Hidden (Hiding from Love, #3) By Selena Laurence

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She’s running from a past she can’t escape
Lyndsey Anderson left her dark past behind and fled to Hawaii, hoping to escape a mistake she can’t forget. Convinced that she’s unworthy of love, she vows to avoid relationships and build a new life alone—until she meets Nick, an exciting and handsome surfer who sets her body on fire and has her aching to open her heart once more. But trusting Nick will mean revealing a secret that could destroy any chance she has of winning his love.

He’s hiding from the memory of an unforgivable act
Nick Carlisle can’t run far enough away from the haunting secret that ruined the life of a good woman and his army career. Unable to forgive himself and determined never to hurt another, he’s devoted his days to surfing and steering clear of relationships at any cost. Until he meets Lyndsey, a stunning beauty who makes his pulse race with every electric touch and sensuous look. Though he’s torn by fear and wracked by doubts, Nick can’t ignore the growing passion he feels for the one woman who might set his heart free.

They’ll have to help themselves before they can help each other
As these two damaged souls struggle to protect themselves from the powerful feelings they stir in each other, they must choose between facing their deepest fears and grasping the true love they both so strongly need and desire—or letting the secrets they’ve kept hidden destroy them.

“Selena Laurence has the ability to bring to life complex characters you instantly start rooting for from page one. Passion, humor, and a sexy hero all make for one read you don’t want to miss.” —New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills

This national bestseller was originally published as Hidden. Hidden (Hiding from Love, #3)

I was given an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of Hidden and asked to write an honest review and I am so glad that I accepted! Selena Laurence has written a beautiful love story that encompasses forgiveness and healing. Her characters are real. They have flaws and hurts and pasts that suck you in. The Hero in Hidden, Nick, is an Alpha with a hero complex but actions in his past keep him from trying to pursue Lyndsey. Lyndsey is alone in her pain and does not want to make connections with people that could hurt her or expose her secrets. When Nick and Lyndsey meet, the tension and the desire between them is palpable. Despite both of their reservations, love ensues, but not without some pain and heartbreak along the way.
This book was so well written. The characters were so normal. There wasn't any over the top drama or confusion. No nail biting angst, but plenty of strong characters making smart decisions. It was a sweet love story about two people trying to hide from their pasts and coming to terms with the decisions needed to heal and move forward with their futures. The story had a great pace and the events unfolded in a way that was both believable and enjoyable. This book is the perfect summer read and with a setting like Hawaii, it makes for great day dreams, too.
Hidden will be available July 23, 2013 and you shouldn't miss out on this sweet and sexy book. Hidden is the first in a new series called Hiding from Love by Selena Laurence and the next book, Camouflaged, will be released in October of this year. It’s actually a prequel to Hidden and will be Nick’s friend, Gabe's story. I, for one, will be watching and waiting for it after thoroughly enjoying Hidden.
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A lovely story between two people that have to confront the demons from the past…

Lindsay at the age of 17, was abused by her friend, and for that reason she is trying to hide. She ends up in Hawaii. She signed up to the University and she found a job in a bar…

where she met Nick. Nick was a soldier to Afganistan and he went to Hawaii because he has his own reasons to looking for a hide out…Something happened to Afganistan that couldn’t let him feel calm again. He is studying to the same university with Lindsay, and he is trying to start a new life...

He is not ready for any relationship but when he is meeting the cute waitress Lindsay…WOW!He is willing to do everything for her.He needs her next to him and he is doing many efforts to make her his girlfriend and to meet her better..

He is teaching her how to surf and they both are volunteers in a group campus Students Against Domestic Abuse (SOADA).

For Lindsay wasn’t so easy at the beginning to trust him.It was so hard and painful for her, even to try.

“I could hear my heartbeat drumming in my ears and it made me hate Nick. Hate that he did this to me. Hate that I couldn’t control how I felt when he was near”.

So when they eventually become a couple, and they start to spent many hours together, and to live with passion,

Lindsay has some issues..and she is leaving…something that I didn't found it smart at all...

But of course Nick regrets this decision and he is going to find her...

“ I am going to find her, and make sure she’s alright because I do love her”.

Another very interesting character was Gabe…he is funny, charming and fabulous friend. He is advising Nick for many things. Raoul and Ieesa, the bar owners are fantastic. Raoul was like a father for Lindsay.

