Ghost Doll By Bruce McMillan


Characters Ghost Doll

Chrissy overcomes her fear of ghosts to help a long-forgotten doll. Illustrated with photographs taken in a house built in 1812 and listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Ghost Doll

VERY scary! I can't believe this was a children's picture book! 31 So very very creepy! 31 Creepy. Black and white photographs. 31 A freaky-weird picture book in which a disembodied voice draws a young girl into an old house. Inside, she chases a ghost doll floating around the mansion. The doll is often presented as gauzy or near-transparent in black-and-white photographs that give the book a cold, stark feeling. A couple pictures in which the doll floats above a spiral staircase reminded me of a baby coming down the birth canal. Except the doll is already wearing a diaper. 31 This is, like, extremely unsettling. I don't even know what to do with this. (Well, weed it. But other than that.) 31