Blackburn Buccaneer Manual (Haynes Manuals): All marks (1958-94) By Keith Wilson

This was a last minute gift for my hubby, it turned out to be one on his wish list he forgot to share 🙄 Keith Wilson I have always had a high regard for the Buccaneer from when I first came upon it in the pages of my 'Flight' magazine. There was something about it, the name, the distinctive shape, the concept of a anti shipping strike aircraft, whatever. I was therefore very pleased to Keith Wilson I enjoy this book a lot, like all the other titles of this series in my possession. Great detail and a great reference book for everyone who loves the Buccaneer 🏴‍☠️. I also have the 707, Tornado, DC 3, Phantom 2 and others these books are a joy to read and Keith Wilson Excellent book lots of detail Keith Wilson Great book very interesting and lot's of photos you would find hard to see. Keith Wilson

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As usual with Haynes, this book is exceptional. A 'MUST HAVE' reference and history for any Buccaneer fan. Keith Wilson thankyou haynes a veritable bible of information models don;t build one without this book top class guys.service amazing quick Keith Wilson Many reminders of my time on build and flight test development of the Buccaneer Keith Wilson Ordered two of the Hayne's Manuals the A 10 and the Blackburn Buccaneer. Package arrived but it onlt contained the A 10 book and had marked my order as delivered. Uh oh! Read some of the negative reviews and they spoke of missing books and poor customer service from the seller.Well, I have to say, that my experience was very different and in a good way. I contacted InfiniteBooks by email and they responded within 48 hours. The missing book was received 2 days later.Top performance from this seller and the two books are both stuffed with information, pictures and schematics of the aircraft. Well done InfiniteBooks you had me worried, but totally delivered! Keith Wilson One of the best in my Haynes collection.Describes all aspects of the Buccaneer in a balanced way. Keith Wilson

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