Can't wait for the next book :))

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Romance, Suspense

Hidden is a summer read since the events are taking place on
Hawaii.It wasnt a mindblowing book for me as I found it a little predictable and too sugared up for my taste.It's not that I dont like sweet guys but he was trying so hard and sometimes I was bored.Maybe it's the heroine's fault because her character wasn't dynamic.She was so shy and often pathetic.



Both of them have come to this place in order to forget their pasts and start their lives from the beginning.They have secrets that wont't let them move on.Nick used to be a soldier so you can guess that the things he had seen weren't pretty.In fact he is blaming himself for an incident that happened there and I have to agree that it was partly his fault.I only forgive him because he was young and sellfish so he was acting only with his heart and not with his mind.

Lyndsey had a difficult life.She was abandoned by everyone except from her boyfriend.As time was passing she became more and more attached to him.Sadly,her boyfriend started to change his attitude towards her and things didn't end up well.

When these two meet each other at the restaurant where Lynds is working we can see that the attraction is obvious.She is a challenge for him and he feels the urge to protect her.

I'm really not a violent guy , Lyndsey , but I'd have to kill anyone who ever hurt you.

Ummm yeah that quote was not the best choice.Dont worry he is not dangerous ;)

Ok these two have the hots for each other and Nick is trying so hard to be with her but Lynds doesnt feel good enough so she shuts him down many times.Let alone that she wont even open up while he says everything to her.

The MCs are trying hard to make a new start but Lynds is kind of messing it up.It's not her fault but after all those things that happened to her she had to tell someone and I'm mad at her because she didnt.Of course I'm not going to talk about the part.I found it too childish.She is 23 years old and she shouldnt be acting like this.

The ending...

It wasnt necessary!
Let them get their HEA and just stop it there , okay?
No need for and blah blah blah....

Overall Hidden is a light summer read which in many parts is quite enjoyable.I'm rating this with three stars for the reasons that I have already stated and because I thought that something was missing(I could use more humor).There was a point where I thought Why so many tragedies here? but these tragedies actually made it somehow interesting.Dont expect to read only a summer romance story , it has a few twists too.Finally,I have to admit that I liked the authors writiting style.It was descriptive and thank god I didnt have to use my dictionary.

The next book is about Nick's best friend.I'm looking forward to reading his story since he was the one that made me laugh.
He is the cocky character and I hope the author manages to write a good book about him.

Memento Viviero

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Romance, Suspense Just loved this one. Absolutely my cup of tea. Good storyline, great lovestory, great characters and free of pointless angst and drama scenes. I was totally hooked from start to finish and had a hard time putting it down to take care of other thing that needed to be taken care of!
There is another story out already with a side character from this story, hope it will be as good. Romance, Suspense ***ARC provided by an author in exchange for honest review ***

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Hidden is delightful summer read, that will take you on a sweet journey to Hawaii and warm your heart with charming romance. So if you are looking for pleasant beach read Hidden has your name on it!

Reading Hidden moved me from my green walled bedroom to romantic Hawaiian beach. In a matter of seconds I totally forgot about the fact that it’s raining outside and that I probably won’t see real sea in a long time. I was so captivated by this spectacular setting that everything else didn��t matter as long as I was reading Nick and Lynsdey story.

Main characters moved to Hawaii to escape. Both of them have serious problems and issues that make them isolated and scared of life.

Nick came back from Afghanistan, a terrible place which had changed him forever. Now, he’s trying to pick up the shattered pieces of his heart and mind as well as find a place to live.

Lynsdey is running from her past and struggles with choices she has made. Working as a waitress and going to college is her way to escape. She alienates herself from people and is avoiding commitment.

But when the two of them meets everything changes. Hawaii only gets hotter.

Overall, Hidden is highly recommend for fans of light summer reads with enjoyable plot, funny characters and steamy scenes.

Romance, Suspense


I'm not normally a reader of romances but I found this book to be interesting from the first chapter! The characters are well developed and I really wanted them to do well.

