GRIMGAR OF FANTASY amp; ASH LIGHT NOVEL 10: Love Songs Won#39;t Reach By Ao Jyumonji

GRIMGAR OF FANTASY & ASH LIGHT NOVEL 10: Love Songs Won't Reach : Jyumonji, Ao: : Boeken GRIMGAR OF FANTASY amp; ASH LIGHT NOVEL 10: Love Songs Won#39;t Reach

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Una vez que empece a leer este volumen no pare hasta terminarlo. Continua la aventura ahora con un nuevo enemigo, el equipo de Haruhiro vuelve a enfrentar adversidades, ahora dependiendo unicamente de ellos mismos. Volvemos a las peleas emocionantes y cada vez se devela un poco la intención del autor por hacernos saber qué es Grimgar. Quedo impacientemente a la espera del nuevo nivel para saber que nuevas aventuras les aguardan. Kindle-editie, Paperback Was good but honestly does not push the story along once. It starts questions but never gives answers to them and when a major group dynamic happens it happens in the very last page with a cliffhanger. you get different points of view with each character but for some reason none of them really describes what they are feeling right now other than i wander how this other person feels. If I was in a town held hostage i would be scared or worried how weak i am and try to get better but nope just i may or may not have feelings because drama. They only memorable moment for me is well two points in the story. Conversation about japan and kazaku new budding romance. Kindle-editie, Paperback I love grimgar for the very specific rhythm we are given where almost absolutely nothing happens and how the characters are not our strongest but just trying to see tomorrow.This one was pure Grimgar, even if it seems like one volume isn't enough any for the author to end the stories he is telling us. Kindle-editie, Paperback I love this series Kindle-editie, Paperback Lol. That ending. Pretty good. Still pissed about moguzo. Haha. Can there be a short story from alterna? Miss that place. Excited for volume 12. Kindle-editie, Paperback