Gnomon By Luchia Dertien By Luchia Dertien


It was difficult to follow this story and understand what it was actually about The two main characters Delaurier and Renaire are terrorists and highly specialised assassins Renaire is also an artist and the two men travel around Europe together killing people to further the cause of their organisationThere is also a deep unspoken attraction between the two men which Delaurier doesn't really acknowledge but after two years of travelling and killing together things come to a head when Delaurier kills someone to protect Renaire's identityThe story is largely focused on the aftermath of this killing and the relationship of the two menI always think spythrillerassassin stories should be deeply entertaining and grip the reader from the word go but unfortunately that isn't the case here It was well written but somewhat boring I couldn't understand what the two men were fighting for or why they suddenly came together I think this story is missing a back story which would have helped give the story and the characters a bit lifeAlas this wasn't a good story for meThanks to DSP for providing the ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 9781634761093 Promising Love is a uiet ache often than not like a splinter in your soul I'll be the first to admit that I avoid whackadoodle characters like the plague but apparently now I need a to add the caveat that if they're amoral and unsavory terrorists I can maybe deal Renaire and Delaurier are terrorists in an organization called STB Widely known and recognizable terrorists who are treated almost like folk heroes They're both highly intelligent and both a cornucopia of psychological disorders These are characters I can really sink my teeth into and I didWhatever STB's cause is it isn't revealed specifically but government isn't listening to them so they keep ramping up their efforts until they reach a tipping point I'm still confused as whether or not this is supposed to be contemporary or AU Mainly because I cannot imagine a world wherein known terrorists are free to roam around Paris heavily armed If this is a thing I wish to remain oblivious in my bubble thanks Renaire believed in only one thing and that was Delaurier Renaire is consumed with Delaurier and never asks uestions He just follows Delaurier and obeys him Until he gets a call from an Interpol agent that changes everythingTo call their relationship obsession would be a bit of an understatement Because murder Nothing says I Love You like an execution or stalking your partner I'd be willing to bet their song is Every Breath You Take because it's SO ROMANTIC They've been teamed up for the past 2 yrs but they've not been romantically involved until now They're in a Moscow nightclub where Renaire is chatting up a couple of Portuguese ladies in hopes of a sex respite after a bad day Jealousy always works to inspire #TeamCrazy into action doesn't it? Renaire never thought Delaurier would happen for him and the rest of STB has been anxiously awaiting their making it official for the past 2 yrs Go figureDertien does an excellent job of conveying that desperate and frantic uality of two people who have wanted each other for a long time and are finally getting what they want I'm going to tear you apart and make you come so fucking hard you forget your own name but I'll know it and I'll keep it safe while you're screaming nonsense into my fucking mattress I think I just forgot my name Kudos DelaurierRenaire tells this story and the tone Dertien is going for works in that it stays true to his characterization She also did an excellent job with the exposition of his backstory I love when it's sprinkled like bread crumbs and keeps you wanting rather than information dumpedBut the writing style I found a bit clunky It's a tad repetitive probably could've been streamlined a bit and has imagery that could easily be characterized as superfluous I tend to like that sort of thing though More twists and turns from the terrorist storyline would've been nice I was hoping to be kept on the edge of my seat and what I got was predictable and maybe a little trite?Overall a promising debut from this author I'm in the 35 375 range so I'll round up 9781634761093 Holy hot smoke in hell Takes deep breath straightens hair exhales slowly Okay okayMeet Player 1 Delaurier militant revolutionary born to lead love unconditionally and fuck up lives for the cause Meet Player 2 Renaire artist just as dark with handling a gun or knife caught in a pull push obsession with both bottle and the man who's born to lead and fuck up lives Even on the level of basic communication meet the sexual tension between these twoAnnnnnnnd well ughh just leave me here goddammit lol 'cause hot dammmnRecommended th'hell recommended to anyone who's into mm thrillers with intelligent plot and just downright dangerous hot and destructive mm blind obsession 9781634761093 1 italicized star DNF 40% Review posted September 13 