This is a great beach read. Romance, Suspense 🎁 FREE on Amazon today (5/19/2019)! 🎁 Romance, Suspense **Author provided a copy in exchange for a honest review**

Hidden is an engrossing, quick, and easy read. Nick and Lyndsey are both in Hawaii escaping from their pasts. Both of whom are hiding from their pasts rather than living in the present. They are hesitant of each other in the beginning because of what they're hiding but neither can deny the connection they feel. Nick and Lyndsey are easy to fall in love with; they're funny and honest, guarded yet full of heart. Nick's patience with Lyndsey is one of his best qualities. Lyndsey's vulnerability was hers. When they both start to let go and feel the chemistry is explosive. The moments where it's just the two of them learning about each other are very intimate. Hidden is not as steamy as others in the genre but it's just enough that you feel their passion and their pain. The secondary characters are great too. Gabe is funny and Raoul and Leesa are fantastic. All the story lines happening with their pasts and futures made for an interesting dynamic between all of the characters. I was especially happy with the turn of the events stemming from Lyndsey's past. This book is very well written, alternating between both Nick and Lyndsey's POV's. I enjoy the alternating POV, hearing Nick's feelings about Lyndsey and knowing first hand of his struggles made the story that much more interesting for me. Overall, I really enjoyed Hidden. The characters are great and the story was compelling. I'm excited to read the next installment in the Hiding From Love series. Romance, Suspense My Rating: ❤❤❤½

GOOD: The characteristics of a 3 heart book include: interesting characters, a decent storyline, and unique story elements; there was something about the story that I didn’t completely connect with; the book is a solid read. I would recommend it to a friend.
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My Thoughts:
Hidden was about Lyndsey Anderson and her journey to find healing for her mind, acceptance of her past, and love in her future.

Lyndsey Anderson was existing, not living, in one of the most scenic places on the planet, beautiful Hawaii. She works and goes to school...rinse and repeat. She has no friends and shuns all romantic entanglements because of her dark and troubled past. The reader doesn't find out about Lyndsey's past until her home is broken into and her past invades upon her present. But, before that happens, Lyndsey meets the handsome and equally troubled Nick Carlisle. Nick has returned from Afghanistan on the heels of the death of the woman he loved. He goes to therapy to try to recover from the crushing loss but he still cannot get over feeling as he is dangerous to everyone because he caused her death. When Nick and Lyndsey meet the attraction is palpable but both keep a discreet barrier between them. Well, mostly it's Lyndsey but Nick does not take no for an answer. He makes it his business to be where Lyndsey is and the restaurant where she works becomes his second home. Nick and Lyndsey settle into a comfortable friendship which slowly grows into more and Nick's steady presence whittle away at Lyndsey's resistance.

I enjoyed the easy progression of Lyndsey and Nick's relationship. Although there was a strong physical attraction between them, their relationship was more about their burgeoning emotional bond. At least that's how I read it. :) Both characters had issues and they kept things hidden from each other. Hidden because they didn't want to lose the chance at normal that they felt with each other. However, in Lyndsey's case, her hidden things almost cost her her life.

The secondary characters in Hidden were also very well done. I absolutely adored Leesa and Raoul. The small side story about Raoul was so sad and the end of that story was unexpected and highly emotional *sigh*. Raoul's situation only added to the overall heartbreaking feeling of the story. But Nick was steadfast and ever present for Lyndsey through it all. He was so sweet! I cried a little bit during their period of separation because they both tried so hard to be better. But the distance served them well because they learned how to be better separately and were even stronger as a couple when they came back together again.

The sweetest part of the book for me was when Nick and Lyndsey made love for the first time. Nick told her:

Although I rounded up my overall ranking for this book. The true rating is 3½ hearts and that is solely for one reason. The characters were a bit too angsty for my liking. I know that you often find angst in young adult and new adult reads but I just don't enjoy it very much when I'm reading. It fit within the story and it wasn't over the top but it was noticeable enough for me. Now, with that said, I did enjoy the story overall. At the end of the story the reader glimpses the setup for Gabe's story and I truly look forward to seeing what Laurence does with him.

Ratings Detail:
Rating for female protagonist: 3.5❤
Rating for male protagonist: 3.5❤
Rating for secondary characters: 3.5❤
Steam Level: 3.5❤
Plot Viability: 3.5❤
General Storyline: 3.5❤
Story Ending: 3.5❤
Ease of Reading: 3.5❤
Book editing: 3.5❤
Cliffhanger: No

Overall rating: 3.5❤

Would I recommend this series: Yes.
Would I continue the series: Yes.
Would I read other books by this author: Yes.

Character Line Up

Lyndsey Anderson

Nick Carlisle

For more of my reviews visit The BookChick Blog Romance, Suspense I loved this story, I found the characters and the story believable and very sweet. I liked Nick & Lyndsey straight away and I felt connected to them which kept me wanting to read more! The story was emotional and had me chuckling at times but at other times I was infuriated. I'm so glad they get the HEA Romance, Suspense