Guide to Glorantha Volume 1 By Greg Stafford

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Volume 1 of a two volume set describing the fantasy world of Glorantha. This volume gives an overview of the cultures, races, religions and history of the world of Glorantha as well as a gazetteer covering most of the northern continent of Genertela.

Not exactly light reading, but an exhaustive look at one of the most well-developed worlds in the history of fantasy gaming. Guide to Glorantha Volume 1 This was drinking from the firehouse.

Glorantha, the world where the Runequest is set, has to be one of the most detailed, beautiful, fantasy worlds ever conceived. It's not a planet, but rather a lozenge-shaped self-contained place, with the Land sitting under the Middle Air and the Sky, and sitting on the Waters above the Underworld. Gods and spirits are very real, and factor in daily life.

Since it was first introduced in 1975's White Bear and Red Moon, Glorantha has been detailed by both creator Greg Stafford and many, many others, writing in magazines, old APAs, official releases, and homebrew notes that reached Greg Stafford. The result is a rich, detailed world.

The The Guide to Goorantha Volume 1 collects much of that information. The various human cultures of the world, the Elder Races, a history of the world since the Creation (including a detailed set of illustrations showing the war over the Sky during the God Age), and then a region-by-region examination, with maps, population details, history, and story hooks for every region of Genertela, the northern continent.

Drinking from the firehouse. It took me close to seven months to finish this because there is just so much information! If you play Runequest, or just love fantasy worlds, this is a must-have!

Now onto Volume 2! Guide to Glorantha Volume 1 The definitive guide to Greg Stafford's intricate, highly original fantasy world.

Whole the Guide doesn't add much to the knowledge of Dragon Pass and Prax if you have the relevant HeroQuest books, it adds a great deal of detail to the areas outside Genertela, and does a fine job of assembling material from long out-of-print into a pair of lavishly produced volumes.

Note: this review covers both volumes. Guide to Glorantha Volume 1

Coming in at a collective 800 pages and over 12 pounds, the two volumes of the Guide to Glorantha (which are 10 by 12 inch, full color, faux leather hardcover books) are a complete encyclopedia of Glorantha. Cosmology, culture, geography, history, mythology, people, and places are all explored in never before published detail. Hundreds of maps and illustrations bring the setting to life.

The Guide to Glorantha is more than just a roleplaying game supplement and are not written for any particular role-playing game rules system.

Contents include:

The major human cultures of Glorantha
The Elder Races
Mythos and History
The Major Pantheons
Comprehensive and detailed information on all the lands of Genertela, Pamaltela, and the islands of Glorantha, including color maps, population and political maps, and descriptions of every human settlement of more than 1000 people.
Constellations and planets of Glorantha
Weather systems
Detailed information on the Red Moon
Information on the Hero Wars

and much much more. Guide to Glorantha Volume 1