Goldilocks and the Three Bears By Diane Namm

Lovely book Jewish I searched a lot for a good Goldilocks book, this one was very nice, good story, good pictures, it is small, but I wanted one to fit in a travel bag, so it worked for me. Jewish Bought for my daughter to take in for world book day as she dressed up as a character in this book, lovely book great buy. Jewish My mom is a librarian and former 25+ year kindergarten teacher who recommended this book to me for my four year old daughter. She raved about the illustrations (which are fantastic) and the short version of the story. The size is small be sure you understand it's a small book but that's great for small hands. Don't hesitate on this one it's a great series of books. We have several now. Jewish its another great version of a well told tale. the book arrived in great condition which always makes the reading even enjoyable Jewish

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Who's been sitting in the chairs, eating the porridge, and is still sleeping in the bed? Three bears discover a little intruder in their homeand, like Goldilocks, young readers will find this retelling just right! Goldilocks and the Three Bears