2015httpwwwwherethemapendscomwriterYep This book is humbugWhen I look at that writing style then two words come to my mind batshit insane If I have to read one fucking word written in italics my eyes are going to pop out of their sockets because I'm positive that I rolled them for the 1000th time BlechReading the blurb I was honestly expecting something way exciting Yet what I got right from the start till the mark I had to abandon ship was a boring storyline with plenty of narrative that could not have been indifferent to me Awful The writing felt incredibly stilted and I didn't like the main characters That allegedly fancy art crap I actually like art just fine came off as highly pretentious and ridiculous Oops I dared to italicize ridiculous I need to keep you on your eager toes After all you'll have to endure much if you decide to give this book a tryI uote I'll try hard not to uote the entire 40%Jean Auguste Loudin was a brutal exploitative businessman who was blah blah euality blah blah crimes and justice Renaire had zoned out pretty fast on thatSee? That's how I felt while reading Gnomon I zoned out very fast becauseblah blahblah blahYou could be so much It pisses Delaurier off of course and he lets out an aggravated huff of air I mean it Renaire You could Your test scores are superb and your grades were as good as mine when you actually tried If you'd only I've owned you since you first saw me and you love it you wouldn't even know what to do with yourself if I didn'tBaba knows exactly what to do with you bothHis lips are right there right in front of him but this is Delaurier This can't be what Renaire wants it to be This is just Delaurier exploding in a new wayStep aside lovelies Baba is about to explode in a new way too Geeeee zus Gimme a breakDelaurier pulls his mouth away to attack Renaire's ear biting his earlobe like it's been tormenting him for yearsHmmthe ear has tormented him for years? Really?Delaurier doesn't stop He walks backward and Renaire follows until they hit a wall Delaurier laughs and it's beautifulBaba He who laughs last laughs longest right?Renaire is trying to taste every wonder of Delaurier's mouth with his tongue and then sucking in every gasp right along with Delaurier's lower lip it doesn't happen very oftenBaba Thank God for small favors It must be worse if it had happened oftenHe waits for the bit of nails in his scalp waits for Delaurier to fuck his mouth so hard and deep that Renaire will be hoarse for a month but he doesn't Delaurier's eyes are fixed on his own occasionally flicking down to watch Renaire's lips swallow him with every agonizingly slow thrust but he always comes back to Renaire's eyes like they're magnetic Your fucking mouthWow A whole month? Baba's jaw drops to the floor Close your fcking mouth BabaDelaurier drops to his kneesDelaurier looks up at him with eyes as desperately devoted to Renaire as they are to The CauseDelaurier barely has time to wrap his lips around Renaire's cock before he's coming with an agonizing groan inside Delaurier's mouth and Delaurier fucking swallows swallows like he's starving for it and sweet motherfucking God if he could come again he absolutely wouldDelaurier here and Delaurier there and Renaire here and Renaire thereSweet motherfcking God if I could undo my mistake when I decided to read this book I absolutely wouldIt's the only real physical contact since Russia and even that keeps Renaire halfway to a panic attack and he doesn't know what is going on Delaurier's grip is tight and warm even in his sleep and reclaiming his hand is difficult than it should be Although he'll admit that uite a bit of the difficulty is that he really really doesn't want to let goBaba doesn't know what's going on eitherI'll wait here he says firmly and dear God the look in Delaurier's eyes is trustDelaurier trusts him Delaurier trusts him and Renaire has no idea what to do with thatBaba Is it over yet? Is it over yet? Houston we have a problem sighRenaire swallows the sudden dryness in his throat and raises a hand only to stop leaving it floating in the air between them He hesitates and Delaurier gives him an unimpressed what the hell are you doing look Renaire feels like he's going to vibrate to deathBaba I'm afraid I'll be vibrating to death as well Good grief That's so badWe did Delaurier says and the room erupts and Renaire absolutely wants to dieBaba Just go ahead and die I could not care less BlahInstead he just follows Delaurier up his own personal ridiculous staircase to the second floor of his apartment Baba I have no clue whatsoever why anyone would italicize second floor Oops I just did it #sorrynotsorryatallI am going to have nightmares for years about this Renaire says and then realizes in a moment of horror that he's going to have to put the Matisse down to open some of the drawers There is no safe place here for him to put the Matisse down He doesn't even want to put the Matisse down; he wants to hold it forever but he has bare hands