Hashtag Authentic: Finding Creativity and Building a Community on Instagram and Beyond By Sara Tasker

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CHARACTERS Hashtag Authentic: Finding Creativity and Building a Community on Instagram and Beyond

Sara’s book covers than just the basics. On one hand it’s a useful guide to creating your own brand on Instagram, curating a look, understanding the platform, finding inspiration. On the other hand it’s a guide to creating better images. It’s choc full of modern and very relevant photo tips from the basics of composition to using natural light. Interwoven between this advice is Sara’s own success story, and some behind the scenes insights into reality vs Instagram. In fairness I struggled to put the book down, I enjoyed it so much. Sara Tasker This book arrived this morning and already I’m blown away. Not only is this perhaps the most beautiful book I’ve ever seen, Sara offers insightful, intuitive advice in the kind of friendly, coffee with your pals kinda way I absorb information best. A combination of her beautiful photography and well thought out journaling/worksheet prompts have already left me feeling inspired, motivated and creatively charged. I’ve had it for a while 4 hours and I’ve spent most of that making lists of photos to take! I can’t wait to pick up this book, open on a random page and use that page as a prompt. Not just one for the instagram lovers out there, this is a gorgeous tool for anyone creative. Sara Tasker Anyone who has a negative view of social media should read this book. Sara Tasker is an inspiration; not only has she created a 6 figure business from her phone as a woman raising a child and coping with a chronic illness, but she also helps other people to unlock their potential and follow their dreams.I read this in two days, including working through all of the creative tasks. I’m already a keen member of the Instagram community, but Sara’s book gave me the inspiration I’ve been craving recently. After reading the book for the first time (I say first time as I will definitely be re reading and flicking back through the chapters on a regular basis), my mind is buzzing with inspiration for photographing, story telling and general creativity.If you’re new to Instagram, want to learn about creative story telling or already have tens of thousands of followers and just want a little inspiration and reassurance treat yourself to a copy of this book!(I was sent a copy of this book by the publisher but had no obligation to leave a review just my honest thoughts!) Sara Tasker Sara has managed to create something here that is both a beautiful coffee table book and an interesting guide to Instagram. I have read a lot of these types of books and they are usually quite difficult to get through and apply the knowledge.This is very easy to read and absorb the information as it’s broken down into bite sized chunks, the pages are filled with Sara stunning photography and the book is written in a beautiful conversational way, it’s like having a coffee with a friend.Don’t hesitate, add it to your basket now you won’t be disappointed. A lot of thought, care, attention and love has gone into this book. Sara Tasker Firstly, I have followed Sara on Instagram for many years, and when I heard she was creating a book, I don't think I hit pre order fast enough.This is packed with stunning imagery, helpful guides to get you reinspired to take photos again and lovely little memories from Sara herself.She has made me feel inspired to use just my phone again as my main camera and to fall in love with my Instagram again.Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Sara Tasker