thought you would do a better job of it than I ever could, Taylor replied. Besides, I'm only after empty relationships that have no meaning, where we both go away happy, so there's no need for any handling like that. From you, anyways.

So, what does that make me?

Taylor paused to take a bite from his food, which consisted of some bacon and syrup-covered waffles. A toxic attitude with delusions of awesomeness in high heels and a need to feel dominant all wrapped up in an attractive gift package that smells like a body that's been left out to rot in the Zoo for a week.

Banks' eyebrows shot up. Excuse you?

Another bite of his food from his plate was taken before he continued. I'm sorry, do you need me to make it more specific? Here, try this one then. You look like Eva Longoria, except more brawn than brains, probably can't spell Latina and obviously you don't care about showers. Which is okay; the government only wants you for your brawn anyway. 

Banks narrowed her eyes. Yeah, I smell like the three cretins you needed me to get rid of for you. Between the stench of fear and gasoline, I guess that does make for a pretty foul smell.

Taylor shrugged. I showered at least.

Banks scowled at him. You're a jackass.

Correction, Taylor said with a grin. I'm a jackass that can kill - what did you call them? Cryptids. A jackass that can kill Cryptids that's living here in the US, no less. 

Oh, great, Banks grumbled. And here I am, stuck with a Jason Momoa wannabe Cro-Magnon Neanderthal with slightly better dental hygiene and a god-complex. 

She sighed. I don't get paid enough for this shit.

His name is Taylor McFadden, survivor of 83 trips into the ZOO. Now, he's retired, and yet his country needs his skills to save people in the country he calls home.

Can he build a company, put down roots and still bring the pain when the FBI calls?

When they tag him as The Cryptid Assassin, they weren't wrong. For monsters that go bump in the night, he is death incarnate.

Go up and click 'Read for Free' or 'Buy Now' and learn how one messed up soldier is America's greatest asset in the ongoing war against the Alien Goop.

NOTE:  There is cussing in the book. In fact, there is a LOT of cussing in this book.  There are consenting adults having sex (mostly behind closed doors) and a cynical ex-soldier just wanting to build a business in Sin City.

Not that Sin City... Las Vegas!

Hired Killer (Cryptid Assassin #1)

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