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I Love this work book so much information, DIY, room for personal notes, recipes, bouse training, I have all Sarah books. Sarah out did herself with this Scripbook everything you want to know is here. Gameplan Oils Scriptbook Workbook Literally a wealth of knowledge about Young Living, essential oils, EO products, sharing oils, etc. Jam packed w/recipes, calendars, DIY's, affirmations, class check lists, loyalty rewards ideas, action steps, games, etc. I love the page dividers with the oils drawn by her son for us to color in! This book is a must have if you want to share oils &/or learn about oils & how to use them! Amazing workmanship & thought went into this. I can't wait to get my Teacher's Edition! Gameplan Oils Scriptbook Workbook I can't wait til tomorrow night to start gameplan bootcamp again. Inalmost walked away from YL but than sarah came across my Facebook and I remembered my why. I'm so happy to have these book. She is truly a talent speaker and writer and so full of love. Thank you Sarah. Gameplan Oils Scriptbook Workbook I LOVE Sarah's Scriptbooks! This Workbook is the best friend for the Gameplan Scriptbook Oiler's Edition or Teacher's Edition. It's LOADED with easy to read, fun, informative ways to get the most out of your Young Living products, whether you're a Brand Partner or a faithful product user! Sarah shares great tips and ideas to encourage and educate you on your journey with YL's essential oils and top notch products! She has a style of writing that makes you feel like you're right there talking with her as she's sharing her passion for these phenomenal products. Grab your Scriptbook Workbook, a few markers, highlighters and a pen and jump in! You're going to enjoy your journey! Gameplan Oils Scriptbook Workbook Wow, what a gem! As a teacher, I love that I don't have to think about ways to enhance my classes it's all here in black and white, ready to go. This workbook is full of quizzes, recipes, ice breakers, just a boatload of ideas on how to make the most of each class. I love the ability to add my own notes for each class. I can keep track of attendees and my followup. Thank you, Sarah Harnisch! Gameplan Oils Scriptbook Workbook

This workbook will help you truly understand how to use oils and get you oiling with intent and purpose every day! Dont feel confident in sharing, because you dont know enough? This is a gather your story book. By playing with the oils in this way, you will form hundreds of stories to pass to those around you! Each chapter includes:
Key points from all 25 Gameplan Oils Scriptbook classesAction steps to put all the training from the Scriptbook into practice, step by stepDiffuser RecipesChecklists of products recommended in each classBonus training not included in the ScriptbookA Do It Yourself (DIY) craft on the class materialAffirmations for each classJournaling to chronicle your oils experiencesFollow up pagesOils themed ice breaker games and triviaTracking pages to watch those who have had your oils classesand SO MUCH MORE!!
A fantastic tool for those who are brand new to Young Living as well as leaders!
This is my game plan to get to Platinum!!! Young Living Gold Trina Holden
Sarah makes oiling easy! I now have a simple system for product education!! This is the missing piece in my business. This book is SO needed. Young Living Platinum Nancy Sheridan Gameplan Oils Scriptbook Workbook

This Scriptbook Workbook is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It is the perfect companion for the Game Plan Oils Scriptbook (for seasoned oilers and newbies/students alike). The format is perfect for keeping organized notes for all 25+ classes in one place. It’s like a tool for recording your own personal wellness journey in a way that makes it so easy to share and help others. This set is priceless!!! Gameplan Oils Scriptbook Workbook Wow! Who knew you could get even information than what's in the Scriptbook? This is the perfect companion to help put what you learned to use! Sarah gives just enough info for you to learn, but you have to think about it to complete the activities. Bonus: there are diffuser recipes and DIYs included!! Gameplan Oils Scriptbook Workbook This book is everything! If you’re going to teach a class, you don’t want to be without this fantastic tool! It’s packed full of exercises to help you organize your notes and thoughts, diffuser recipes galore, trivia, games, ice breakers, amazing bonus trainings, DIYs, and ! I cannot put it down! Gameplan Oils Scriptbook Workbook Not worth the money.
I totally regret buying such a book filled with journaling
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