Fruit Bowl By Mark Hoffmann

Fun book of fruits and vegetables interacting with each other and debating where they belong. 1524719919 When is a veggie not a veggie? When it is a fruit of course. In this book, a young boy has the job of helping his mother put away the groceries. Fruits go into the bowl and veggies go into the crisper. However, much to the chagrin of the fruit, Tomato would like to go into the bowl and it turns out that he is not alone. He and his friends make a good case as to why they should be included in the fruit bowl as they help the boy explore the actual differences between fruits and vegetables.

Despite my having a personal aversion to anthropomorphic food, this book to me is adorably drawn and quite punny. It is also filled with fun facts. It would make a great jumping off point for a botany lesson a unit on nutrition or even a jr. science fair project. I recommend reading just for the fun of it. I am sure your kids will agree. 1524719919 Mark Hoffmann writes a fictional story about a group of anthropomorphized fruit who live together in a kitchen bowl as one tomato argues to be recognized and included among other fruits. The author wrote the story and hand-lettered the text; however, the illustrations were made using gouache with digital compositing. While some readers might find the fruit-based puns to be above most elementary readers' comprehension, other readers should still enjoy the humor anyway. 1524719919 How we blur what is a fruit and what is a vegetable is cleverly addressed in this cute picture book. Tomato is defending his proper place in the fruit bowl and the reader discovers 7 other misunderstood foods--bell peppers, sugar snap peas, eggplant, cucumbers, avocado, green beans and squash all technically qualify as fruit, also! 1524719919 My 2 1/2-year-old is too young for this, but I will definitely be checking it out again when she is older! It’s a great age level-appropriate explanation of the difference between fruits and vegetables – with puns to boot!

UPDATE: 3-year-old loves it and can’t reel-off the puns often enough for her liking! 1524719919

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Who belongs in the fruit bowl? Apples, check. Blueberries, check. Tomato, che– Wait, what?! Tomato wants to join the other fruits, but does he belong? The perfect mix of botany and a bunch of bananas!

All the fruit are in the bowl. There’s Apple and Orange. Strawberry and Peach. Plum and Pear. And, of course, Tomato.

Now wait just a minute! Tomatoes aren’t fruit! Or are they?

Using sly science (and some wisdom from a wise old raisin), Tomato proves all the fruit wrong and shows that he belongs in the bowl just as much as the next blueberry! And he’s bringing some unexpected friends too! Fruit Bowl

Good picture book for older kids, a little long and wordy for younger ones. Good food puns. 1524719919 this was really cute and i loved the art. it had a lot of asides and puns on each page. i don't think my littles would sit through it without modification and superb voice acting lol 1524719919 I'm not sure why this book doesn't have better ratings on here. I thought Fruit Bowl very cleverly explained for kids, and adults, what makes a fruit a fruit. This book teaches us that many of the foods we call vegetables are actually fruits! My elementary children just learned in their Botany lesson why a fruit is a fruit and a vegetable is a vegetable; this book aided understanding so that even my kindergartner could understand the scientific reasoning behind what makes a fruit a fruit. 5 stars. 1524719919 When the fruits are put into a bowl, and tomato tries to join them all the other fruits shun him, and tell him he belongs in the bin with the other vegetables. So, using scientific data, charts, and an x-ray photo to prove that he is fruit, and does indeed belong in the fruit bowl he takes a stand. A humorous and pun filled story of the difference between fruits and vegetables. 1524719919 Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award Nominee 2020.

Neither a science book (is a tomato a fruit) nor a parable about acceptance and diversity (some produce traditionally considered vegetable actually meets the criteria for being a fruit). While some are welcomed into the fruit bowl, others are inexplicably left in the crisper drawer.

The illustrations remind me of Eric Carle but lack his whimsy.

Overall, kind of a shoulder-shrugger. Nothing bad, but not much to take away from this one. 1524719919