Getting Fired Up (Arturo Sandus Book 3) By Peter Rhodan

Good tale

Excellent story line. Occasionally, he gets bogged down in some of descriptions, but overall excellent writing. Could use a bit of editing. I’m looking forward to book 4 Getting Fired Up (Arturo Sandus Book 3) To fast, to easy

I have tried to take these stories at face value but with this novel it is becoming ever harder to willingly suspend my disbelief. Simply put the pace of growth and change is becoming increasingly hard to just gloss over as background to the story. If everything has advanced this far this fast then salvaging his wrecked shuttle should be his top priority as only the gold and scrap value of the battle armor could explain how so much money is available for investment. Yet salvaging the shuttle completely is put off into the indistinct future. Getting Fired Up (Arturo Sandus Book 3) Another jump in technology.

The series progress pretty much on the same even rhythm as the previous book, meaning there are few surprises overall, all announced well in advance. This make the book less urgent, less thrilling than you'd have expected. It's a clean, but very orthodox take on the theme. Getting Fired Up (Arturo Sandus Book 3) Great fun

I’ve been enjoying the series immensely. If you like alternative history fiction I highly recommend this book to any aficionados. Getting Fired Up (Arturo Sandus Book 3) Moving right along!

I love the idea of introducing advancements in technology to an ancient culture! This book was great, with fewer grammatical errors than the first two books. Could use a few more commas - a lot more. Other than that, this is a really great story! Getting Fired Up (Arturo Sandus Book 3)

Arturo Sandus, Federation Space Captain is a long, long way from home, but he is building a new home in Britannia of the early 5th Century. His plan to industrialize a moribund northern part of the dying Roman Empire is progressing but not without issues.
His memory and lack of knowledge is proving troublesome. Just how do you make electricity?
The neighbours are even more troublesome, wanting to invade and get into that rape and pillage stuff.
The Christians are revolting, literally, at least some of them, while others are quite friendly.
Romance rears its head but what about the wife he has 5,000 light years away and 5,000 years in the future?
And every second person wants to know when he's going to invade the Empire proper and make himself Emperor. What the?
But Arturo presses on with his New Roman Republic despite everything thrown in his way... Getting Fired Up (Arturo Sandus Book 3)

Rhodan, Peter. Getting Fired Up. Arturo Sandus No.3. Kindle, 2020.
One-time starship commander Arturo Sandus works hard to remember his college chemistry and military history. He may not remember the proportions of sulfur to potassium nitrate in gunpowder, but once he tells someone he needs the ingredients, it is just a matter of experimenting to get the right mix. His New Roman Republic soon has the tools it needs to consolidate its power in the British Isles. The Scots barbarians are still troublesome, and the Christians in London don’t like the Republic’s policy of religious tolerance. But the steel and steam economy is encouraging population growth, and his practical treatment of POWs is increasing the size and efficiency of his troops. 3.5 stars.
Getting Fired Up (Arturo Sandus Book 3) An enjoyable read. Getting Fired Up (Arturo Sandus Book 3) Great Read, Great Series

Arturo continues to introduce technology to Britain. The economy of the North is booming and spreading quickly to the South. Modern military strategy boosts Autro's supremacy over enemy armies. Not everyone is thrilled with Autro's leadership as evidenced by assassination attempts. However, his faithful Ninja bodyguards prove effective. His quandary with his feelings for Princess Morgahanna are resolved. Barbarian raiders from the continent annoy the New Republic. Austria's response is to defeat a much larger army and restore a province to Roman control. I like the action, humor, romance, civilization building, and time travel paradox. I look forward to the next book. Getting Fired Up (Arturo Sandus Book 3) detailed planning shows result

the plotting is excellent here. I enjoyed the story, but get bogged down with the numbers of the various units and shuffling of officers. I longed for a map showing the city names and rivers to help visualize where they were in relation to modern locations. I am very vague on where the barbarians lived. an opportunity for a detailed recount of weddings at the time would have been interesting. what are they going to do with all the widows and children? It needs more people stories and less battle details. Getting Fired Up (Arturo Sandus Book 3) Don't bother if you prefer character driven books

Book one was fantastic. But by the end of book two there were huge sections of the book that were just lists of events. This book was 70 percent lists of events and world development. 20 percent descriptions of battles and only 10 percent had anything at all to do with ANY individual character, let alone the ostensible main character. Boring as hell most of it. Still, the first book was really, really good. So I'm going to give this series one more shot and try the next book. Getting Fired Up (Arturo Sandus Book 3)


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