GarageBand For Dummies, 2nd Edition By Bob LeVitus

Lay down some tracks―no garage required! GarageBand has become the default musical sketchpad for both well known artists and hobbyists musicians who want a simple way to record, edit, and share their own tunes. GarageBand For Dummies is your go to guide to navigating the interface and making the tweaks to create your own songs.  Look inside to discover how to lay down a beat with the virtual drum kits, layer on sweet sounds with built in virtual instruments, and attach simple hardware to record vocals or live instruments on a Mac, iPad, or even an iPhone.  Use built in instruments to create a song Attach your guitar or mic to record live sounds Export your final product or individual tracks Add effects and edit your song GarageBand is the simplest way to create basic tracks without investing in costly hardware and learning a complex digital audio workstation software package―and this book shows you how. GarageBand For Dummies, 2nd Edition

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This book is a great place to get an overview of Garageband, especially if you're starting to get overwhelmed by all the Garageband video tutorials (of varying quality) online. I am so glad I got this and read it from cover to cover within a day or two when it arrived, despite it being a thick book! It's written in an appealing and easy to read style. Highly recommend. 1119645417 There are several functions of GB that I could not resolve. This book is a great tool. Requires patience and application. Hopefully, this will help my music. A good purchase 1119645417 Garageband is a Godsend. No paying thousands of dollars for Pro Tools and still not being able to use it! Apple's studio is so easy a kid could use it! And with very little actual work, you can record broadcast quality tracks in your bedroom! Amazing! The book teaches you about all the 'bells and whistles that this powerful software can utilize! Love it! 1119645417 Garageband came out with a huge update of its program..this book does not cover things available in the new version of garageband NOR would I expect it topoint is, if you are not running the new garageband version this is the best book out there for you!! 1119645417 I don't know if it was just my copy of the book or what, but the screenshots/pictures are illegible to the point of being utterly useless and frustrating. This seems like an incredible blunder on the publisher's part why put out such useless stuff? 1119645417

Normally the value in Dummies Guides is that they take you through example projects to show you how to use the subject of the book. There is none of this in this book, and as such it is not much value than the help pages in the software itself. If you really want a comprehensive description of the features that Garage Band offers in paper form, then this is a good one; if you were hoping for a tutorial on how to use them, then don't buy this.

I've waited 6 months for this book (pre ordered it in March, and it's just turned up now), and its rubbish. Really disappointed. Will be returning it. 1119645417 This book wends aimlessly through topics, then backtracks to give you just enough information to go find the details elsewhere. There are tiny black and white photos that do no good. So disappointing to spend so much money on this hurried book. With most of the pages stuck together at the bottom, I was afraid each time of tearing them. This book reminds me of a rushed term paper. Oh, and if you use iOS, you will be in an endless wade through each section trying to relate. 1119645417 So glad I got this book, even if Garageband itself is a user friendly DAW and does offer a good deal of explanation. It's still not the same as having an expert guide you through the whole process of recording, mixing, and mastering your work. The writing is clear and the order of presentation of material seems fine to me nothing to stop you from looking ahead at the chapter you need, anyway!

I'm taking off one star because it could be complete in regard to beginner's questions. For instance, the section 'Splitting and joining Regions' on pp 182 183 tells you about splitting regions but forgets to tell you anything about joining. As a consequence, I've had to spend quite a bit of time this afternoon hunting down advice and learning for myself. This should have been a prominent part of the book, because it's something nearly of all of us will want to do. Also, the index could be a bit extensive or on point: for instance, if there was a description of 'patch' before Chapter 10, I must have missed it, and there's no 'patch' in the index. On the other hand, I don't need an index reference to Brian May (much as I admire him!).

Just a further note: I use a Macbook Pro, but can't understand the iOS users griping about this book: there is so much, side by side, for such devices. They even get slightly bigger example pictures than Macs do!. Overall I'm a happy customer, and there may come a time when I really appreciate the later material about burning to CD etc. 1119645417 I love this book. I can also use it as a reference. I run GarageBand on my iMac so I have not read the sections on iDevices. Using this book I have produced a number of recordings for others on iPhone and also PC. The odd infrequent omission can be rectified using Google Assistant. The edition I have had black and white screenshots but the print quality is very high and when I put my botanical magnifier on them I was delighted to be able to read the print so no problem there. An essential book for GarageBand users. 1119645417 The print quality is not as good as it should be many of the screenshots that have been printed on these pages are very fuzzy very difficult to even see what it says in the text within those screenshots.
No color images other then the front and back covers. 1119645417