Handbook on the Sustainable Supply Chain By Joseph Sarkis

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Supply chain management has long been a feature of industry and commerce but, with increasing demands from consumers, producers are spending more time and money investing in ways to make supply chains more sustainable. This exemplary Handbook provides readers with a comprehensive overview of current research on sustainable supply chain management. Multi-disciplinary in scope, the Handbook includes contributions from over 70 expert authors from a variety of areas including management, engineering, accounting, policy studies, innovation, and marketing. Chapters analyze the three core areas of sustainable supply chain management: environmental, economic, and social. The Handbook explores broad themes such as globalization and general organization strategies as well as examining more particular topics including particular industries, social and regulatory dimensions, and technological advances.

Scholars and advanced business and management students will greatly benefit from the depth of analysis in this Handbook as well as the suggestions for directions for future research and practice. Written in an accessible style, it is also ideal for practitioners and government agencies seeking solutions to practical issues regarding sustainable supply chain management.

Contributors include: A.Y. Alqahtani, M.A. Ates, S.G. Azevedo, C. Bai, P. Beske-Janssen, C. Brix-Asala, L.M.S. Campos, V. Carbone, L. Carmagnac, H. Carvalho, H.K. Chan, H.S.Y. Chen, T.C.E. Cheng, S.K. Cho, J. Dai, N. Darnall, L. Ellram, B. Fahimnia, Y. Feng, S. Goodarzi, D.B. Grant, J.H. Grimm, C. Groening, S.M. Gupta, A. Gurtu, I. Haavisto, �. Halld�rsson, J.S. Hofstetter, J. Hou, J. Hu, S. Hudson, S.E. Ibrahim, C.J.C. Jabbour, M.Y. Jaber, A.D. Joshi, A. Jug, R.U. Khalid, G. Kov�cs, K.-h. Lai, S. Liedke, J.J. Lim, M.K. Lim, J. Liu, A.B. Lopes de Sousa Jabbour, E. Marsillac, L. Meade, S.A. Melnyk, V. Moatti, A. Presley, J. Rezaei, Y. Sadaat, J. Sarkis, S. Schaltegger, D.G. Schniederjans, C. Searcy, S. Seuring, S. Shaw, R. Sroufe, C. Sundgren, K.H. Tan, W. Tate, M.-L. Tseng, D.A. Vazquez-Brust, M. Varsei, A. Vilmar, J. Wehner, E.W. Welch, M.G. Yalcin, A.Z. Zeng, F. Zeng, Q. Zhu, Q. Zhu Handbook on the Sustainable Supply Chain