Grizzly Beast (Beasts of Iron Stone #4) By Jane Perky


[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA]

Lone werebear James Benson lost everything, including a job he loved thanks to a toxic and corrupted wolf pack. Benson moves in with three exiled werewolf brothers and slowly figures out his next move, only to cross paths with an injured Omega wolf. Steve calls to his bear, completes it, but claiming Steve might mean setting the beasts of Iron Stone on a warpath to hell.

Considered a traitor by his own pack, Omega wolf Steve bolts after nearly being killed by the Alpha, only to run into Benson. Benson’s unlike any dominant shifter Steve’s ever met. Protective and possessive, Benson also has an unexpected sweet side, which calms and centers his wolf. When Benson declares he wants to kill the Alpha wolf who hurt Steve, Steve’s terrified he might end up losing his mate right after finding h Grizzly Beast (Beasts of Iron Stone #4)

Jane Perky ¼ 5 review

4.5 Stars The final book in this series involve involves a huge Grizzly Bear and the too honest former sheriff of Silver River. Sheriff Benson loved his job and conducted himself in an admirable way. He was a fair arbiter whenever he encountered clashes between members of Silver River and Iron Stone packs.

But it was this Sheriff's incorruptible principles the power mad and overreaching Leader of the Silver River pack hated. He got the Sheriff fired and chaos ensued. With no peace officer to referee the frays between the two packs. Too many lines were crossed, lives were lost, and two much shed.

The former Sheriff tried to drown his sorrows. He was hurt, embarassed, and very angry. He'd done nothing wrong yet he was out of a job he'd had a great deal of pride in. Even though he was at his wits end he reluctantly accepted an offer to come live in one of the Iron Stone cabins. The cabins were operated by the mate of Ford Briggs, the first Wolf (Beast) to be tamed by a (Human) mate.

Benson is almost feral from no longer having a purpose / calling and full of rage. His angry is only slightly appeased by inebriation and rampaging through the dense Iron Stone woods until he's exhausted. On one of these forays he rescues a little Wolf being set upon by four larger Wolves. The smaller Wolf smells wonderful even under the blood that makes Benson furious all over again.

The little Wolf turns out to be a former packmate & close friend of the third Briggs brother's mate. He was scared of the huge Grizzly/really big man, but contradictory he felt safe, protected, and cherished by Benson. The small Wolf liked little Iron Stone pack - they were more of a family unit than just a pack. They only defended themselves when need be. The smaller mates had a lot in common and they enjoyed spending time together. They helped each other out, especially with the day to day operation of the cabins and they kept their huge mates'inner Beasts calm.

That is until the Silver River Wolves under the leadership of their grief stricken / power crazed Alpha who finally went too far. Action, drama, violence, resumption of dignity, and a truce. It took me until the third book to realize that these were not Mpreg stories (palm to the face). 68 2.5 stars 68 Benson and Steve's Story.
Benson is a Werebear. Moves in with the Briggs Brothers and Their mates, after he loses the Sheriff job in Silver River. The Briggs Brothers Ford, Cord and Rhett are known as the Beasts of Iron Stone. They are werewolves, but much stronger than regular werewolf shifters with more regenerative healing.
Enjoyable, Entertaining, no great plot lines to keep straight Read.
Recommend the book and the series. 68 I enjoyed this book which focused on Benson finding his mate, Steve and saves him from the wolves who were attacking him. At the same time Benson was on the edge of anger and despair until he finds Steve who centered the bear within him. There's danger for the bears of Ironstone, but the problems were dealt with and hopefully they're able to live in peace. I wish there were more books in this series but it looks like this is the last one, so for the most part, this was quite an awesome read. 68