Gezeiten der Macht (Battletech, #49) By Loren L. Coleman

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Gezeiten der Macht (Battletech, #49)

The main storyline rereaches the epicness it's known for - when the FedCom civil war finally begins. It was about time something Important happened again! 8) Science Fiction As the Classic Battletech series heads to a conclusion, civil war is finally declared between Victor Davion's Federated Suns and Katherine's Lyran Alliance.

Lots of action in this book as it follows events leading up to the war and the first year of fighting. Science Fiction This book covers some of the biggest events in the FedCom Civil War - the death of Arthur Steiner-Davion, Victor Steiner-Davion's call to arms against his sister and a few other points. In terms of this larger meta-plot, the books does a decent job for most except for Katrina Steiner-Davion, who seems to be getting crazier and crazier given her irrational actions.

But as a story with some sort of a narrative structure, a larger part of the book just feels like a series of battles that happen with little character progression between them. Yes, these are important to depicting the early part of the civil war as Victor begins to gather forces to his cause. But you don't really feel any consequences as we jump from battle to battle. There are some great combat sequences, don't get me wrong. But one can't help but wonder if there should have been more to it to help the characters move forward. Science Fiction 9/20 Science Fiction I am trying to finish the Battletech novels. This one was okay. It jumped around too much though without any explanations of the missing gaps. Science Fiction


I liked it but I was told that the I liked it, showed more about Katrina and Victor. Science Fiction Fun, but fun fluff! Science Fiction