Hear Yourself: How to Find Peace in a Noisy World By texasbeerguide.com

This book is a practical exploration for its readers to understand and know themselves at a depth perhaps never before discussed in such an accessible way. It shows the beauty and strength within each human being. 006307074X I just speechless love this book for life change ❤️🪔hear yourselfomg what a book Just loved it thankew so much shree prem ji for this book I just loved it wait for this book launch infinite thankew so much shree premrawat ji for this books everyone want to read this book best book for me forever infinity thankew so much once again shree premrawat ji best book in whole the universe for me forever ❤️💕🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 i really love infinity to infinite wait for hardcover format at this time kindle versions reading book experience very best forever ❤️ 006307074X So far this book has only received 5 star reviews. Here is a direct quote from this book so you can judge that. On page 2 it says this There's also a remarkable character I particularly want you to meet and get to know.

So who is this guy that the author wants you to meet? Is it important to what this book is about? What is this book about? On page 13 it says We need to truly feel who we are. And that's the remarkable character I mentioned earlier who is central to all of this, the person you need to know better than anyone else: you.

So the author says that the most important person there was, there is and will ever be is you. That is why this book is unique and why it is good to read it! There are many books on this subject. Prem Rawat will tell you that can learn everything that he has learned from doing the meditation that he did and can teach you for free. He teaches 4 different techniques of focusing on an energy that exists in everyone that you do not create. Actually it does not exist in everyone. It only exists in living people and does not exist in dead people. 006307074X Thus book is what I was looking to keep reading everyday and keep myself remanding to see what is right and stay focused , grateful and most importantly enjoy this life as it unfolds.
Thank you Prem.
I hope this book will be incorporated in school curriculum so everyone can benefit from it. 006307074X Just simple common sense 006307074X

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New York Times BestsellerThe renowned teacher and author of the internationally bestselling Peace Is Possible shows us how to quiet the noise of our busy lives to hear our own unique authentic voicethe source of peace.The cacophony of modern life can be deafening, leaving us feeling frazzled and uneasy. In this warm, wise book, Prem Rawat teaches us how to turn down the noise to hear ourselvesto listen to the subtle song of peace that sings inside each of us. Once we learn to truly hear ourselves and the voice of peace within, then we can hold on to that as we face all the noise of the world.The culmination of a lifetime of study, Hear Yourself lays out the crucial steps we can use to focus on the voice within. Take a walk in nature and listen for the sounds of harmony, Prem Rawat suggests, or set aside a few minutes each day to feel gratitude, which comes from the core of our being. He challenges us to embrace our thirst for peace and let go of expectations for how it should feel. With one straightforward yet deeply profound question, he helps us to focusto be present: Am I conscious of where I am today and what I want to experience in this world?If we allow ourselves to listen, what we hear is the extraordinary miracle of existencean experience that transforms our relationship to life and everything in it. Packed with powerful insights and compelling stories, Hear Yourself introduces readers to an ancient line of practical wisdom that enlightens us to a simple way to listen. By doing so, Prem Rawat reveals, we can profoundly change our understanding of ourselves, those around us, and our lives. Hear Yourself: How to Find Peace in a Noisy World

This is what a book should be. Transformative, mind blowing, readable and relatable. I have known Prem for many years as my 'life guide' but this is a new level of his mentorship. I'm enjoying it and recommending it to my friends. 006307074X I was very pleasantly surprised by this book and the way it gently led me to where I didn't even suspect I could go: a most beautiful place inside myself. In that way, it is really like no other book I have ever read. The style is very direct, and the author talks with the absolute certainty of someone who knows, someone who has experienced. This fascinated me, because it is rare. Further, the topic of self knowledge has been discussed thousands of times, but never like this. When listening to Prem Rawat, it becomes anything but theoretical. This book, to me, is like magic, taking me by the hand and introducing me to myself in a most real way, not to an idea or a theory of myself, not a treaty on what I am supposed to be or to feel. It is leading me to a genuine portal into myself, a genuine experience of myself like I have never had before. The experience of treading onto totally uncharted and magnificent territory. 006307074X I pre ordered this book and was looking forward to its arrival and it did not disappoint, quite the opposite. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is wanting something in their life, some clarity, direction, and hope. Hope, that within all the chaos in the world and the fear that often pervades our lives, there really is something and it is attainable in a really simple way, knowing how to turn within ourselves and feel the joy and peace that is already there. This book is written in a really simple and relatable way and it will sit beside my bed so I can read it whenever I need inspiration and a reminder, that what I need and want to feel, is already within me and I always have the power to choose that at any given moment. Priceless! 006307074X Amazing book in every way! This book dishes out the (self) revelations in the most compassionate, comprehensive and enjoyable way. It is a true delight to read. I’ve been moved deeply, yet still I’ve laughed out loud so many times while reading it.
I keep thinking “….how does he know so much about me?” Every paragraph is a morsel that I want to savor. I had high expectations for this book because I have been a big fan of Mr. Rawat’s work in this world. I am certainly not disappointed! 006307074X The author expresses with the right mix of humor and insights a most uplifting view on the nature of personal peace. A lot of books like this get so deep into philosophical theories so it was refeshing to find another take on how to find a quiet place inside. The friendly and conversational tone make it an easy and enjoyable read which left me with a smile on my face as the text reinforced that I already have the tools to simply enjoy my life, every minute of every day. 006307074X