Hidden Struggles: Purity, God, Guys and Life By Rachel Hamilton

This book was truly a pleasure to read...because it was so real. It tells the story of a young girls heart and passion to follow Christ. I loved reading about all the adventures Rachel experienced so far in her lifetime.... Book 2? Will there be a sequel? 1490806458 I LOVED this book, I read it in one sitting! It is very moving and inspiring, and I think every young.woman should read it. Right from the beginning you will be hooked, it is thought provoking and fast paced, not at all preachy. one of my fabourite books...my new favourite author! :) 1490806458 I loved this book. It was honest and sincere without being preachy. It's also very tastefully done, especially considering the heavy subjects it is dealing with. I really wish it had been around for me when I was younger! 1490806458


Rachel Hamilton Ö 1 SUMMARY

The teenage years are some of the most difficult years any of us pass through. While issues with identity, relationships and an emerging value system are universal, each generation in addition struggles with their own unique set of cultural challenges. Some struggles are often unseen to those around us as we fight an inner battle. Twenty one year old Rachel Hamilton is a voice for today's youth speaking into the issues young women grapple with. Speaking openly and honestly about her own struggles she aims to strengthen and empower others through her experiences and thoughts. Hidden Struggles covers the areas of purity, waiting, modesty, relationships, God and life. While single women of all ages will find things they can identify with, there is no information too explicit for young readers. Hidden Struggles is a guide to becoming the woman God created you to be. Hidden Struggles: Purity, God, Guys and Life

One of my beautiful friends and someone I greatly look up to. The wisdom and truth in her writing are both things that deeply inspire me. I loved this book and all of its vulnerability. 1490806458 This book has encouraged me greatly in my walk with Christ. I've even read it twice now it's so encouraging and reading it again and again. :) It's a wonderful reminder to us young woman that we are not alone in what we face in our lives, every moment, in each day. I highly recommend this book!! And I pray this book blesses anyone who reads it as much as it blessed me.♥ 1490806458 I have to say that this was a very inspiring book. It was written as a young woman going through many trials in her life. This book was very thought provoking, and was very inspiring for anyone who is going through struggles in their life. This book came into my life when I needed it. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a book that is inspiring, but not too preachy.

This was a book that I had won through a giveaway. 1490806458 Wow, what a wonderful book this was! It was so moving and inspiring!
It covers so many of the difficulties that face young women as they grow up. A first choice for Christmas presents for those special young ladies in your life! 1490806458 Great read.
This young lady found guidance from her faith in God. Although God is mentioned I did not find that this book pushed Religion.
One of her many well written Life lessons.....my favourite being when she says in part with self control guard our hearts and hands so we will fall in love with the mind and the spirit of another person without the distraction of touch with its power to gloss over glaring incompatibilities. Such insight from a young lady. Wish more young girls could be inspired by Rachel's written words.
I recommend this quick read book, especially for tweens and teenagers alike. 1490806458