High Diver By Michael Wishart

Summary High Diver

High Diver

Artist Michael Wishart’s memoir, “High Diver,” is all that an autobiography should be. He writes with the incredibly descriptive eye of an artist in a very readable conversational tone. And whether about Nancy Cunard’s legs or his opinion on Pop Art (“Pop is to painting what chewing gum is to gastronomy, and I prefer nourishment”), the book is full of verbal gems and wit (“…physical beauty, unless accompanied by brute stupidity and a nature devoid of creative aspirations, is not compatible with sex appeal.”). The chapter ‘Outre-Manche’ is brilliant! And as a memoir, we get personal glimpses of his many friends: Peter Watson, Lucian Freud, Jean Cocteau, Francis Bacon, Cecil Beaton, Nancy Cunard, Barbara Skelton, Caroline Blackwood, Christian Berard, Boris Kochno, Denham Fouts, Nicky Haslam, and Rudolph Nureyev (Wishart was the only artist to have painted him from life). Michael Wishart