Gary Gygaxs Castle Zagyg Ii: The Upper Works Boxed Set (Castles Crusades) By E. Gary Gygax


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The curse has finally lifted!

The most legendary and fabled castle of them all, Castle Zagyg materializes from a dread fog that has long held it enthralled and thus averting its many seekers.

As your party emerges from the tangled brush, briers, and vines that fence the Old Castle Track, you observe the sprawling ruins of an enormous castle complex built upon a sloping bluff of rock. Crumbling, battlemented walls join towers square, round, and pentagonal. Gatehouses, courtyards, and craft shops lie in varying states of disrepair. High above the ruins, at the culmination of the bluff, rise two impressive towers: one round, the other hexagonal. The great east towers flank an enormous fortress of stone from which carved spires rise, piercing the very sky. This edifice can be none other than Castle Zagyg, the dwelling of the Mad Archmage.

Castle Zagyg, Volume II: The Upper Works is a Castles & Crusades mega-adventure for character levels 1-4. It is strongly suggested that adventuring parties contain at least one thief and be prepared to encounter all manner of dangers in the haunted ruin and in its subterranean mazes. With an estimated 272-page count in five books, this boxed set will contain the following adventures:

* Mouths of Madness
* Ruins of the Castle Precincts
* The East Wall Towers
* Castle Fortress
* The Storerooms (Level 1)
* Upper Works Map & Illustration Booklet

Castle Zagyg, Volume II: The Upper Works is the first of at least three boxed sets to comprise this unparalleled mega-adventure. Never before told, these adventures are Gary Gygaxs personal creations. For 30 years, whether at Gary's table or on the convention floor, players have dashed themselves against the shoals of Castle Zagyg. So many have tried plundering these deeps of Gary's favorite wizard that the dungeons have become legends throughout the gaming world Gary Gygaxs Castle Zagyg Ii: The Upper Works Boxed Set (Castles Crusades)