and they're eternally shaking from the eight hours of sobriety he demands of himself This is a catastrophe an absolute catastropheOMG Baba scurries around like a little cackling chicken I don't know how to put this book down OMGOMGOMG I want to put it down though My hands are shaking and I still don't know what to do Am I ever glad that I never drink Joking aside this is a catastrophe Seriously This narrative is annoying as hell and extremely boringDelaurier is definitely okay with this so Renaire licks a long firm press of his tongue to the bottom of Delaurier's cockBaba is definitely not okay with this Licking cock is great when you know how to do it but a boatload of italics is a big fat nuisance no pun intendedHe shakes his head hair spraying water all over and he does not give a fuck because they're in the shower and this has to be a no right now this has to be a no No no no I want that so fucking bad but not here not now I want Shhh Delaurier says soothing and affectionate and ruthlessly killing Renaire with the sweetness of his breath against Renaire's cheek and kisses him again Another time then What do you want?Stop asking that I never know what I want Renaire says and it's true it's so true Delaurier robs all reason from his mind the moment their skin touches I just want youI neither want Delaurier nor Renaire Two fancy names and a totally bland story topped off with a highly annoying writing style Bottom lineI always trust myself to do the right thing In this misshapen case a DNF is the euivalent to an eternal salvation 9781634761093 375 starsI was a bit nervous going in because this is my first audiobook by Will M Watt Fortunately the narrator did a good job Character voices were differentiated and the pacing wasn’t too slow At times especially during action scenes the narrator’s cadence would get high pitched but even so the audiobook is pretty enjoyableI’ve got a soft spot for the slightly or very unhinged MCs I don’t read many books with them but chances are that I’m going to enjoy a book about globe trotting assassins offing those they believe deserve it Apparently I’m willing to turn a blind eye to terrorism so long as it’s being performed by two French whackjob lovebirdsThe book is told from Renaire’s POV so we get a front row seat to the mental disassociation that allows him to love Delaurier without guilt Renaire’s feelings for Delaurier are as much obsession as they are love His story is told in bits here and there so readers don’t find out what lead Renaire to be who he is until well into the book which kept me captivatedDelaurier is seen through Renaire’s eyes which probably skews readers’ perception of him He’s a man of principle though those principles are violent But I wouldn’t say Delaurier is amoral as opposed to him thinking that the end justified the means even if the means were murder and violence I liked that the only thing that cracked through his armour and made him nervous was RenaireSo yes these two raise eyebrows And so does their romance which isn’t exactly of the sweet variety Renaire and Delaurier constantly fight and argue hurting each other and themselves in the process They certainly aren’t poster boys for a healthy and sane relationship but they’re drawn to each other and they’re confident in their crazy loveWhat these two lack in sweetness they definitely make up for in sexiness Delaurier and Renaire were on fire once they dropped their pants and were than willing to make up for the two years of pining for each otherThe mysterycrime plot takes a while to get going but it kept me entertained throughout the book It wasn’t entirely believable especially Interpol’s laid back role but I still found it engaging It kept me guessing about the outcome which could have gone a number of waysOverall I really enjoyed ‘Gnomon’ It’s not a traditional MM romance but Delaurier and Renaire clearly belong together and are stronger together in all the crazy Recommended if you’re looking a crime read and don’t mind that the MCs have a host of psychological issues 9781634761093

You're what keeps me human 9781634761093 Book Reaction 4 Stars minor uibbles but I loved it to bits 9781634761093 When picking up this book it's VERY helpful to be aware that it began as a fanfic work for the Les Miserables fandom I've read that version a ridiculous amount of times and love it to my core and I would be lying if I didn't say that it is partially out of the love I have for the characters from Les Mis and how Dertien reimagined them all That said I tried going into reading this as though the characters were fresh people whom I had never met yet and trying to separate them from the characters in Les Mis I'm already closely familiar with I failed horribly but I will say that character development happens throughout this book Literally in every chapter these characters are changing and learning often as we learn things Details about them are revealed slowly for the most part So without that background of