Giddy Up (Honeycomb Gal #1) By Janiyah Lux

Nick and Tate

The plot of the story so far is interesting. I didn’t like how the story ended so bluntly, glad that part 2 is available now. There were a lot of grammatical errors that didn’t take away from the plot just more of a nuisance. Janiyah Lux

Everywhere Nick goes she's reminded of who she is: a rancher. She's got grit, tough as nails, and she's strong. But being black and beautiful in the Wild Wild West leaves something to be desired. When strange men burn down her home and murder everyone whom she's ever loved...will she be strong enough to get revenge? And will revenge be aid in a handsome outlaw?

Coming to the main road that would lead them to Ivan Granger's shop, they kept on their horses. The people that they passed gave dirty looks, that of disgust and surprise as they passed on by. It wasn't Jacob that they were too upset by, but instead his riding partner.

Wearing pants, chaps, a tan hat down to the eyebrows, a Henry brass frame rifle attached to the back, which her father had just bought her in the town before, and her black curls in a puffy ponytail, Nick gave them reason to stare. She merely met their stares of disapproval with grins and kept riding past. Jacob couldn't have been prouder of the way she enjoyed people's ignorance. It never seemed to bother her that they only tolerated her.

Looking over at Jacob, she gave a smile, and he returned it. She looked just like her mother. When he had first lost Caroline, he feared he would forget what she looked like. But now whenever he looked at Nick, he would see her and there was no better apology from God then that. At times it was hard to look at her and know it had been twenty-four years since Caroline had past, and Nick's birthdays were hard too. Yet, she always seemed to understand; no matter what someone was angry about, she could sympathize.

She was more than just a beautiful smile and sympathetic heart; she was one of his best ranch hands. Jacob's aunt had come to take care of her when Caroline past, but after six years she too answered the call to heaven. He was at a loss of what to do with her, he couldn't leave her in the house all day, and taking her out with him just didn't seem right. But she hated all the women that he hired and more left because ranch life was too hard. So finally, he saddled her up, and it took her no more than fifteen minutes to get the horse moving. She started out roping the calves, and as she aged so did her roping expertise.

Beaming at her with pride, the pair headed into Ivan's store.

Hey there, Ivan. Jacob said as Ivan's dark eyes watched his son.

How many you bring for me this year? Ivan asked referring to the cattle as he wrote something down on a piece of paper.

The reason they came to Ivan last was because he was willing to buy whatever cattle they had left over for jerky and other traveling foods he could come up with. So, they wanted to make sure that their other stops got what they needed.

Brought you seventeen.

Seventeen, you say. That's a good haul this year, boy.

Jacob grinned, You bet, didn't have a single calf get killed or sick this year, so we were able to sell more of the older gals this year.

Ivan didn't seem interested in what he had to say, Well, it's ten dollars a head, so that's hundred seventy dollars.

Yes, sir.

Walking over to his safe, he pulled out the money and counted it. Here ya go, Jake. See you next fall.

See you then. Come on, Nicky. Jacob said walking towards the door.

Bye, Nick. Michael waved.

See you next year, Michael. Nick waved as she stepped outside.

Don't you be flirting with her no more, Michael. Giddy Up (Honeycomb Gal #1)

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