Godblight (Dark Imperium: Warhammer 40,000 Book 3) eBook : Haley, Guy By Guy Haley

The author did a great job with books 1 and 2 in this series of leaving plenty of mystery intact, but this book dispels all that. Poorly told battles, with very little imagery or passion, the most tedious dialogue I've ever read in a Warhammer novel and heavy handed answers Guy Haley Best book in the Plague Wars series and perfect ending that sets up future plots for the Era Indomitus.Roboute Guilliman is still the center of the plot, but the various side characters make for many interesting sub plots that will no doubt be addressed in latter books. At over 400 pages long, it took awhile to finish, but is definitely worth every penny. Guy Haley Well written and expands the 40K universe in a thought provoking manner with good periods of non action contemplation from the anathema’s son Guy Haley It has brought me back into the imperium.All hail the Emperor of Mankind.Here are six words needed Guy Haley Scritto bene, personaggi interessanti che si completano e che agiscono secondo il loro ruolo. Soprattutto due cose mi sono piaciute. I demoni di Nurgle resi disgustosamente simpatici e la futura direzione della lore del 40k che si definisce. L'intervento diretto dell'imperatore ed il suo possibile futuro risveglio muovono finalmente il bg in avanti. Guy Haley

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Godblight (Dark Imperium: Warhammer 40,000 Book 3) eBook : Haley, Guy: : Kindle Store Godblight (Dark Imperium: Warhammer 40,000 Book 3) eBook : Haley, Guy

This book was great, final part lived up to the hype and delivered a big finish. Guy Haley Well worth reading. Traps within traps, but who is trapping who. More questions about the emperor emergent, and just what is the emperor now and what is Gulliman becoming.A great ending to the trilogy and sets up nicely for the continuation of the Dark Imperium. Guy Haley Continuing another great 40K story Guy Haley I thoroughly enjoyed the Dark Imperium Trilogy. There was plenty of Astartes action and Boltguns roaring.. but the best parts of the series were the characters we got to know along the way and the interwoven stories they had to tell. The characterization of the Guy Haley This neatly ties in with the Cawl story, caps the plague war nicely, and sets up so many exciting, sustaining stories. As I fight my own (entirely internal) battles, I find the struggle metaphorised perfectly here. Guy Haley