the characters they are based off of already in my head I could see it being hard to connect with either Renaire or Delaurier until several chapters in That I'm the sort of reader who likes to learn as much as possible about the characters I'm reading about and building headcanons ect But these two are already based off of other characters and the author wrote them as most fanfic authors do expecting their audience to have a base understanding of those characters in this case Enjolras and Grantaire So without that base understanding for readers unfamiliar with Les Mis or who haven't read the fic version of Gnomon and therefore don't relate it to Les Mis I'd say it lacks in character revelations here and there Again I'm someone who's read the fic version and am very familiar with Les Miserables so I adore these characters whether they are written as Renaire and Delaurier or Enjolras and Grantaire This is an intense book with a lot of peaks in the storyline yet it has always felt uiet in a dangerous way to me That's the best way I am able to describe the tone of this book The moments that are not climactic still make you feel like something is burning under the surface and you just know it's all going to turn around soon and something is going to happen Those moments are actually my favourite in the book Particularly the train scenes in the early chapters It also has very humourous moments especially between characters and that tends to be my favourite type of humour to read Carope is particularly hilarious and a character whose name I was always searching for on the pages and very happy to see each time it showed up This is also a very sexy book I don't know why I was not expecting this book to have as explicit scenes as it does but when I got to the first one I thought parts would be re worded or entirely left out in comparison to the fic version Nope I'm no longer the sort of person who gets impatient to get to the love scenes in fics or books I'm reading and it's actually uite the opposite I'm usually impatient to just get them over with and get on to the plot but the ones in this book are soooo good and necessary I was a little disappointed to find that there wasn't as much additional text as I was expecting I've been following the author's blog devoted to the fic version on which information about Gnobook has been shared and I guess I'd just built it up in my head so I was expecting many pages in addition to the fic version rather than the short passages of extra information and the one several page flashback which is not the fault of the author I just got over excited because I very much love this book to bitsIt's one of my favourites The fic version has been such for years since the first time I read it And in a stupid way because this is a book about stupid terrorist boys this book makes me feel comforted and is a little retreat I go to 9781634761093 Review BookPoisoning “You fucked up If you touch me again you will bleed” I debated a lot with myself on whether or not I should post this review and then I thought “why the hell not ?” But this is going to be a really rambly fandom talk I need to get all of this out of my chest so seriously just skip this PleaseIt feels really weird for me to say this but my fandom now has a published work That’s right Gnomon is originally a fanfic one of the most popular fanfics in this fandom and to know that it’s now an actual book is very unsettling To be honest this is not really the kind of book I would have instinctively picked up if it weren’t for the fact that I already know and love the story and that it’s about my two favourite idiots The fanfic itself I was sold from the beginning because knowing the dynamics between the characters and knowing what this group of people stands for a terroristAU isn’t so much of a stretch It actually makes sense and showcases their relationship in a very interesting if very fucked up way It all happened so fast I even debated whether or not I wanted to read the book but I decided I wanted to support the authorI think I’ll always like the story but mainly because to me it’ll always be linked to my OTP The tension and the miscommunication were too good for me to pass up the fact that you see the dark side of “he was a charming young man capable of being terrible“ that R’s loyalty and self doubt and lack of self preservation are portrayed in such a brutal way It was amusing to see what became of each character and how they changed from one version to the other the two entities forming Carope totally make sense and the combination was actually uite clever The nicknames stayed which made me flail helplessly My two favourite uotes were there so I didn’t need to be worriedThere are a few things that I’m still not uite sure about that would need some improvement the names were a bit difficult to get used to Knowing the original work no matter what the names on the page were I thought about others I would also want to applaud shake my head