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This is essential reading for leaders of organisations. Collins used meticulous research to find out what enables companies to make the leap from good to great. He describes a number of common themes. One is 'level 5 leadership' self effacing servant leaders who build and empower their teams. Another is the emphasis on choosing the right people before aligning the strategy. The book is clear, concise and easy to read. If you want to build a high performance organisation then this work must be on your reading list. English I read this book with great interest as it's selection criteria for the finally selected 11 companies was strict and the author does not withold any information on the selection process either. The end of the book lists its selection criteria, complete with a comprehensive FAQ section.

The final selection consists of 11 good to great companies (Selected from 1435 Fortune 500 companies) and 17 comparison companies that could not qualify. The primary selection process consisted of baselining the 'good to great' companies at three times the market for fifteen years including 15 years of good performance (1.25 time the general stock market) preceding the transition while the company had to be an established, on going company, not a startup.

Pretty strict criteria that has led to some eye opening findings. Most of the findings can be browsed by reading the reviews on the .co.uk and.com sites.

A MUST READ BOOK for all aspiring and current leaders. English Blew my mind an literally changed the way I’m running my business. It’s so well researched and well written that every leader should read this book. English Supposedly Good to Great companies include Fannie Mac, Gillette, Kroger, Philip Morris and Wells Fargo. This book will show you how to run a company in the 1990's, not the 21st century. English Fast delivery, great quality and will definitely buy again. English

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Such a disappointment sadly. I had high hopes for this book because it's hyped up and a bestseller (for some reason). Couldnt get beyond the first chapter, flicked through and was met with of the same. Very academic, like reading a university research paper than a book (don't be fooled). It terms of practical advice to implement very little to offer. Every paragraph had dates, statistics and peoples names which personally I find really hard to engage with and not easy to read. For academic types, I'm sure it would be interesting but it's business historic than anything else. English Good to great summarises the findings from extensive research into what makes certain high performing companies outperform their peers. The findings are both interesting and capable of being replicated by any company that wishes to improve performance.

This book is very concise and full of interesting case studies. It was one of the few occasions when I wished the book could have been a bit longer.

Well researched, well written, well done!

Here are some of the learnings I will be taking away from this book:
• All Good to great (“GTG”) companies had a Level 5 leader
• Level 5 leaders consistently exhibit humility, modesty and an ability to reign in their ego.
• Many companies are drawn towards outgoing egocentric leaders and this is often the wrong choice.
• Level 5 leaders are interested in something larger and lasting than their own career
• GTG leaders concentrate on hiring the right people before deciding on strategy
• Don’t compromise when hiring. If you’re not confident then keep looking
• When someone needs to leave the company act quickly
• Give your best people the best opportunities and not your biggest problems
• GTG management teams have rigorous debates and aren’t afraid to share their views. But when a decision is made they act as one
• GTG companies ensure information flows give management the right facts to manage the business effectively
• GTG companies foster a culture where employee’s views are heard and acted upon
• GTG companies review failures without negative consequences for the people involved
• Figuring out how to motivate people is a waste of time. If you hire the right people they will motivate themselves.
• Good to great companies did one thing exceptionally well and stuck to it (the hedgehog process)
• GTG companies developed their strategy from a deep understanding of what they could be world class at. This was not a goal or intention but an understanding of reality
• GTG companies typically focussed on one KPI e.g. profit per customer
• GTG companies were incredibly disciplined and did not waste time and money on unrelated activities and acquisitions
• GTG companies used technology as an accelerator of, not creator of, momentum
• Careful consideration should be given to whether a given technology fits with your hedgehog concept
• GTG companies often looked like an overnight success from the outside but in reality they were long in the making and a result of persistent action over a long period of time.
• Preserve core values and purpose while strategies and practices endlessly adapt with the changing world English I always try and buy books not printed in India, I thought this was printed in USA and when saw pathetic fonts , low quality ink and thinner fonts immediately looked for as to where it was printed and to my horror it was in India , as no other option is available I will make do with this terrible printed in India edition English Lot of take home goodies in this prequel to the equally excellent 'built to last'
Inspired me to push that bit harder and use guile in my business instead of just plain hard work. Then the guile helped turn the hard work into results.
Glad I read it. English Incredibly valuable and easy to read piece of work!
A stunningly enlightening study of winners and losers

As Exec Chairman of a pan European SME, the easy read of this book has refuelled my determination to (try and) get it right. Unfortunately, bad companies managed by Rambo like individuals remain the norm on this side of the pond Still very refreshing read about what works and what doesn't English


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