Pensioners - Haynes Explains (Owners' Workshop Manual) By Boris Starling

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Written by bestselling author Boris Starling, Pensioners is one of the first titles in the brand new Haynes Explains series. A light hearted and entertaining take on the classic workshop manual, it contains everything you'd expect to see including exploded views, flow charts, fault diagnosis and the odd wiring diagram. It takes the reader through all stages of pensioners, giving them all the hints and tips needed to keep them running smoothly. Pensioners - Haynes Explains (Owners' Workshop Manual)

The book was much smaller than I expected, I was expecting it to be the same size as the original Haynes books but I am impressed at the prestige condition and very happy it arrived on the date promised. 40 pages Haynes have shown how cleverly they have kept themselves in the market in these days where people do not or cannot work on their vehicles like they used to. This witty book was an extra little gift for my partner who just reached retirement age! There are some wry 40 pages Brother loved it 40 pages Great little gift for brothers 60th. Smaller than the original Haynes ( for those of you that remember) but packed with relevant material. Very funny 40 pages Itis funny in parts. 40 pages

This was a gift for a friend and was a little disappointed as thought it was going to be a larger book. I guess like the car manual of the same name. However it’s a novelty gift so happy enough 40 pages Bought as a gift for a car made friend hitting retirement.Unfortunately, I should have read the blurb carefully as this book is the size of a notebook and not a standard Haynes car manual. 40 pages What a pleasant little surprise this was, highly recommend gift for that new pensioner in your life. I'd put this firmly in the category of a fun toilet read as it is just that. It's small enough not to be cumbersome and has quite a bit of witty banter 40 pages