in disbelief at the names the author chose Emile Delaurier is such an awful pretentious name and yet it kind of grew on me Renaire is awful I get that she couldn’t use the original name but I’m still sad we’ve lost the pun in the process Glasson Carope sure if you want but the others are a big no for me Jules is a fucking brilliant alternative and Matthieu and Céline sort of work weirdly enough the excessive use of italics I never noticed that there were so much in the original fanfic but it’s really too much here I get that emphasis is important I’m definitely the kind of person who would use it too much but sometimes you have to let the reader breathe the fact that it gets rambly at times It is a difficult task to bring about characters you don’t think enough about that When it comes to fanfic you don’t even need explanation every one knows who the characters are why they’re here what they like what makes them tick All that information would be superfluous in fanfic You just have to write down a name and the reader knows exactly what it’s about The introductions for a new reader as in who wasn’t there when this work first took shape can be a bit rough around the edges and lengthyIt’s really difficult to think about selling points What would make a non fandom related person want to read this book ? I don’t know For me the appeal was elsewhere But no matter who the characters are I still think the story is good ? The tension is beautiful the clash between them will always be my favourite scene I love how raw they are how completely fucked up but how it’s not romanticizedThey both have big issues both individually and as a couple they’re well aware of that the author is aware and so the reader can see it too By all rights it shouldn’t work between them but somehow it does and that’s great for them but you’re never left thinking “Oh my god I want that too ” because who in their right mind would want that ? Even when it was a story solely about two different idiots you could see how fucked up they were and even though I tend to prefer the stories in which they are happier domestic and flufflier with each other I can’t help but like the way they were written thereAnd I love how despite everything it all stays completely consensual if not completely healthy and we’re not seeing some 50 shades of Grey crap This story has issues too but at least it doesn’t let down on that frontAlso yeah for diversity ? It’s mostly secondary characters but knowing my fandom well and how much we love to play with gender and society norms it’s great to see a trace of it still present in the published workA word of caution though this book contains very graphic scenes both in terms of violence and sex so stay away if you don’t want any of that I wouldn’t exactly categorize this as Erotica because that’s not uite the image that I have and above all I think this story is about a lot of things it just happens to have some explicit scenes in there I would also like to say that both are just passing scenes but that’s not the case Sidenote DUDE I was on the lookout for any mistakes and let me just say that one name in the part about Vienna really shouldn’t be there I’m glad it is though 9781634761093 What does one do when one is in love with the world’s most beloved terrorist? It would be much safer much prudent to run as fast as possible in the opposite direction That’s not possible for Renaire He’s been in love with Emile Delaurier since they first bumped into each other two years before Luchia Dertain’s Gnomon opens I supposed the fact that they each killed someone at that first meeting cemented their bond For two years Renaire has been following Delaurier on his jobs helping when he can He doesn’t believe in Delaurier’s Cause always capitalized in the text But he can’t leave Delaurier not for long Read the rest of my review at A Bookish Type I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for review consideration 9781634761093

Emile Delaurier is a beautiful militant revolutionary a living beacon of righteous justice for the world For Renaire an artist in a constant battle against the demons in the bottle it was obsession at first sight His devotion led to two years of homicidal partnership as Renaire followed Delaurier in his ruthless uest for euality through the death of the corrupt like a murderous Robin Hood Then Delaurier breaks his pattern leading Renaire into Russia to kill a reporter with no immoral background and gives no explanation for his actionsWhen Interpol contacts Renaire he already has enough problems—keeping Delaurier alive dealing with the shift in their relationship and surviving the broken past that still haunts him But when he learns what Interpol wants from him Renaire must face the truth about Delaurier that a noble man isn’t always a good one He’s left with a choice no man should ever have to make—to follow his heart or his morals Gnomon By Luchia Dertien

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