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This in universe book explores the monsters, weapons and potions in Grimm with detailed pictures and descriptions. The book is Aunt Marie's recording of the supernatural creatures she and her fellow Grimms have to defeat!

Inspired by the classic Grimm Brothers' fairy tales, Grimmis a cop drama with a twist! A detective discovers he has the ability to see supernatural beings, including a reformed 'Big Bad Wolf' and the witch like Hexebiester, along with many others. Grimm: Aunt Maries Book of Lore : Titan Books

This fantastic book contains a combination of photos and sketches and lots of information about the Wesen species found in Grimm. This book has a similar style to the books we see Nick and his friends looking through in the trailer in the series. A definite must for all Grimm fans. 1781166536 This almost feels like the real thing! It look loke the books from the show with the original drawings and written accounts (with translations for most if not all). I would say if you're expecting lots of pictures from the show this isn't for you. There are one or two photos but they're of Wesen. It is set up pretty much like you'd expect Aunt Marie's book of Lore. Also I should say it seeme to be the book post Juliette burning the trailer down do it is incomplete and has pages that look like they've been burnt. If you want a perfect, typed book about Wesen in the show etc steer clear, if you want Aunt Marie's book of Lore, this is as close as you're going to get and I personally love it! 1781166536 I absolutely love Grimm, thats why 5 stars, and this book has made my day seeing as i have just purchased the Grimm in Blue ray.However, while looking through the book some of the pages are not glued in properly, so potentially they could fall out, a bit disappointing but I love it so i am keeping it.It would have been better in a binder form. 1781166536 Love Grimm, myself and better half loved the idea of getting “Aunt Marie’s Book of Lore.” The idea and layout of the book is great. So would give a 4 out of 5 for the meeting of novelty expectation. However overall review sadly is determined by the build quality. The pages from the book detach almost immediately when turning. If very gentle with the book then again the pages will detach after 4/5 turns of the pages. Bit of a let down as we would have liked to follow the book as we watched the seasons. 1781166536 I’m rewatching the series from the beginning and this is a must for any Grimm fan, it’s an exact mock up of what they use in the show, I’ve read along whilst watching the show (which I found really cool but I’m a geek 😄) really good quality down to the details on each page like blood spatter and tea stains, some of the writing is in different languages but is all in English somewhere on the page or at least a short summary of it, the only criticism is the writings a little hard to read as it is very cursive but you easily get the gist of the text. I am so happy with this purchase. 1781166536